Why Video Testimonials are Persuasive

Posted on Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Individuals are exposed to more media than ever, thanks to our smartphones, the Internet, television and radio. This has created an advertising environment which may be challenging for businesses but also open to almost limitless possibilities. It is difficult for businesses to cut through the media traffic to make their message heard. That’s why video testimonials are such a great tool for advertising online and why they can be useful affiliate marketing tools.

Video has quickly become the most dominant form of communication on the web. In just one month alone, there are more than 11 billion video streams posted online. That’s more than twice the population of the whole world! This statistic means that people like watching videos, and research has revealed that there are scientific reasons as to why people prefer video content over written words. If you have been considering using video in your affiliate marketing strategy, here are a few reasons why.

Peripheral Vision: Cutting Through Internet Traffic

You are more likely to turn your head for an advertisement when there is something in your peripheral vision, such as a movement that gets your attention. The theory of peripheral movement attracting attention has been put into practice on the highways with digital billboards, which are much more effective than traditional print-style billboards at getting attention from drivers and passengers.

Videos have the same ability to rise above the clutter and grab someone’s attention and time. Once the viewer is watching the video, you can change visual elements every 3-6 seconds, which helps keep the viewer from losing attention. Imagine harnessing this power with your own videos created or managed with; this is one of the best affiliate marketing opportunities.

Real Interaction: Video Communication Creates Trust

Video is perceived by the viewer as more like “real communication” than interactions that do not happen in real time, even when the videos are not actually live. The experience of watching a video is more like a two-way discussion between people than other online communications that do not occur in real time, like email newsletters. The visual element builds a degree of trust between the person in the video and the viewer. Top affiliate marketers realize you can use this trust to your advantage by creating a video where you present yourself as a credible source. is one of the top places online to create video testimonials.

Word of Mouth: Peer Reviews Mean More

Research has demonstrated that recommendations from friends are the most important driver of consumer shopping habits. Studies from around the world indicate that more than 80% of consumers read internet reviews before making a purchase.

According to consumers, reviews and video testimonials are powerful evidence of why a product or service is worth investing in. A video testimonial is much more effective than reading the same information on the page. Why? Video allows you to communicate more than just basic factual information. Video allows the viewer to see the effect of the product on people who are recommending it. You can use a video to demonstrate enthusiasm for the product. You can also tell a memorable story, with emotions and feelings, which is an important step to getting consumers to act. Testimonials are more persuasive than traditional commercials because when a person testifies about his or her actual experiences, there is instant credibility. These are all aspects of videos that can be utilized for successful affiliate marketing strategies.

Once you have decided to employ video in your Hiring a video production company will cost thousands of dollars, even for a short video. With, you get all the tools to create, manage, optimize and distribute your video.

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