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Video Product Reviews Effectively Solve Problem of Bogus Web Reviews

SANTA MONICA, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 11, 2014) – When Tide introduced its new Pods product in 2012, the company invited customers to try the product and then post video reviews to the Tide webpage. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of people posting reviews, during which they discussed the product, demonstrated its use and then showed the results. The reviewers shared more information than they did in written reviews and their body language made their real opinions clear. The Tide experience proves what studies have already shown: people trust video product reviews when making purchasing decisions.

The connection between video and sales is strong, with more than 70 percent of consumers saying they are more likely to purchase a product or service after viewing a video. But video commerce company Modulates.com advocates for the use of videos throughout the sales process, including after the point of sale. “If a company doesn’t encourage video reviews, then it’s really missing out on a key aspect of marketing,” said Gino Yazdinian, the founder of Modulates. “Every positive product review is an opportunity to convert others, turning your customers into product evangelists.”

Modulates allows businesses to capitalize on the power of video to leverage greater sales. Modulates designed a system where users can create videos about products, which are then published through the internet. The Modulates platform makes it easy for publishers to add the videos to social media websites, driving website traffic and increasing the brands’ worldwide exposure.

Video reviews have solved a difficult problem for e-commerce sites: what to do about fraudulent product reviews. For years the internet has been awash in bogus written product reviews. Customers view the written reviews as spam. In contrast, adding video and sound to e-commerce sites immediately make the websites more attractive, converting the buying experience more informative and enticing.

Yazdinian recommends e-commerce companies send a link to customers who recently made a purchase, encouraging them to make a video review. “Today’s consumers do not respond well to canned sales pitches. They like to research independently, engaging with the product, their peers and eventually the sales team. Video reviews easily overcome their inherent distrust of written reviews because the reviews feel more natural and real, giving unbiased information from a source they trust.”

Modulates makes it possible for e-commerce websites to send recent buyers a link which allows them to easily record a video review. Modulates also gives users access to a full suite of analytical data, enabling e-commerce businesses to measure the impact of the videos.

Benefits of Book Publishers Using Modulates for Video Testimonials

In 2007, Amazon.com added the ability to add video reviews to their websites for various products. Now seven years later, the video reviews are still present on the website. It’s obvious the online marketplace sees the power of video in the marketing, but another industry would be wise to embrace them as well. Videos are a pervasive marketing tool in the book industry, but are often just used for author interviews or book trailers. Publishers have yet to truly tap into how they can use video. Modulates.com has developed an affiliate marketing system tool that allows you to integrate video into websites, press releases, social media networks and more. Video powered by Modulates offers several valuable benefits to book publishers, and as the publishing world undergoes a major change, video can help them embrace new audiences.

Modulates.com is a unique service that allows book publishers videos to be used in affiliate programs. Book publishers can increase their book sales by affiliate method.

Quick and Branded Videos

Modulates.com lets you customize your videos with logos, links, and even scrolling text banners. Publishers who implement these videos could let video testimonial users put links straight to Amazon, where shoppers could purchase the book. There’s no need to watch a video then go to Amazon to look for the book, because the process is reduced to a single click.

Easily Distributed Through Multiple Channels

Book readers are a very vocal bunch online. Amazon purchased Goodreads.com, an online social networking for readers, in March 2013. The website focuses on sharing reviews of books, seeing what’s coming soon, and classifying books on digital “shelves.” When users view a book’s page on Goodreads.com, the site displays “buy” buttons for Amazon and other online stores. Goodsreads.com also allows Authors to publish videos on their profiles. Here is the best place a publisher could use Modulates.com’s unique tools to their advantage, because they’re right in the location a reader will be. Modulates could adapt to the needs of any size publisher, from a member of the “Big 5” to a small independent book publisher.

Modulates.com also lets users tap into the trust factor of videos and receive support from a qualified team.

Video Powering Your Sales Through Modulates

Video is one of the best tools for promotion online, and should be a vital part of your affiliate marketing campaign. Modulates.com lets you set up video affiliate campaigns within minutes, and utilize this video content for sales of your product or service. When you work with a publisher from Modulates.com’s list of thousands, you have full control over all of the features in your video campaign. Video remains one of the best ways to make money via affiliate marketing, and our dashboard has made it easier than ever to update your video content with the touch of a button.

When mixed with other content by an online affiliate marketer, video increases credibility and sales. Statistics show that combining video with full-page advertisements boosted engagement by 47% and moreover, that enjoyment of video ads increased purchase intent by 82%. After looking at the numbers, it’s easy to understand why video is a valuable tool for your affiliate marketing strategies, particularly when you use Modulates.com.

Modulates.com lets you offer all-in-one affiliate marketing opportunities by using publishers to promote your product or service via video. The easy-to-use dashboard will let you update videos within minutes, with the videos’ changes reflected almost instantly on all of the videos published on your publishers’ website. Using the custom branding options, you can include your logo, social media icons, click to action URL, and message directly into the video. These updates will be pushed to the publisher’s account so they are always offering the latest messages.

The Modulates platform is designed to let you record a video without any prior programming knowledge or expensive equipment. You’ll find a suite of tools for affiliate marketing business use including a custom video recorder, video player with tier 1 CDN technology, Social media tools, analytics and more. Modulates.com takes care of every aspect you need to promote your brand. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 publishers or 1000 publishers, you can expect the same quality to be present.

Modulates: Giving You the Key to Quality Video

Countless research studies have demonstrated the power of video in marketing. Video communicates a significant amount of words compared to text, and consumers watch video online almost every day. Online videos have shifted from entertainment to powerful marketing tool. With research showing at least 50 billion videos are played by viewers each month online, the time is now to implement video into your affiliate program marketing campaigns. As one of the best affiliate marketing tools, Modulates.com works with advertisers and publishers to help make informative and short videos guiding consumers to make better buying decisions.

Consider that surveys have found 80% of a website’s visitors will watch a video, but only 20% of the survey will actually read the text content. That means that your affiliated marketing copy is only telling part of the story to part of your target audience. Video helps you expand your reach, and effectively sell your product or service to consumers. The publishers who work with Modulates.com know that video increases sales processes by 83% and will work to ensure you have the best video to promote your brand in affiliate programs. Video doesn’t just come with an increase in sales, but it also helps you get noticed by search engines. Your website receives better SEO and is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results, therefore it’s important you provide your publishers with video, so they can have the best affiliate marketing success possible.

If you have never produced a video for your product or service, Modulates.com removes the worry and frustration that you may associate with such a project. As a video affiliate platform company, Modulates helps brands with everything needed to have a comprehensive and successful video marketing campaign with affiliates. Instead of text and a banner, you can have a full-fledged comprehensive video campaign complete with custom message, “click to buy action,” logo/branding, and more. Videos can inform a consumer about your product, teach them its benefits, discuss where its available, give comparisons, share market research and more.

Consumers love video because it helps create a positive association with a product, and they receive an enhanced sense of credibility because of a brand being introduced via video. In fact, 90% of consumers credit a video as helpful in the decision making process. When it comes to video for your affiliate marketing campaigns, Modulates.com is your partner helping you pull out all the stops.