The Power of Brand Incentives

Posted on Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Brand advocates and affiliate marketers are happy to proselytize for your business among their social networks. How can you find and activate brand advocates? How can they help convert interest into sales? One method is for your affiliates to create informative affiliate marketing videos on

Affiliates and Relationships

Companies invest substantial resources into building complex social media profiles. They set up blogs, create accounts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, tumblr, pinterest and every other social media outlet. Many companies even spend money advertising on the social media sites, all in a bid to get fans and sales. Yet many of these same companies are surprised when they don’t get anyone spreading the word about their products. These companies have built a media apparatus, but forgot about the social part of social media. Here is where you, as an affiliate, come in.

A major part of activating brand advocates is establishing relationships. This is similar to how affiliate marketing works. The first step is to use the social media apparatus to engage with consumers. This means responding when users post comments, questions and feedback, and reaching out to find more about the people using the products. Since these users sought you out on social media, they are open to establishing a dialogue about products they love. You can create an open dialogue with consumers easily with a video created or managed on

These relationships are not about the “hard sell.” The goal is to build a community of users who are really exciting about your company and its mission. Once you have established a two-way interaction with brand advocates, one way to really excite them is to establish an incentive program.

Brand Incentives

Incentives are inducements to motivate brand advocates to get the word out. Brand advocates who are passionate about your product will be highly motivated by non-monetary samples, exclusives, and discounts. Monetary rewards are also popular, and encompass contests, sweepstakes, rewards programs and even cash.

Actively making brand advocates part of your team by giving them titles, like “ambassador” or “leads” will also foster a camaraderie that will be useful to your message. Peer recommendations are considered more trustworthy than advertisements. If other people on the ambassadors’ social networks see the genuine enthusiasm for a product, they are more likely to try the product out for themselves. An affiliate marketer advocating for your brand will entice consumers to try the product in hopes they have the same experience. A quality video produced or managed by affiliate network will make a compelling consumer make purchase directly from the video, which will be a trustworthy source of information and content.

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