The Hidden Power of Video Testimonials for the MLM Market

Posted on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

When you engage in affiliate marketing, you’re extending your confidence towards a product or service, in hopes you can inspire other individuals to make a purchase with the company. You do this to receive a financial reward, and it’s here that video testimonials make such an impact on a consumer. Videos are one of the best affiliate marketing strategies for products like those on Clickbank because they make the affiliate appear as a credible source. However, did you know you can tap the hidden power of video testimonials for your multi-level marketing success? Video testimonials can help you recruit members, increase sales and more when you employ a video made with

Increased Sales with Advanced Video Commerce Technology lets you easily record a video right from your PC or Mobile or, uploading it, and manage it via Modulates Dashboard. Their video commerce technology lets you distribute videos throughout social networks and embed the files in blogs or websites. Video testimonials are even an important part of mobile affiliate marketing, and their power can be used effectively in your MLM methods. When you’re a multi-level marketer, you’re trying to earn from a product. Speaking passionately about the product you’re marketing in a video is more effective than a pitch consisting of just text. A video represents almost 1 million words, so you can share all the pertinent points with your customers while also creating a connection with the viewer. Modulates gives you the ability to brand your video with custom images, links, and other tools. You can monitor your efforts and see how well your video is performing with their statistics and analytics, then make adjustments if needed.

You don’t need fancy equipment or third parties to produce compelling video, nor do you need to pay costly fees to advertise on television. Using to record videos saves you the time and money it would take to produce videos and manage them on your own. The videos are easy to tag with SEO content, further increasing the video’s staying power.

Recruit Members, Establish Credibility and More

Think of your videos as your own television channel. It’s the best place to introduce yourself and project the personality of your company. Not only can you establish your own credibility, but you can obtain testimonials from your customers as well, with their permission. Using’s system, your customers can testify as to the value and worth of your product. Having a person they can relate to in a video makes a great impression on your viewers. Unlike traditional commercials, which immediately tip people off that someone is trying to sell something, video testimonials get attention because they feature real people discussing their positive experiences with your product or service.

Your success in multi-level marketing depends on recruiting and growth within your network. Having a well-made video is a tactic individuals in top affiliate marketing networks use to garner sales, and you can use their same tactics to recruit members. Having a video gives you a credibility unmatched by a simple text pitch. Your potential members can see and hear you, watch your body language, and understand your great opportunity thoroughly. You can also use additional videos to provide training, tips, ideas for your network members and affiliate marketing ideas, so you both work towards success.

Chasing down leads with emails, newsletter, and other tools can be tiresome and even costly, but videos are an easy alternative to building credibility. They’re also an affordable method with good ROI. Your video will stay online for as long as you need, and show up in search results, so you can recruit members time after time. makes it easy for you to post fresh content, so be sure to continue to update your video stream, further unleashing the power of video in multi-level marking.

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