Microsoft will be releasing their new Malware update to all Windows users on July 1st. The major update is to target products they tag as "Adware" and provide consumers the chance to run or delete the program. We think this is a good change for the industry. Compliances are in place to protect the end user and protect our publishers from distributing any products that will tag them with Anti-Virus issues and Browser rule compliance failure (read our Google Chrome article).

The guidelines are simple and easy. Here is breakdown:

First, the Guideline: Microsoft: "We only consider classifying a program as adware if it runs on the user's machine and produces notifications promoting goods or services in programs other than itself. If the program shows advertisements within its own borders it will not be assessed any further."

Rule 1: provide an easy way for consumers to close an ad

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Rule 2: ID the advertiser software

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Rule 3: simple uninstall process


What happens, if Microsoft tags a product as an Adware: Microsoft: "Currently, when our security products detect a program as adware they alert the user and offer them a recommended action. If they don't respond, the security product will let the program run until the user makes a decision." Are you being incorrectly tagged by Microsoft? Click here to contact them directly.

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