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How To Create Amazing Video Reviews

Gathering Video Testimonials has never been easier with Modulates’ one of a kind Video Testimonial Platform. Be it a custom embed code on a website, a link sent via email, or even a post on a social media network everyone’s just a couple of clicks away from providing businesses with authentic video testimonials.

Modulates’ state of the art video recorder can be accessed on any device with a connection to the internet and a video camera. Once recorded, the video’s then submitted to our platform where our clients have the option of adding it to their playlist, website, or share it on their own social media page.

Recording a great video isn’t always easy, we’re not all experts. However, Modulates is here to help by providing some great tips on how to record a great video testimonial.

Step 1: Location

When recording a video try to stay away from background noise as much as possible. Find a quiet place, be it indoors or out. Watch for echoes when recording inside as your voice may bounce off the walls and for your voice booming when recording in spacious areas.

Step 2: Lighting

The wonders of lighting can guarantee the camera always catches your ‘good side’, for the viewers this means they’ll have a clearer, crisper video to watch. When outdoors be sure to keep the sun in front of you, behind the camera, and of course, don’t forget to smile.

Step 3: Camera

Steady is the key. Whether you’re using a camcorder, webcam, or your phone do your best to keep the camera stable and centered while recording.

Step 4: Sound

Take your time, speak loud and clear. Use an external microphone for great audio whenever you can, if your only option is a built in microphone get it as close to yourself as possible. It never hurts to do a test run to adjust your voice or your microphone.

Step 5: Recording

Introduce yourself when the camera starts rolling. Describe the situation you were in when you decided to pick up the particular product or service. What were the results? Be specific, give examples, and maybe even make comparisons if you’ve shopped around.

Summarize your overall experience and don’t forget to recommend the product, person, company, or service you’re giving a testimonial for. Show some emotion. Excitement, enthusiasm, and smiles are always the best, we want to see them.

That’s it for our helpful tips to recording a great video testimonial, we hope we were able to help and look forward to seeing your submissions. Thank you, from the Modulates Team.

Why Video Testimonials are Persuasive

Individuals are exposed to more media than ever, thanks to our smartphones, the Internet, television and radio. This has created an advertising environment which may be challenging for businesses but also open to almost limitless possibilities. It is difficult for businesses to cut through the media traffic to make their message heard. That’s why video testimonials are such a great tool for advertising online and why they can be useful affiliate marketing tools. Continue reading

Building Social Influence Via Video Testimonials

Think about the last time you went to the movies or downloaded a new song. How did you make your decision on the media? You might have read a review in a trusted magazine, or had a friend tell you what titles were worth investing your time and money. When you went by a reviewer or friend’s suggestion, you recognized that their opinions were valid and worth a listen. Trusting your friend meant you were engaged in word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing has been one of the most common forms of marketing and the invention of the `Internet and social networks has made it even more relevant when it comes to your brand. Even major film companies recognize the power of promoting new films, and use tweets, Facebook posts and video testimonials of theatergoers in their marketing to demonstrate the “voice of the everyday person.” Video testimonials are a new and increasingly popular method of word-of-mouth marketing you can use in your affiliate marketing strategies. Continue reading