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Shopify’s goal is to make commerce better. At Shopify, we help emerging small businesses get off the ground and grow into successful companies. We do this by creating great technology and by making it accessible to people that previously wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The future of affiliate networks: a platform to sell via video.
Welcome to the Modulates Video Platform, we are the only video affiliate program

We deliver video commerce as a departure from the traditional text and banner.


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Benefits of Book Publishers Using Modulates for Video Testimonials

In 2007, added the ability to add video reviews to their websites for various products. Now seven years later, the video reviews are still present on the website. It’s obvious the online marketplace sees the power of video in the marketing, but another industry would be wise to embrace them as well. Videos are a pervasive marketing tool in the book industry, but are often just used for author interviews or book trailers. Publishers have yet to truly tap into how they can use video. has developed an affiliate marketing system tool that allows you to integrate video into websites, press releases, social media networks and more. Video powered by Modulates offers several valuable benefits to book publishers, and as the publishing world undergoes a major change, video can help them embrace new audiences. is a unique service that allows book publishers videos to be used in affiliate programs. Book publishers can increase their book sales by affiliate method.

Quick and Branded Videos lets you customize your videos with logos, links, and even scrolling text banners. Publishers who implement these videos could let video testimonial users put links straight to Amazon, where shoppers could purchase the book. There’s no need to watch a video then go to Amazon to look for the book, because the process is reduced to a single click.

Easily Distributed Through Multiple Channels

Book readers are a very vocal bunch online. Amazon purchased, an online social networking for readers, in March 2013. The website focuses on sharing reviews of books, seeing what’s coming soon, and classifying books on digital “shelves.” When users view a book’s page on, the site displays “buy” buttons for Amazon and other online stores. also allows Authors to publish videos on their profiles. Here is the best place a publisher could use’s unique tools to their advantage, because they’re right in the location a reader will be. Modulates could adapt to the needs of any size publisher, from a member of the “Big 5” to a small independent book publisher. also lets users tap into the trust factor of videos and receive support from a qualified team.

Video Powering Your Sales Through Modulates

Video is one of the best tools for promotion online, and should be a vital part of your affiliate marketing campaign. lets you set up video affiliate campaigns within minutes, and utilize this video content for sales of your product or service. When you work with a publisher from’s list of thousands, you have full control over all of the features in your video campaign. Video remains one of the best ways to make money via affiliate marketing, and our dashboard has made it easier than ever to update your video content with the touch of a button.

When mixed with other content by an online affiliate marketer, video increases credibility and sales. Statistics show that combining video with full-page advertisements boosted engagement by 47% and moreover, that enjoyment of video ads increased purchase intent by 82%. After looking at the numbers, it’s easy to understand why video is a valuable tool for your affiliate marketing strategies, particularly when you use lets you offer all-in-one affiliate marketing opportunities by using publishers to promote your product or service via video. The easy-to-use dashboard will let you update videos within minutes, with the videos’ changes reflected almost instantly on all of the videos published on your publishers’ website. Using the custom branding options, you can include your logo, social media icons, click to action URL, and message directly into the video. These updates will be pushed to the publisher’s account so they are always offering the latest messages.

The Modulates platform is designed to let you record a video without any prior programming knowledge or expensive equipment. You’ll find a suite of tools for affiliate marketing business use including a custom video recorder, video player with tier 1 CDN technology, Social media tools, analytics and more. takes care of every aspect you need to promote your brand. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 publishers or 1000 publishers, you can expect the same quality to be present.

Modulates: Giving You the Key to Quality Video

Countless research studies have demonstrated the power of video in marketing. Video communicates a significant amount of words compared to text, and consumers watch video online almost every day. Online videos have shifted from entertainment to powerful marketing tool. With research showing at least 50 billion videos are played by viewers each month online, the time is now to implement video into your affiliate program marketing campaigns. As one of the best affiliate marketing tools, works with advertisers and publishers to help make informative and short videos guiding consumers to make better buying decisions.

Consider that surveys have found 80% of a website’s visitors will watch a video, but only 20% of the survey will actually read the text content. That means that your affiliated marketing copy is only telling part of the story to part of your target audience. Video helps you expand your reach, and effectively sell your product or service to consumers. The publishers who work with know that video increases sales processes by 83% and will work to ensure you have the best video to promote your brand in affiliate programs. Video doesn’t just come with an increase in sales, but it also helps you get noticed by search engines. Your website receives better SEO and is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results, therefore it’s important you provide your publishers with video, so they can have the best affiliate marketing success possible.

If you have never produced a video for your product or service, removes the worry and frustration that you may associate with such a project. As a video affiliate platform company, Modulates helps brands with everything needed to have a comprehensive and successful video marketing campaign with affiliates. Instead of text and a banner, you can have a full-fledged comprehensive video campaign complete with custom message, “click to buy action,” logo/branding, and more. Videos can inform a consumer about your product, teach them its benefits, discuss where its available, give comparisons, share market research and more.

Consumers love video because it helps create a positive association with a product, and they receive an enhanced sense of credibility because of a brand being introduced via video. In fact, 90% of consumers credit a video as helpful in the decision making process. When it comes to video for your affiliate marketing campaigns, is your partner helping you pull out all the stops.

The Power of the Publisher for Your Brand

If you’re an advertiser, the Internet offers numerous opportunities for promoting your product and brand, such as online advertisements, press releases, blogs, and other venues. However, one of the most popular and valuable ways to promote a product or service is to use a new form of word-of-mouth-marketing, or affiliates. Using the powerful tools of, you can have affiliates use video to promote your product or service for you to consumers. Individuals who want to make money affiliate marketing are happy to sell your product and receive a commission. As a new innovation in the affiliate marketing business, provides its advertisers a list of 100,000 publishers who are happy to help sell your product in exchange for a commission. These individuals are called affiliate marketers and can be the lifeblood of your promotional campaign.

Publishers: Your Confident Army Ready to Win the Sales Battle for You

Affiliate marketers are a ready-made “sales team” who want to help your product or service succeed. If you succeed, they succeed as a wealthy affiliate. This sales army can use to record a video testimonial for your product or service, sharing its features and testifying to its benefits. Our website lets you leverage word-of-mouth-marketing to your advantage with affiliate marketing. A publisher will take your video and sell your product for you, providing you with a “real person” testimonial or use your companies product/service video. You supply the video in your dashboard and your affiliate will do the rest, touting the product or service to a wide audience via social networks, video networks, and more on their website. You control the content, they provide the work, and you analyze their efforts. The whole process can work seamlessly and get both of you excellent results. provides you the tools you need for your campaigns, including video capture right in your internet browser, social media integration and more.

The Power of Video Testimonials by Publishers in Today’s Business World

Compared to hiring a multi-person sales force to go forth and share your product with the world, affiliate marketing is a cost-effective method to getting sales. Each publisher you use has their own audience and circle of friends and sales tactics. The result is a fleet of individuals ready to to present your product in the most effective way possible, so they can earn an affiliate commission. Imagine sitting and interviewing seven job applicants to be your salespersons, and dealing with each individual’s work schedule, personal time and other employment issues. Now imagine several capable individuals each working with their own set of skills to sell your product. They already have an incentive waiting and they’ll work hard to earn it, plus you only have to pay them if they make a sale. gives you the power for large-scale campaigns by letting you establish video affiliate campaigns, moderate them easily and reward publishers for their efforts.

Building Brand Awareness with Video Affiliate Campaigns

As an affiliate marketer, you want to try every avenue you can to increase brand awareness for your affiliate products, and in turn, increase your earnings. Videos are a growing trend in the field, and is a top Video affiliate platform website with publishers because it allows any affiliate to generate a video within minutes. Using the website, you can capture a video testimonial or upload a previously-made one to optimize for successful affiliate marketing. Continue reading

Making Your First Affiliate Marketing Video

Videos are quickly becoming one of the preferred methods in making money in affiliate marketing, and companies such as are making it easy to create these videos. However, if you’ve never made a video, it may seem daunting at first. If you do a little careful planning, you can produce a video that is interesting and effective for your affiliate marketing strategies.

When you use a website like Modulates, you can capture your video easily, and then they take care of the rest, letting you manage the video through a control panel. You can customize your video with your link, logo, message and other choices.

What Do You Have to Say: The Script

Planning your video should begin with a script. What do you want to say? You might think you can “wing it” but speaking without a script may cause you to forget certain points you want to make. A script also helps you reduce the number of mistakes you may make. We’re not perfect, and having an outline of what you want to say – even if it’s a very simple one – can help you put together an informative video easily.

Clothes Make the Man or Woman: Wardrobe

Now it’s true you’re not putting on a huge Hollywood production, but you should still choose your outfit carefully. With your video testimonial, you’re speaking as an authority. Therefore you should dress as an authority would dress. You wouldn’t do a speaking engagement in a swimsuit, would you? Therefore you shouldn’t wear it for your video testimonial, unless perhaps, the testimonial is for a swim suit or a related product. Think of dressing for your video the same as dressing a job interview: choose clothes that are comfortable and look great on you, but also show who you are. Henry David Thoreau once said “Who you are speaks so loud I can’t hear what you’re saying” so think to yourself about what your outfit should say.

Setting the Stage: Background

What’s the setting of your video? Background setting is one of the most important elements of your video. When looking for inspiration, try letting the topic of your video dictate the setting. Are you giving a review of a kitchen gadget? You might want to shoot the video in your kitchen. Are you an entrepreneur reviewing a business book or product? Setting the video in your office or a business-like environment might be preferable. Be sure you choose a background that’s not distracting.  Limit the number of props or images, or else you will draw the viewers’ attention away from you. Sound quality is also an issue, so be sure you choose a room or setting where viewers will be able to hear your message.

Making It: Equipment

Nothing is worse than a shaky video filmed by someone holding their phone up to their face. When shooting a video,  make sure your computer camera has high resolution and tilted correctly pointing to you.  For good sound, you might try adjusting  microphone on your pc or laptop .  Run several tests to find the best lighting for your video so you can avoid appearing too dark or too washed-out.  You may be using just a webcam, but you can still run lighting tests to assure you have a good effect in your video.

Getting Clicks: Things to Remember

Remember you’re doing a video for affiliate marketing. Be sure all of the important information related to the product or service you’re recording a testimonial for is there, good testimonials are less than 30 seconds in length. has integrated tools that help you share your video across social media networks, but you still need to ensure your viewers will understand what you’re discussing.  You want to have quality content. Don’t focus on making your video flashy; focus on making it honest and easy to comprehend.

Other Details: Length, Post-Edits and More

You may want to add titles, music, and other effects to your video. Consider the effect of these additions. Will it cheapen the video or enhance it? What about music? If you use music, you also need to consider whether you can use certain artists or songs, due to licensing and copyright laws.

Don’t be afraid to re-shoot. Sometimes the first take doesn’t work. Maybe your third or fourth will. You want the best video you can produce to increase your chances of being successful in affiliate marketing. The most important thing to consider is your audience. Who is your video for? Moms? Parents?Businessmen? Think of your target audience, and use the best elements to present yourself as an authority for that audience. You can track your success using the analytics features for all of their users’ videos.

After you’ve finished shooting a video, watch it. Is it interesting? Does it say what you want it to say? If not, cut out the boring or repetitive parts and start over. You’ll thank yourself for it, as will your bank account!

Affiliate Marketing, Facebook and Twitter: Share and Tweet Your Way To New Connections, Conversions and More

If you spend any time online, you know it’s easy to see social media is an essential tool in both our personal and work lives. With over 1 billion users on Facebook, and over 100 million tweets sent each day on Twitter, the age of social networking is here. If you haven’t integrated social media into your affiliate marketing or video affiliate marketing, it’s time to start.  If you’re looking for internet affiliate marketing with video, you might choose, because they integrate social sharing in their system.

One of the best affiliate marketing strategies is to leverage social media. Why? First, it’s affordable. It can be a free or inexpensive method of getting your message across. When your content is shared across a social network, you have the opportunity for it to be passed on by other individuals. Social media is one of the best ways to get your message to a wide audience, because each post or tweet is a potential new impression. Plus using Facebook and Twitter in your affiliate marketing helps boost your visibility and SEO.

Twitter and Affiliate Marketing

Twitter is a vast network of opportunities for affiliate marketing. Twitter has several functions you can tap for success in your marketing efforts. When you send a message or tweet, you can use hashtag, a word or phrase with a # included. Users also interested in this topic will follow the hashtag. Clicking on the hashtag will bring up every reference to that keyword. For example, the hashtag #petcare might be followed by pet fans, animal experts, pet product manufacturers, and animal breeders. If you’re an affiliate with a pet-related product, you could get exposure and increased visibility using this hashtag. You might tweet your latest video sharing the benefits of a dog shampoo or squeaky toy. You’ll get noticed by other users following the hashtag, and you’ll also experience another benefit of Twitter: connections. You can build your own community of other affiliate marketers on Twitter, or join an existing community. You will be able to share affiliate marketing strategies, learn about new programs, and participate in Twitter chats about the business. A Twitter Chat is a chat session that is arranged at a certain tag and identified with a certain hashtag. One such chat is all about social media at #SocialChat and is available on Mondays at 9 P.M. EST.

You only have 140 characters in which to market your product, so you must focus on engagement and not just pitching your affiliate in every tweet. You don’t want to look like a billboard, you want to look like a genuine involved person, with the same image you strive for in your video affiliate marketing.

Facebook and Affiliate Marketing

Like Twitter, Facebook offers a wealth of resources for affiliate marketing. However, before you start, be sure you’re not spamming friends and family with your affiliate links. That’s a violation of Facebook TOS and is certainly not good form. By now you should be familiar with the FTC guidelines and know that you need to offer a disclosure if you receive a commission. You can connect with or “friend” other marketers to share tips and advice. You can create a Facebook group for your affiliate products, and interact with users of the group with polls, contests and more. also lets you share your video easily on Facebook with the click of a button.

One of the best opportunities you have with Facebook is targeted marketing. You can create an advertisement to point toward your affiliate landing page. You only pay the clicks the ad actually receives, so this is an affordable way to use Facebook for affiliate marketing. You can target specific niches of people and include a link to your affiliate landing page. To use the pet care example again, you can create an advertisement for an all-natural dog food company and it will show people who have “liked” pages about dogs, have dogs as an interest, etc. No more wasted marketing to individuals outside your target audience.

Social media still remains much like the Wild West, a land where there’s a lot of opportunity waiting to be tapped, and a landscape that keeps changing rapidly. In this land one thing is for certain:  social media is not merely a trend, it is here to stay. is on the cutting edge of social media and incorporates social media platforms, helping you stay profitable and efficient in your affiliate video marketing.

What is Your Landing Page Missing? Audit Your Landing Page Now and Improve Your Conversions

Do you ever look at your landing page and wonder how you can boost your conversions? You may have a video with a website like where you share all the benefits of your affiliates, but maybe you’re not happy with the conversation rate. One of the most important rules to remember when you try to make money with affiliate marketing is you can never be static. Business is dynamic, and even in your affiliate marketing, you need to change and adapt to the landscape. It’s time to audit your page and see how you can improve.

Aesthetics of Your Landing Page

What colors are featured on your landing page? According to an infographic by KISS metrics, visual elements affect 92% of an individual’s purchase decision. Additionally, assessing a product takes 90 seconds, 90% of which are based on the colors alone. This means that color isn’t just an interesting element of your landing page, but might also be considered in your video affiliate marketing as well.

The shift of green to red or vice versa has resulted in some interesting increases for many businesses and affiliate marketers. A noted marketing experiment is by Heinz, where the company’s ketchup bottles were turned green, and the company sold 10 million in 7 months. Affiliate marketers have also reported success turning green buttons to red, and enjoying up to an increase of 34% in conversion.  Take a look at your colors on your website, and run test to see if you can improve your conversion rate.  Using contrasting colors sets different elements apart from each other and looks pleasing to the eye.

Do you have a lot of clutter on your landing page? Your video and a few pieces of key text should be the only focus for your visitors’ attention. Reduce distractions and try a clean, less-cluttered landing page. Get rid of useless menus, extra information and more.

The Nitty Gritty: Text

When it comes to conversion, text is king. You only have a small window to sell to someone, and a video may bring them 90% of the way toward purchasing from your affiliate, but your text can deliver that last 10%.  You may have an amazing articulate video but your headline is what grabs them and makes them hit “play.”

It’s time to look at your headlines. Only 2 out of 10 people read below the headline, and you want that number to be higher, right?  Do you have any misspellings in your headlines? How do they sound when you read them aloud? Do you name a problem, issue or scenario, then provide a solution? Do your headlines sound too good to be true?  Are your headlines clear and simple? Your potential customers need to know why they should read on. Make them. You can test different versions of your headlines by doing an AB test and keep track of how they perform.

What’s your value proposition? Is it clear? Is there another way you can write your headline, sub headings and content to sell your affiliate better? Your words should be working for you, not against you, so refine your landing page to be concise, clear, and actionable so your visitors click on your video.

What about the appearance of your text? How is the formatting? How does it flow? You may choose to use bullet points, or bold font, but don’t go overboard. Keep consistent and make it interesting.

Get Social

When you use a video made with, you have tools for social sharing through Facebook and Twitter. Do you have a plugin or “share this” bar on your landing page? You should have some form of social media integration, so your visitors can share your page with potential customers. Integrating social media is an affordable and easy way to get your message to an audience.  If you don’t have social media on your landing page, try testing its power today. Add Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ buttons to your page and see what happens.

Landing pages are a major component of affiliate marketing, and it’s up to you to make the best impression you can to your visitors. Each error or piece of clutter is a detriment to your conversion; therefore, you should spend just a few minutes this week auditing your landing page to see what you’re missing, what you can improve, and what you can fix.

Get Rich Instantly! How to Stop Affiliate Marketing Scams

Video affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing are often considered “get rich quick schemes” by the uninformed. However, the truth is both are opportunities for success, it’s just up to you to be sure you’re making the right choice when you choose affiliate marketing programs. When you’re just beginning to learn about affiliate marketing, it can be tempting to choose the program or offer that promises the big payoff, but use your head and consider your options.

Signs of an Affiliate Marketing Scam

You’ve probably seen affiliate marketing scams before, and may not even know it. Maybe you saw an advertisement in a blog sidebar advertising “foolproof systems” “easy money makers” and other such promises. Most affiliate marketing scams have tells much like a poker player, and you can keep an eye out for the following signs to identify such programs:

● Pictures illustrating the phenomenal lifestyle you’ll live after participating in the affiliate marketing program. Such images can include pictures of large bank account statements, luxury cars, vacation homes, etc
● Statements about working very little for a huge payoff
● Fees are required to join; many affiliate marketing scams are “free” but you need to pay for “processing” or to establish your website
● Missing contact information
● No money-back guarantee
● If you are unable to find any proof of individuals using and benefiting from the program; many affiliate marketing blogs are full of information about good programs and if you can’t find one scrap of mention of it, it might be a scam

Affiliate marketing and video affiliate marketing through programs like are not “money for nothing.” Do anticipate needing to perform hard work. There’s not a “just a push of a button” magic formula that will make you money, and if you’re promised such a program, run the other way. Video affiliate marketing, even when you use, requires you make a good and informative video for your viewers. It also means you take the time to promote your video and focus on providing accurate information. Modulates can give you the tools to do so.

Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams

By watching for the aforementioned signs, you can avoid scams. Before jumping into a new program, you can search online for links and information regarding the program. However, when searching the “program name + scam” via Google, you may come across fake press releases and articles with search-engine optimized keywords that target these searches and include fake testimonials. Look through noted affiliate marketing blogs for information on the newest programs to see if they’re authentic.

Finding Good Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you want to find a quality program, you should do your research. Read affiliate marketing blogs and forums, and ask friends for program recommendations. If you want to provide a testimonial for a product or service you regularly use, such as a medical product or an online shoe store, check to see if the company has an affiliate program. They may be thrilled to have an enthusiastic testimonial! You can also search for a company’s name plus “affiliate” or “affiliate” program in Google to find options as well.

The best rule of thumb for identifying affiliate marketing scams is to remember “It’s too good to be true, it probably is!”

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