Building Brand Awareness with Video Affiliate Campaigns

Posted on Saturday, February 1st, 2014

As an affiliate marketer, you want to try every avenue you can to increase brand awareness for your affiliate products, and in turn, increase your earnings. Videos are a growing trend in the field, and is a top Video affiliate platform website with publishers because it allows any affiliate to generate a video within minutes. Using the website, you can capture a video testimonial or upload a previously-made one to optimize for successful affiliate marketing.

Video Is A Way of Communicating Information that Sticks

Brand awareness is about more than just making consumers aware of your existence. Instead it is about communicating information that sticks with consumers, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Research has shown that people remember video images better than words. Psychologists call this the “picture superiority effect”. A large body of research concluded that people learn and recall information more easily when it is presented in images instead of words. Newspapers and magazines are well aware of this, carefully selecting cover photographs that will sell more copies. Videos are even more effective than still images because they create a sense of expectation, making people want to learn more about a product or service.

In today’s world, people are tuning out messages that say “buy my product!” Instead, companies are focusing on building brand awareness through storytelling. What better way to tell a story than through a video? Videos created by affiliates or consumers allow viewers to create a positive association of the brand with the affiliate and more importantly, they trust the brand because the affiliate appears trustworthy. 49% of consumers surveyed said they would consider using a product because of a mention of the brand in an online video. Now, imagine if that were your affiliate product?

Why Make Affiliate Campaigns with Videos on Modulates

Videos allow affiliates to become more engaged with their targeted consumers. Affiliate marketers can create sophisticated campaigns across social media by sharing the video everywhere, from YouTube to Vimeo using’s integrated tools. Soon you will be reaching consumers that ignore simple static links and banners but will stop what they are doing to watch videos. Your videos.

With Modulates, you can create informative videos that help you appear credible and authoritative. With the right video and content, you can have your video shared across the Internet, with custom branding and links embedded right within the video.

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