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Phone-addicted teens aren’t as happy as those who play sports and hang out IRL, new study suggests

 To no parent’s surprise, too much smartphone use makes teens unhappy. So says a new study from San Diego State University, which pulled data from over one million 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-graders in the U.S. showing teens who spent more time on social media, gaming, texting and video-chatting on their phones were not as happy as those who played sports, went outside and interacted with… Read More


Become a data science prodigy with these online courses that are 95% off

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Love doesn’t make the world go ’round — data does.

In most — if not all — industries, people who have a profound understanding of big data and analytics are indispensable. Businesses generate data faster than they can make sense of it, and as a result, they’re in desperate need of teams to help them scrutinize every bit of it to uncover patterns and trends. No machine can interpret large data sets, not even Sophia the Robot. Read more…

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Get wireless listening freedom for a fraction of the price of AirPods

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Wireless earbuds — you either love them, or you don’t. People tout them for their improved convenience, but most of them have a history of sacrificing on sound quality. If you’re going to stick two tiny pods in your ears and they end up playing mediocre sound, then what’s the point? 

Rarely does a pair of earbuds deliver so many necessary features without compromising on any of them. The TREBLAB X2 Bluetooth Earbuds seem to tick all the right boxes. Ultra-HD sound? Check. Long-lasting battery? Check. Noise-canceling feature? Check. Lossless capability? Check. Water and sweat proof? Check and check. Read more…

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The CEO behind Tide Pods wants your help to stop this madness

Tide Pods are absolutely not for eating, according to the CEO of the company that manufactures the delicious-looking little blobs.

David Taylor, the CEO of Procter & Gamble, penned a statement Monday to all the people in this wide and strange world who have now embarked on one of the weirdest ways natural selection has taken it’s course: the Tide Pod challenge. 

P&G’s CEO broke his silence on the bizarre trend that’s swept over us like a toxic wave, blaming the internet in general, and attempting to explain that random safety video featuring Rob Gronkowski that was released last week. 

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So, Pornhub's launching its own line of interactive sex toys. Naturally.

First came the interactive videos. Then came the line of sex toys. Now, Pornhub will bring the two together with a new line of toys that sync with its interactive adult content videos.

Launched Tuesday, the site will offer three options — one for women, two for men — that use haptic feedback to, uh, reflect onscreen happenings. 

Per a Pornhub spokesperson, each toy was produced by adult retailer Ann Summers “using [sex toy retailer] Kiiroo technology.” They connect via a Feel Connect app to the site’s interactive videos, though toys can be synced to each other as well, should couples decide to purchase a pair. Read more…

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KFC wings now come in a DIY drone box because 2018

The time has come for boring boxes that hold scrumptious chicken wings to transform into drones.

In the latest marketing ploy to appear hip and tech savvy, India’s Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) announced it’s introducing Limited Edition DIY drone boxes to hold their wings.

No big deal. Just a normal 2018 thing.

The “Kentucky Flying Object,” or KFO as they’re calling it (ha ha,) can be created from select boxes of the chain’s newly announced Smoky Grilled Wings.

“There are two kinds of wings in the world. The ones you fly with, and the ones you relish. Want both?” KFC asked in its tempting promo video. Read more…

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Only 48 hours left to apply for Startup Battlefield Dubai

 The clock is running out on your chance to compete in the very first TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Dubai hosted by Area 2071 in January 2019. The application window closes on January 25th, 2018 at 9 p.m. PST. That means you have just 48 hours left to get the job done.  Apply today. Startup Battlefield Dubai takes a different approach than our previous competitions. Let’s review,… Read More


This trash can crushes your garbage to save space

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Titan is a compactor for your trash bin that compresses your garbage so you can fit more waste inside a trash bag. Read more…

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Steph Curry is great at basketball, but horrible at 'Mario Kart'

Just because Stephen Curry is good at playing basketball doesn’t mean he’s a natural when it comes to other competitive activities.

The Golden State Warriors point guard joined a Coral Sword Twitch stream over the weekend to play some Mario Kart 8, and it turns out that his ability to sink threes gives him no advantage whatsoever when it comes to kart racing games. Throughout the stream, Curry never took first place in any race and only placed higher than fifth a couple of times.

Here’s a clip of Curry taking second place (as Yoshi in the bottom left) and popping off along with San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence, who took first. Read more…

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