Why Brands Like Honda Use Twitter and Videos to Engage With Their Clients

Posted on Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

As the popularity of Twitter increases, brands are looking to find ways to market their services to their audience. However, many brands simply use advertising rather than engaging with their customers and clients. Traditional advertising is losing its power as consumers become inundated by constant advertisements. Studies show consumers are tuning out sponsored messages and commercials. No longer content on using “promoted tweets” or simple hashtags, Honda, Nike, and other companies are finding ways to use video to engage with their audience on Twitter. By understanding how they use video to connect with their audience, increase brand awareness and help their sales, you’ll be able to use similar techniques for your own affiliate marketing opportunities. Through video on Vine, Honda will respond directly to consumer tweets regarding new cars. is a center for user generated video testimonials where you can create videos for your customers as an affiliate marketing manager.

Honda Takes to Vine and Twitter for Direct Consumer Engagement

Honda wanted to use Twitter to convince old car owners to exchange their cars for a new Honda. Instead of advertising their summer clearance event only on television, they opted for a more personal touch. They encouraged Twitter users to tweet with #wantnewcar. Honda then responded to those tweets with custom videos even including elements relevant to the tweet. Honda made the videos with Vine, and within minuteshad videos targeted directly to their consumer. Their campaign worked, with near 10,000 occurrences of #WantNewCar on Twitter. Honda then built on the momentum and buzz their campaign received by launching a new campaignencouraging users to submit videos on Vine using #HondaLove. Then during Christmas 2013, Honda asked users to use #xoxoMichaelBolton to select a recipient of a singing holiday card featuring Michael Bolton. As you can see, the brand continues to find ways to reach out and engage with their audience rather than just blasting messages at them.

Nike’s Continued Success with Twitter and Video Engagement

Nike received a lot of press for its 2012“Find Your Greatness” campaign, inspiring athletes everywhere – even those without an athletic physique – to find what makes them great. The campaign implemented Twitter hashtags for fans to discuss what defines great athleticism. This is just one example of Nike’s continued engagement with fans on Twitter and Instagram with videos, pictures, and hashtags to fuel discussion about the brand and its audience. Nikeresponds to tweets by sending inspirational images, motivating their fans to push for strength. Its customers engage with the brand continuously, posting not only tweets, butInstagram photos of their fitness accomplishments and more. Nikeposts videos on Instagram challenging their followers to earn “Nike Fuel” and be inspired to live a fit life, such as their video of theNike Women’s Marathon. The company is always looking for ways to promote its brand by making its consumers feel like part of an exercise movement.

Why Brands Use Twitter and Videos to Engage, and What You Can Learn from It

The reason brands have taken to social media and internet marketing is that it works. Engaging consumers in an open conversation fosters a sense of community. The Honda and Nike campaigns also encouraged consumers to continue to tweet to and about the company, which in turn caused their Twitter hashtags to trend, dramatically increasing brand visibility and sales.

While you may not be a Fortune 500 company, you can still use Honda’s ingenuity and creativity to inspire you when it comes to marketing with video. lets you record video testimonials for a variety of uses, from your real estate clients to for your niche affiliate marketing. Make sure your videos are creative, informal and fun. You can use Twitter and videos to show off a new product and provide compelling testimonials so you can hopefully become a wealthy affiliate.

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