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SEO and Success

A thorough online presence for your brand, product and service is more important than ever. With so much competition online, you’ve got to differentiate yourself from the rest. Many companies rely on search engine results to help consumers find their website, and they may hire SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists to fine tune their content to be eye catching and search engine friendly. SEO is a catalyst for good sales numbers. The easier it is for people to find you, the more likely they visit your website, and thus, the more likely it is that you receive a sale from the visit. SEO is achieved through a number of methods including social media, blogs, meta tag, backlinks, keywords, and more. The days of having a simple website that can be indexed by a search engine like Google are gone. Now it’s all about ranking and content relevancy. Modulates.com makes it easy for you to utilize a number of publishers to boost your credibility, sales, and SEO. These three elements work together to give you a powerhouse of tools for success. When you set up an affiliate campaign with video on Modulates, our list of 100,000 publishers are ready to help you spread your content.

Publishers Growing Your SEO and Sales for You

Imagine each publisher is like a seed. The publishers who choose to promote your product or service are each “planting” a seed in the forest of the internet, so a tree may grow from each seed. These seeds are your possibilities for sales. When you use an affiliate marketer for your product, you are letting them put your content, such as a video from Modulates.com, on their affiliate marketing blog. Having your videos on a number of different websites increases your SEO, making you more visible to consumers. Each time a consumer searches for content related to your business, the search engines will see the online affiliate marketers’ content as well, marketing it as relevant to the search. When the search engines think your content is relevant, they move it higher into the search results, meaning you have improved visibility.

Your credibility is also improved thanks to having videos on multiple publishers’ websites, as consumers see the repeated mentions of your product or service and create a positive association with it, because of the effect of word-of-mouth-marketing and keywords you can place inside your Modulates video for SEO tags. The statistics don’t lie. According to Nielsen, 43% of consumers surveyed say they are more likely to buy a new product after hearing about it on social media. Imagine if each publisher had their own set of consumers seeing your product on their social media accounts and websites, and giving it a “try.”

Compared to running expensive marketing campaigns, utilizing our publisher list is one of the easiest and cost-effective affiliate marketing strategies. The publishers you work with know that their success depends on your success, meaning they’ll work hard to establish your presence in any way possible. Instead of you focusing consistently on creating a blog and running advertising campaigns, you can rely on your publishers to spread the benefits of your product or service throughout the Internet. Your result? Credibility, SEO, sales and an enhanced web presence.