Benefits of Modulates for your business

  • Harvest Video Engagement
    Gather valuable video content from your clients.

  • Leverage On 'How To' Videos
    Create explanatory videos about your product or services

  • Upload Your Existing Videos
    Monetize videos that you've already created.

  • Video Management
    Manage all your videos in one platform.

  • Video Blogging
    Get more prospects by sending monthly video blogs to your potential clients.

  • Enhance your brand value
    User generated video engagement will increase trust factor for your brand.

  • Grow Conversion Rate
    Video Engagement convert 400% better than written testimonials.

  • Higher Search Rankings
    Keyword tags in your videos help increase your SEO ranking.

  • Influence Via Social Media
    Anyone can socialize your videos with one click.

  • Improve Business Reputation
    Choose which videos you share with your audience.

  • Easy to Use Dashboard
    User friendly interface allows you to navigate your account easily.

  • No Competitor Ads
    You will never see any ads on your videos.

  • Click To Action/Buy
    Your clients can purchase directly from your video.

  • Upload YouTube Videos
    Add videos to your Dashboard with one click.

  • Video Analytics
    Analyze your audience's behavior from your videos.

  • CDN & Cloud Network
    Tier 1 video/content delivery cloud network.

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