How Modulates Video Affiliate Platform works


How It Works


Video Analytics

Video Analytics
Analyze your audience's behavior from your videos

Harvest Video Testimonials

Better Conversion Rates Than Traditional Methods
Experience higher conversion rates with video than text or banners

Harvest Video Testimonials

Add Call to Actions Effortlessly
Your prospects are able to click to visit your website or make a purchase

Harvest Video Testimonials

Embed Videos to Play on Any Device and on Any Site
All videos on Modulates are compatible across devices and embed easily with a HTML code

Harvest Video Testimonials

Rise in Search Engine Results
Your videos help your brand achieve positive SEO results

Harvest Video Testimonials

Fraud Protection
Advanced verification technology to prevent fake traffic

Click To Action/Buy

Click To Action/Buy
Your clients can purchase directly from your video

CDN & Cloud Network

Tier 1 CDN & Cloud Network
Videos play at optimal speed regardless of location


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Connect with consumers and drive more sales with Video

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