We have a set of corporate values that we aspire to each and every day, and these values guide us in the decisions we make to create a better product for you. This is our organizational culture, otherwise known as our principle.

Like life principles, our corporate culture makes up who we are. We want to be the best version of ourselves, and so we unwaveringly consider our principle in everything we do.

Our principlelet's us process information needed for our customers and make moves that help further our mission of giving you fast Internet and anonymity.

We are always evolving and refining our principle, and invite you to contribute your thoughts as well. Our models for our principle are those who are at the forefront of their industry such as Google.

We view principle as a model for where we've come from, and where we're going, and how to get there, the right way.

Style and Procedure

Maintaining a style and procedure is important to us, and we try to be perfectly consistent with every communication we distribute. Each communication is undertaken with our style and procedure in mind. By doing this, we maintain efficiency and consistency.

Procedure is the way we do something. Whether it's the first time we've done it or the 98th, each action and task gets a procedure. Following our procedure creates a path, which we can follow or make alterations of as needed.

Learn and Teach

In business, learning is key. Each step of our projects and process can teach us something, and we're always on the lookout to learn something new. If we need to do something new, we look to those we admire for guidance on how to best proceed. Our mentality is we learn by doing, and if we haven't done it, we'll learn how to along the way. Looking to others helps us understand how to maintain efficiency and productivity, even with unfamiliar tasks.

The Internet is a wild wonderful world and you never know what it will bring. It's with this in mind that we undertake every task.

Learning isn't just about gaining new perspective or education; it's also about passing what you've learned down to others. We teach those in our industry, and our employees, anything we've gained from a new process or procedure.

Evolve or Perish

Walt Disney once said, "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

We know that in the world of technology and of the Internet, it's necessary to evolve. Our mission is to adapt, refining or removing the old, and polishing the new. Clunky processes, outdated procedures, these have no place in our future.

Living in the past will only slow us down, and thus, will slow you down, which is why we use cutting-edge technology and features.

Thinking of Action and Result for the Long Term.

We're mindful. This means we think in the now, being constantly aware of what we do and how it will affect others, as well as how we could improve in the future. This mindfulness guides us, because our actions and procedures have to have a purpose, or else they are fruitless and inconsistent.

It's not just about saving time with a hack, but instead thinking about whether that hack or movement will actually work, and how they can be used to best be implemented.

We weigh every decision to make sure its worth its value.

Our Corporate Team

Together, we're a team, working cooperatively on many things for one sum goal: to win. We recruit talent that meet our goals, understand our principle, and live to get things done. Every person we recruit is an integral part of our world.

The interview process for us takes in concern the principle, and we want to ensure a fit that works for our needs. We think of people, not just profit, and bring people on even in a temporary basis to see how they fit, with the end goal being making them a full employee.

Joining the Team

We have set in place a assembly system, a series of intensive workshops to assist you with onboarding with Modulates. Here you'll learn the vital parts of our organization, from the principle to the procedures that define who we are in the marketplace.

After successfully completing the onboarding, you are well on your way to becoming a seasoned member of the team. We want you to evolve with the company, and have laid out a process to do so.

While all team members are important, our veterans are the individuals who make significant contributions to our products, helping us evolve along the way.

No matter what stage of employment you're in, we want you to feel like you're in a trusted work environment, and have a real relationship with the company. Trusted relationships are at the core of our principle, and it's not just about having them with our clients but also with our workers.

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency

These are the three core values we bring to our place of business and our industry. At each stage of our development and process, we try to communicate openly, with these three guiding principles in mind. Our clients, otherwise known as partners, know and expect this, and we extend the same courtesy to you. There's no secrecy, unless otherwise needed for personal or confidential information.

We also make it easy for you to reach us, with everyone's contact information displayed for the Internet to see. It's important that we're available.

We take all feedback, whether solicited or unsolicited, and process it carefully, focusing on how we can improve and why we needed to improve. This is part of our evolution, and it's a must for our work environment. Using jargon or terminology that's isolating isn't what we do, but instead, we focus on making the message easily understandable for all. If not, we'll clarify it. We don't give you the what, we give you the why, making sure you know why we must do A or B process. If facts and figures are available, we quantify our statements for the best impact, and we provide sound reasoning for our statements.

Speed and Process

We want to do things as fast as possible, however, we also consider how the task or mission will be undertaken. Why? Because we want to make a targeted effort. Thinking of every single parameter can cause paralysis by analysis, and we need to take action. We take in the information we need to make a decision or movement, and we do it.

We're a big fan of getting things done, and handing what we can reasonably do without delegating to others. Sometimes you must think on "the fly." We're fans of Anthony Robbins approach of Getting Things Done.

We believe in tackling the inbox daily, using the process of LIFO, or Last In, First Out. We don't believe in letting things sit to be "taken care of later." The Internet requires action, and we do that action, whatever it may be, to keep up the speed our partners require.

We don't take too long to do an action or get caught up in the perfection of it, because perfection can delay progress, and half progress is better than no progress. Everything we do is a work in progress, because we don't view anything as static.

If we need to give a response, we do, even if it's a partial response or needs more clarification, because it shows we're working on the issue at hand. We're solving the problem, with actions and not explanations. Our ideas are given with an action plan alongside them, and we try to make our statements into solutions.

We try, we don't just theorize. This is how we move into the future, by always evolving. Even if it's done in little steps, it's done.

It's not about communication 100%, it's about action, and the communication that goes with it. Making sure our communication and discussion turns into action is the way we approach work every day.

Working Together and Being Respectful of Each Other's Time

We work together in the end, even as we each have our own part of the whole. We encourage our team to work together on things, because the whole is made up of the sum of our efforts. If you need to get something done, we let you go to the person you need help from, not just travel through a chain of command. This lets us be efficient.

Your work is your work. We don't believe in doing half tasks, but instead staying on until the job is done. This is the way we're aware of the tasks and responsibilities, as well as the time of others. We urge our workers to not ask questions that they haven't tried to research, and we want them to take initiative to solve problems when they can.

You are a part of the ecosystem of Modulates, and you bring value. Make each move you make count and be the best for what you have available. No one is too small or too big for the company - we shouldn't claim ideas, but rather we all get to claim an end result.

Hiring Practices and Maintaining a Work Balance

We're open to bringing those onboard who can contribute, and that's only the best talent we can find. We hire regardless of geography, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. We look for people that offer solutions, action, and share our principle.

We want you to work hours that are good for you, and it's not about the crazy long work hours, but about the work hours that get results. Hours that are high but yield low progress due to burnout or fatigue get us nothing in the end.

We care about what you do and how you do it. Keeping a work-life balance helps us be better, both at work and at home. We value people who are autonomous, and want to work on their own.

Cost Analysis

When we look to doing a change or enhancement, we have to consider our cost. What is worth our time and our partners' time? It's worth it to consider the pros and cons. Evolving is key, but at what cost? If something will bring a negative effect, we don't do it. This goes back to mindfulness.


Emails and other communications must be relevant and to the point. We don't waste words, because we value others' time spent reading our messages. Our subject lines and content have only the core points and are about actions, not just ideas.

Make sure your work is clear and understandable - checking it twice. Don't make it needed for others to fix your work.

Responsibility and Accountability

Everyone makes mistakes, even the most productive worker, so we stress a culture of responsibility and accountability. If you find a mistake, fix it, and acknowledge it. Then learn from your mistake, and share it with others, so they don't go down the same path.

Ask yourself why this mistake happened, how it can be corrected, and what can be done in the future. This is how you learn.

If others point out your mistake, thank them, and then make the necessary corrections as soon as possible. We know you are trustworthy, as does our partners, and you must make the steps necessary to show this, even if you made a mistake. Remember our commitment to transparency, honesty and integrity. It's all about principles and culture.


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