Get Rich Instantly! How to Stop Affiliate Marketing Scams

Posted on Friday, December 20th, 2013

Video affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing are often considered “get rich quick schemes” by the uninformed. However, the truth is both are opportunities for success, it’s just up to you to be sure you’re making the right choice when you choose affiliate marketing programs. When you’re just beginning to learn about affiliate marketing, it can be tempting to choose the program or offer that promises the big payoff, but use your head and consider your options.

Signs of an Affiliate Marketing Scam

You’ve probably seen affiliate marketing scams before, and may not even know it. Maybe you saw an advertisement in a blog sidebar advertising “foolproof systems” “easy money makers” and other such promises. Most affiliate marketing scams have tells much like a poker player, and you can keep an eye out for the following signs to identify such programs:

● Pictures illustrating the phenomenal lifestyle you’ll live after participating in the affiliate marketing program. Such images can include pictures of large bank account statements, luxury cars, vacation homes, etc
● Statements about working very little for a huge payoff
● Fees are required to join; many affiliate marketing scams are “free” but you need to pay for “processing” or to establish your website
● Missing contact information
● No money-back guarantee
● If you are unable to find any proof of individuals using and benefiting from the program; many affiliate marketing blogs are full of information about good programs and if you can’t find one scrap of mention of it, it might be a scam

Affiliate marketing and video affiliate marketing through programs like are not “money for nothing.” Do anticipate needing to perform hard work. There’s not a “just a push of a button” magic formula that will make you money, and if you’re promised such a program, run the other way. Video affiliate marketing, even when you use, requires you make a good and informative video for your viewers. It also means you take the time to promote your video and focus on providing accurate information. Modulates can give you the tools to do so.

Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams

By watching for the aforementioned signs, you can avoid scams. Before jumping into a new program, you can search online for links and information regarding the program. However, when searching the “program name + scam” via Google, you may come across fake press releases and articles with search-engine optimized keywords that target these searches and include fake testimonials. Look through noted affiliate marketing blogs for information on the newest programs to see if they’re authentic.

Finding Good Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you want to find a quality program, you should do your research. Read affiliate marketing blogs and forums, and ask friends for program recommendations. If you want to provide a testimonial for a product or service you regularly use, such as a medical product or an online shoe store, check to see if the company has an affiliate program. They may be thrilled to have an enthusiastic testimonial! You can also search for a company’s name plus “affiliate” or “affiliate” program in Google to find options as well.

The best rule of thumb for identifying affiliate marketing scams is to remember “It’s too good to be true, it probably is!”

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