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Considering Video Versus Text: The Use of Each in Marketing

Video is a trend that’s growing in popularity for marketing, and when you break down the major elements of video versus text, you see the strengths the media form delivers.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, one quick look at statistics will reveal the true winner of video versus text. If you wanted to learn how to play tennis, and were given the option to view videos or read an instructional guide, which would you choose? You’d logically choose video, and probably for a number of reasons.

Credibility of Video Versus Text

Video automatically credits a sense of credibility for a viewer. If we go back to the tennis example, seeing someone playing tennis and explaining certain moves is much more credible than reading about how to participate in the sport. With text, credibility might be dubious, or the viewer may not visualize a sense of connection to the writer. Video lets you instantly have an individual to which we can relate and listen to, plus trust. It gives that extra layer of humanity. Implementing video is one of the best affiliate marketing tactics you can use. offers a video affiliate platform that lets any business implement video testimonials easily.

Influential Aspects of Video Versus Text

We’re assailed with advertising messages every day, in the form of video, text, and audio. Of these, video is one of the most influential advertising techniques. Think of the many times you’ve bought something you after viewing a commercial for it? A print ad can only go so far, which makes text a little limiting when it comes to influence. According to Digital Sherpa, using videos helps customers understand your product or service by 74%. With so many individuals connected a smartphone or tablet, video has become even more influential as it shifts from the PC to mobile devices. If you want to embrace a form of media with influence, consider video alongside your other affiliate marketing ideas.

The Unique Nature of Videos Versus That of Text

A good deal of text on the Internet is copy that’s been rewritten countless times. Text is everywhere we look online. It’s easy to overlook a caption or advertising message, but there’s something about video that makes us stop and pay attention. Modulates  understands the power of video in affiliate marketing and developed a platform that anyone could use for their business to record video testimonials, hold product demonstration videos and more. Major brands are seeing the value of video, as a report from ReelSEO demonstrated. Their report found that in their survey of over 600 brands, 82% said they felt video had a positive impact on their organization or business. The core reason is because while text can be written in a number of ways, there are countless ways you can use video in a marketing campaign.

Weighing the Effective Power of Video Versus Text

No matter the service or product, every affiliate marketer wants to create an effective campaign. Video packs a number of positive benefits in the effective column. It’s engaging, giving customers a sense of the personality of the brand or spokesperson. Video is also easy to share on social media, a feature Modulates has packed into their platform. Even the mention of video can be effective, according to the 2012 Experian Digital Marketing Report. The use of “video” in an email subject line increased click through rates by from 7 percent to 13 percent.

Emotional Impact of Videos Versus Text

Videos elicit an emotional connection with us, more so than text does. It can create a variety of emotions, such as confidence (like the acclaimed Dove “retouching” advertisements), amusement, and curiosity. Each of these emotions gives us the need to know more either about the brand or service, or the message of the video. Text can touch us emotionally, but usually in the way a Hallmark card does, and not with the emotional depth of a video.

If you’re currently considering video marketing or video affiliate marketing campaign, you should consider the benefits of video compared to text. Video communicates your message just as effectively and in a quicker manner. offers a high quality video platform for use in affiliate marketing for both beginners and experienced marketers wanting to ad video to their campaigns.

Benefits of Book Publishers Using Modulates for Video Testimonials

In 2007, added the ability to add video reviews to their websites for various products. Now seven years later, the video reviews are still present on the website. It’s obvious the online marketplace sees the power of video in the marketing, but another industry would be wise to embrace them as well. Videos are a pervasive marketing tool in the book industry, but are often just used for author interviews or book trailers. Publishers have yet to truly tap into how they can use video. has developed an affiliate marketing system tool that allows you to integrate video into websites, press releases, social media networks and more. Video powered by Modulates offers several valuable benefits to book publishers, and as the publishing world undergoes a major change, video can help them embrace new audiences. is a unique service that allows book publishers videos to be used in affiliate programs. Book publishers can increase their book sales by affiliate method.

Quick and Branded Videos lets you customize your videos with logos, links, and even scrolling text banners. Publishers who implement these videos could let video testimonial users put links straight to Amazon, where shoppers could purchase the book. There’s no need to watch a video then go to Amazon to look for the book, because the process is reduced to a single click.

Easily Distributed Through Multiple Channels

Book readers are a very vocal bunch online. Amazon purchased, an online social networking for readers, in March 2013. The website focuses on sharing reviews of books, seeing what’s coming soon, and classifying books on digital “shelves.” When users view a book’s page on, the site displays “buy” buttons for Amazon and other online stores. also allows Authors to publish videos on their profiles. Here is the best place a publisher could use’s unique tools to their advantage, because they’re right in the location a reader will be. Modulates could adapt to the needs of any size publisher, from a member of the “Big 5” to a small independent book publisher. also lets users tap into the trust factor of videos and receive support from a qualified team.

How Could See a Sales Surge with Video Testimonials

One of the benefits of shopping at Wal-Mart is the vast array of products they carry. You can find almost anything:  groceries, medicine, automotive, sporting goods, clothing, shoes, accessories and home goods. But in the case of, this strength is also a weakness, because there are so many choices that consumers have difficulty deciding which product to buy. When faced with thousands of choices and conflicting reviews, a person could give up or find a better website. That’s why people who shop online gravitate toward websites that provide video reviews and demonstrations of the products, which helps consumers make the right choice. does not currently incorporate video testimonials, but if they did they could exponentially increase their sales. A survey  of consumers in the U.S. and Canada from BrightLocal found that 79% of respondents trusted online reviews as much as personal recommendations. However, when making a decision, consumers are reading seven fewer reviews than they did before. That means they are making decisions faster. has a customer review program that encourages people to leave written feedback on items they purchased. The new studies confirming that consumers are making even faster judgments indicate that people are not taking the time to read several reviews on Conversely, video testimonials are the perfect type of review to catch a consumer’s eye quickly. Most people would rather watch video than read. Videos have a higher degree of trust because they seem personal. They are also extremely helpful as demonstrations of a product. How many times have you had questions about how big a product was, how it opened, how to actually use it, etc? If video testimonials were used at, those questions could be efficiently answered.

Videos are so effective that brands are actively seeking video testimonials and will pay for good results. Modulates provides a way for companies to find affiliate marketers who will publish video testimonials. Video testimonials have been proven to boost online sales. For example, saw an increase of between 6 and 30% when the company incorporated video on its website. Other businesses and affiliate marketers are seeing similar results, with higher conversion rates with video than with text. Wal-Mart prides itself on everyday low prices. The company could see its online sales surge if it allowed everyday people to submit video testimonials.

Why Video Testimonials are Persuasive

Individuals are exposed to more media than ever, thanks to our smartphones, the Internet, television and radio. This has created an advertising environment which may be challenging for businesses but also open to almost limitless possibilities. It is difficult for businesses to cut through the media traffic to make their message heard. That’s why video testimonials are such a great tool for advertising online and why they can be useful affiliate marketing tools. Continue reading

Power of Video Testimonials for the E-Commerce Market

If you are active in e-commerce, then you are surely familiar with the following cycle: Search engine optimization. Search engine management. Affiliate links. Facebook.Blogging.

You go to great lengths to drive traffic to your website when you engage in affiliate marketing online. But according to research by the Nielsen Norman Group, the average page visit lasts less than 60 seconds. For new visitors, the average stay is even shorter, at just 5 to 10 seconds. This means that businesses must establish credibility and generate interest in a very narrow amount of time. How can you do this? Continue reading

Why Brands Like Honda Use Twitter and Videos to Engage With Their Clients

As the popularity of Twitter increases, brands are looking to find ways to market their services to their audience. However, many brands simply use advertising rather than engaging with their customers and clients. Traditional advertising is losing its power as consumers become inundated by constant advertisements. Studies show consumers are tuning out sponsored messages and commercials. No longer content on using “promoted tweets” or simple hashtags, Honda, Nike, and other companies are finding ways to use video to engage with their audience on Twitter. By understanding how they use video to connect with their audience, increase brand awareness and help their sales, you’ll be able to use similar techniques for your own affiliate marketing opportunities. Through video on Vine, Honda will respond directly to consumer tweets regarding new cars. is a center for user generated video testimonials where you can create videos for your customers as an affiliate marketing manager. Continue reading

The Hidden Power of Video Testimonials for the MLM Market

When you engage in affiliate marketing, you’re extending your confidence towards a product or service, in hopes you can inspire other individuals to make a purchase with the company. You do this to receive a financial reward, and it’s here that video testimonials make such an impact on a consumer. Videos are one of the best affiliate marketing strategies for products like those on Clickbank because they make the affiliate appear as a credible source. However, did you know you can tap the hidden power of video testimonials for your multi-level marketing success? Video testimonials can help you recruit members, increase sales and more when you employ a video made with Continue reading

Benefits of Video Testimonials for Real Estate Agents

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important life changes for an individual, and to help them through it, they need a reputable real estate agent. Individuals looking for a realtor want to be sure they choose a reputable realtor who can work with them through all buying or selling a home entails. Many realtors have websites with their housing stock, helpful information, links to financing and rates, but now a growing number of real estate agents are now adding video testimonials to their websites and social network, recorded with tools like those of is helping many individuals boost their conversion rates and sales with Internet affiliate marketing, and can help real estate agents do the same. Continue reading

Building Social Influence Via Video Testimonials

Think about the last time you went to the movies or downloaded a new song. How did you make your decision on the media? You might have read a review in a trusted magazine, or had a friend tell you what titles were worth investing your time and money. When you went by a reviewer or friend’s suggestion, you recognized that their opinions were valid and worth a listen. Trusting your friend meant you were engaged in word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing has been one of the most common forms of marketing and the invention of the `Internet and social networks has made it even more relevant when it comes to your brand. Even major film companies recognize the power of promoting new films, and use tweets, Facebook posts and video testimonials of theatergoers in their marketing to demonstrate the “voice of the everyday person.” Video testimonials are a new and increasingly popular method of word-of-mouth marketing you can use in your affiliate marketing strategies. Continue reading

Making Your First Affiliate Marketing Video

Videos are quickly becoming one of the preferred methods in making money in affiliate marketing, and companies such as are making it easy to create these videos. However, if you’ve never made a video, it may seem daunting at first. If you do a little careful planning, you can produce a video that is interesting and effective for your affiliate marketing strategies.

When you use a website like Modulates, you can capture your video easily, and then they take care of the rest, letting you manage the video through a control panel. You can customize your video with your link, logo, message and other choices.

What Do You Have to Say: The Script

Planning your video should begin with a script. What do you want to say? You might think you can “wing it” but speaking without a script may cause you to forget certain points you want to make. A script also helps you reduce the number of mistakes you may make. We’re not perfect, and having an outline of what you want to say – even if it’s a very simple one – can help you put together an informative video easily.

Clothes Make the Man or Woman: Wardrobe

Now it’s true you’re not putting on a huge Hollywood production, but you should still choose your outfit carefully. With your video testimonial, you’re speaking as an authority. Therefore you should dress as an authority would dress. You wouldn’t do a speaking engagement in a swimsuit, would you? Therefore you shouldn’t wear it for your video testimonial, unless perhaps, the testimonial is for a swim suit or a related product. Think of dressing for your video the same as dressing a job interview: choose clothes that are comfortable and look great on you, but also show who you are. Henry David Thoreau once said “Who you are speaks so loud I can’t hear what you’re saying” so think to yourself about what your outfit should say.

Setting the Stage: Background

What’s the setting of your video? Background setting is one of the most important elements of your video. When looking for inspiration, try letting the topic of your video dictate the setting. Are you giving a review of a kitchen gadget? You might want to shoot the video in your kitchen. Are you an entrepreneur reviewing a business book or product? Setting the video in your office or a business-like environment might be preferable. Be sure you choose a background that’s not distracting.  Limit the number of props or images, or else you will draw the viewers’ attention away from you. Sound quality is also an issue, so be sure you choose a room or setting where viewers will be able to hear your message.

Making It: Equipment

Nothing is worse than a shaky video filmed by someone holding their phone up to their face. When shooting a video,  make sure your computer camera has high resolution and tilted correctly pointing to you.  For good sound, you might try adjusting  microphone on your pc or laptop .  Run several tests to find the best lighting for your video so you can avoid appearing too dark or too washed-out.  You may be using just a webcam, but you can still run lighting tests to assure you have a good effect in your video.

Getting Clicks: Things to Remember

Remember you’re doing a video for affiliate marketing. Be sure all of the important information related to the product or service you’re recording a testimonial for is there, good testimonials are less than 30 seconds in length. has integrated tools that help you share your video across social media networks, but you still need to ensure your viewers will understand what you’re discussing.  You want to have quality content. Don’t focus on making your video flashy; focus on making it honest and easy to comprehend.

Other Details: Length, Post-Edits and More

You may want to add titles, music, and other effects to your video. Consider the effect of these additions. Will it cheapen the video or enhance it? What about music? If you use music, you also need to consider whether you can use certain artists or songs, due to licensing and copyright laws.

Don’t be afraid to re-shoot. Sometimes the first take doesn’t work. Maybe your third or fourth will. You want the best video you can produce to increase your chances of being successful in affiliate marketing. The most important thing to consider is your audience. Who is your video for? Moms? Parents?Businessmen? Think of your target audience, and use the best elements to present yourself as an authority for that audience. You can track your success using the analytics features for all of their users’ videos.

After you’ve finished shooting a video, watch it. Is it interesting? Does it say what you want it to say? If not, cut out the boring or repetitive parts and start over. You’ll thank yourself for it, as will your bank account!

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