What is Your Landing Page Missing? Audit Your Landing Page Now and Improve Your Conversions

Posted on Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Do you ever look at your landing page and wonder how you can boost your conversions? You may have a video with a website like where you share all the benefits of your affiliates, but maybe you’re not happy with the conversation rate. One of the most important rules to remember when you try to make money with affiliate marketing is you can never be static. Business is dynamic, and even in your affiliate marketing, you need to change and adapt to the landscape. It’s time to audit your page and see how you can improve.

Aesthetics of Your Landing Page

What colors are featured on your landing page? According to an infographic by KISS metrics, visual elements affect 92% of an individual’s purchase decision. Additionally, assessing a product takes 90 seconds, 90% of which are based on the colors alone. This means that color isn’t just an interesting element of your landing page, but might also be considered in your video affiliate marketing as well.

The shift of green to red or vice versa has resulted in some interesting increases for many businesses and affiliate marketers. A noted marketing experiment is by Heinz, where the company’s ketchup bottles were turned green, and the company sold 10 million in 7 months. Affiliate marketers have also reported success turning green buttons to red, and enjoying up to an increase of 34% in conversion.  Take a look at your colors on your website, and run test to see if you can improve your conversion rate.  Using contrasting colors sets different elements apart from each other and looks pleasing to the eye.

Do you have a lot of clutter on your landing page? Your video and a few pieces of key text should be the only focus for your visitors’ attention. Reduce distractions and try a clean, less-cluttered landing page. Get rid of useless menus, extra information and more.

The Nitty Gritty: Text

When it comes to conversion, text is king. You only have a small window to sell to someone, and a video may bring them 90% of the way toward purchasing from your affiliate, but your text can deliver that last 10%.  You may have an amazing articulate video but your headline is what grabs them and makes them hit “play.”

It’s time to look at your headlines. Only 2 out of 10 people read below the headline, and you want that number to be higher, right?  Do you have any misspellings in your headlines? How do they sound when you read them aloud? Do you name a problem, issue or scenario, then provide a solution? Do your headlines sound too good to be true?  Are your headlines clear and simple? Your potential customers need to know why they should read on. Make them. You can test different versions of your headlines by doing an AB test and keep track of how they perform.

What’s your value proposition? Is it clear? Is there another way you can write your headline, sub headings and content to sell your affiliate better? Your words should be working for you, not against you, so refine your landing page to be concise, clear, and actionable so your visitors click on your video.

What about the appearance of your text? How is the formatting? How does it flow? You may choose to use bullet points, or bold font, but don’t go overboard. Keep consistent and make it interesting.

Get Social

When you use a video made with, you have tools for social sharing through Facebook and Twitter. Do you have a plugin or “share this” bar on your landing page? You should have some form of social media integration, so your visitors can share your page with potential customers. Integrating social media is an affordable and easy way to get your message to an audience.  If you don’t have social media on your landing page, try testing its power today. Add Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ buttons to your page and see what happens.

Landing pages are a major component of affiliate marketing, and it’s up to you to make the best impression you can to your visitors. Each error or piece of clutter is a detriment to your conversion; therefore, you should spend just a few minutes this week auditing your landing page to see what you’re missing, what you can improve, and what you can fix.

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