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Shopify’s goal is to make commerce better. At Shopify, we help emerging small businesses get off the ground and grow into successful companies. We do this by creating great technology and by making it accessible to people that previously wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The future of affiliate networks: a platform to sell via video.
Welcome to the Modulates Video Platform, we are the only video affiliate program

We deliver video commerce as a departure from the traditional text and banner.


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Work at Home Moms and

Modulates is a video affiliate network system that connects publishers with companies who want video testimonials. The best candidates for video testimonials are people who have knowledge about products that they want to share. Moms who work at home are frequently looking for ways to earn additional income. There are many ways to earn money working at home, but they often require long hours for a comparatively small payoff. Video affiliate marketing should not be overlooked as an income generator for by moms who work from home. With video affiliate work, you can share information with others and make money in the process.

The knowledge and experience of moms is an untapped resource for businesses. There is an old saying about mom holding the purse strings, and it is rooted in the reality that in many households, mothers tend to do most of the buying. Businesses are trying to sell products in a dynamic environment where most people do not trust advertisements. People have learned to tune out marketing messages. That’s where video testimonials come in. A video testimonial is a video message discussing the benefits or drawbacks of a product or service. Businesses crave video testimonials because they have the power to cut through the clutter of online ads and create positive buzz.

Video testimonials build trust because they are the personal experience of the person who made the video. This is especially true when moms are addressing other work at home parents with similar life experiences and challenges. When a person has a choice between watching an advertisement and watching a video made from someone just like them, they will always choose the video.

Affiliate marketing means that if someone watches a video you made and then clicks on a website from the video or makes a purchase, the affiliate gets paid. Work at home moms are uniquely situated to earn money with video affiliate marketing. They have vast knowledge of the products that work for their families. For example, there are many motorized baby rockers on the market. Are they sturdy? Do they really work? How safe are they? Do babies actually like them? If a work at home mom signs up as an affiliate with, they can review the baby rockers and demonstrate how they work. In a case like this, a video really is worth a million words.

The Modulates website allows anyone to record a video and upload it to the internet. You can even use your cell phone to make the video. Once uploaded, you can publish it to your followers on your personal blog, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else where it will be seen. That’s really all it takes to start earning money. Many women end up creating their own website and posting product reviews. With Modulates, work at home moms can have complete control over their time and resources, providing a valuable service for other moms. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Benefits of Book Publishers Using Modulates for Video Testimonials

In 2007, added the ability to add video reviews to their websites for various products. Now seven years later, the video reviews are still present on the website. It’s obvious the online marketplace sees the power of video in the marketing, but another industry would be wise to embrace them as well. Videos are a pervasive marketing tool in the book industry, but are often just used for author interviews or book trailers. Publishers have yet to truly tap into how they can use video. has developed an affiliate marketing system tool that allows you to integrate video into websites, press releases, social media networks and more. Video powered by Modulates offers several valuable benefits to book publishers, and as the publishing world undergoes a major change, video can help them embrace new audiences. is a unique service that allows book publishers videos to be used in affiliate programs. Book publishers can increase their book sales by affiliate method.

Quick and Branded Videos lets you customize your videos with logos, links, and even scrolling text banners. Publishers who implement these videos could let video testimonial users put links straight to Amazon, where shoppers could purchase the book. There’s no need to watch a video then go to Amazon to look for the book, because the process is reduced to a single click.

Easily Distributed Through Multiple Channels

Book readers are a very vocal bunch online. Amazon purchased, an online social networking for readers, in March 2013. The website focuses on sharing reviews of books, seeing what’s coming soon, and classifying books on digital “shelves.” When users view a book’s page on, the site displays “buy” buttons for Amazon and other online stores. also allows Authors to publish videos on their profiles. Here is the best place a publisher could use’s unique tools to their advantage, because they’re right in the location a reader will be. Modulates could adapt to the needs of any size publisher, from a member of the “Big 5” to a small independent book publisher. also lets users tap into the trust factor of videos and receive support from a qualified team.

Video Powering Your Sales Through Modulates

Video is one of the best tools for promotion online, and should be a vital part of your affiliate marketing campaign. lets you set up video affiliate campaigns within minutes, and utilize this video content for sales of your product or service. When you work with a publisher from’s list of thousands, you have full control over all of the features in your video campaign. Video remains one of the best ways to make money via affiliate marketing, and our dashboard has made it easier than ever to update your video content with the touch of a button.

When mixed with other content by an online affiliate marketer, video increases credibility and sales. Statistics show that combining video with full-page advertisements boosted engagement by 47% and moreover, that enjoyment of video ads increased purchase intent by 82%. After looking at the numbers, it’s easy to understand why video is a valuable tool for your affiliate marketing strategies, particularly when you use lets you offer all-in-one affiliate marketing opportunities by using publishers to promote your product or service via video. The easy-to-use dashboard will let you update videos within minutes, with the videos’ changes reflected almost instantly on all of the videos published on your publishers’ website. Using the custom branding options, you can include your logo, social media icons, click to action URL, and message directly into the video. These updates will be pushed to the publisher’s account so they are always offering the latest messages.

The Modulates platform is designed to let you record a video without any prior programming knowledge or expensive equipment. You’ll find a suite of tools for affiliate marketing business use including a custom video recorder, video player with tier 1 CDN technology, Social media tools, analytics and more. takes care of every aspect you need to promote your brand. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 publishers or 1000 publishers, you can expect the same quality to be present.

SEO and Success

A thorough online presence for your brand, product and service is more important than ever. With so much competition online, you’ve got to differentiate yourself from the rest. Many companies rely on search engine results to help consumers find their website, and they may hire SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists to fine tune their content to be eye catching and search engine friendly. SEO is a catalyst for good sales numbers. The easier it is for people to find you, the more likely they visit your website, and thus, the more likely it is that you receive a sale from the visit. SEO is achieved through a number of methods including social media, blogs, meta tag, backlinks, keywords, and more. The days of having a simple website that can be indexed by a search engine like Google are gone. Now it’s all about ranking and content relevancy. makes it easy for you to utilize a number of publishers to boost your credibility, sales, and SEO. These three elements work together to give you a powerhouse of tools for success. When you set up an affiliate campaign with video on Modulates, our list of 100,000 publishers are ready to help you spread your content.

Publishers Growing Your SEO and Sales for You

Imagine each publisher is like a seed. The publishers who choose to promote your product or service are each “planting” a seed in the forest of the internet, so a tree may grow from each seed. These seeds are your possibilities for sales. When you use an affiliate marketer for your product, you are letting them put your content, such as a video from, on their affiliate marketing blog. Having your videos on a number of different websites increases your SEO, making you more visible to consumers. Each time a consumer searches for content related to your business, the search engines will see the online affiliate marketers’ content as well, marketing it as relevant to the search. When the search engines think your content is relevant, they move it higher into the search results, meaning you have improved visibility.

Your credibility is also improved thanks to having videos on multiple publishers’ websites, as consumers see the repeated mentions of your product or service and create a positive association with it, because of the effect of word-of-mouth-marketing and keywords you can place inside your Modulates video for SEO tags. The statistics don’t lie. According to Nielsen, 43% of consumers surveyed say they are more likely to buy a new product after hearing about it on social media. Imagine if each publisher had their own set of consumers seeing your product on their social media accounts and websites, and giving it a “try.”

Compared to running expensive marketing campaigns, utilizing our publisher list is one of the easiest and cost-effective affiliate marketing strategies. The publishers you work with know that their success depends on your success, meaning they’ll work hard to establish your presence in any way possible. Instead of you focusing consistently on creating a blog and running advertising campaigns, you can rely on your publishers to spread the benefits of your product or service throughout the Internet. Your result? Credibility, SEO, sales and an enhanced web presence.

The Power of the Publisher for Your Brand

If you’re an advertiser, the Internet offers numerous opportunities for promoting your product and brand, such as online advertisements, press releases, blogs, and other venues. However, one of the most popular and valuable ways to promote a product or service is to use a new form of word-of-mouth-marketing, or affiliates. Using the powerful tools of, you can have affiliates use video to promote your product or service for you to consumers. Individuals who want to make money affiliate marketing are happy to sell your product and receive a commission. As a new innovation in the affiliate marketing business, provides its advertisers a list of 100,000 publishers who are happy to help sell your product in exchange for a commission. These individuals are called affiliate marketers and can be the lifeblood of your promotional campaign.

Publishers: Your Confident Army Ready to Win the Sales Battle for You

Affiliate marketers are a ready-made “sales team” who want to help your product or service succeed. If you succeed, they succeed as a wealthy affiliate. This sales army can use to record a video testimonial for your product or service, sharing its features and testifying to its benefits. Our website lets you leverage word-of-mouth-marketing to your advantage with affiliate marketing. A publisher will take your video and sell your product for you, providing you with a “real person” testimonial or use your companies product/service video. You supply the video in your dashboard and your affiliate will do the rest, touting the product or service to a wide audience via social networks, video networks, and more on their website. You control the content, they provide the work, and you analyze their efforts. The whole process can work seamlessly and get both of you excellent results. provides you the tools you need for your campaigns, including video capture right in your internet browser, social media integration and more.

The Power of Video Testimonials by Publishers in Today’s Business World

Compared to hiring a multi-person sales force to go forth and share your product with the world, affiliate marketing is a cost-effective method to getting sales. Each publisher you use has their own audience and circle of friends and sales tactics. The result is a fleet of individuals ready to to present your product in the most effective way possible, so they can earn an affiliate commission. Imagine sitting and interviewing seven job applicants to be your salespersons, and dealing with each individual’s work schedule, personal time and other employment issues. Now imagine several capable individuals each working with their own set of skills to sell your product. They already have an incentive waiting and they’ll work hard to earn it, plus you only have to pay them if they make a sale. gives you the power for large-scale campaigns by letting you establish video affiliate campaigns, moderate them easily and reward publishers for their efforts.

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