Working Together

Modulates is committed to supporting non-profit organizations achieve their goals. As such, Modulates has established a non-profit organization discount of 50% that apply to all of our fees!

Modulates has noticed that many non-profit organizations are trying to reach out to their constituents and donors in a fast and interactive way. However, either the cost of the technology, or the lack of knowledge in available technical options have restricted such organizations from achieving their desired goals and/or has slowed down the progress.

As such, Modulates team members are always happy to consult with members of ALL non-profit organizations in order to discuss strategies associated with establishing non-profit enterprise video portals outreach. We would also be happy to strategize on various online video marketing efforts for non-profit organizations, and measurements associated with video analytic and data.

Modulates commitment in non-profit is built in our backgrounds of founders, executives, and team members. A large number of our team members support local and national non-profit organizations in various capacities. Our team members realize that supporting our real communities are as important as supporting our online communities. Each of us has a need to support a cause, and we make sure it is supported as best as it can!

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