Building Social Influence Via Video Testimonials

Posted on Friday, January 10th, 2014

Think about the last time you went to the movies or downloaded a new song. How did you make your decision on the media? You might have read a review in a trusted magazine, or had a friend tell you what titles were worth investing your time and money. When you went by a reviewer or friend’s suggestion, you recognized that their opinions were valid and worth a listen. Trusting your friend meant you were engaged in word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing has been one of the most common forms of marketing and the invention of the `Internet and social networks has made it even more relevant when it comes to your brand. Even major film companies recognize the power of promoting new films, and use tweets, Facebook posts and video testimonials of theatergoers in their marketing to demonstrate the “voice of the everyday person.” Video testimonials are a new and increasingly popular method of word-of-mouth marketing you can use in your affiliate marketing strategies.

Video Testimonials Are Influential as Social Proof

Videos enhance the consumer purchase decisions, sometimes up to 50.3% and having video testimonials for affiliate program marketing can help you increase your sales. gives you the ability to upload videos easily, allowing you to record using your camera on their website, then manage them for use across social networks, your landing page and more. Videos can be an integral component of word of mouth for brands in affiliate marketing online because videos are considered “social proof” of a company’s legitimacy, strength and value.

When a potential customer or client watches a video testimonial recorded with, the video creates a connection with the viewer and helps them make an informed decision regarding a product or service. The viewer sees a real person that had a problem or need that the company met and understands the value of the company. You may see video testimonials daily and not even realize the power of the videos. Dove and other beauty brands often have “real woman on the street” tests where they let the consumer speak about why they prefer a particular brand. While many who want to make money affiliate marketing may think the power of print testimonials from real people can boost conversion, print testimonials can still seem fake. Video is the new lifeblood of the affiliate industry because it lets people see and hear someone to which they are able to relate. Local car dealers have been using video testimonials for years, letting real people speak about their experiences with a dealership.

A Win-Win Result

When a brand in an affiliate network has a video testimonial affirming their strengths and value, the results are win-win. Both parties receive a benefit from the video testimonial, and even the consumer receives a benefit: they discover a new product or service, and have the information presented to them by a “trustworthy” source. Video testimonials are also applicable to nearly any product or brand, from cleaning products to real estate to nanny services, real people can record a testimonial on, and speak about why they recommend said company.

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