Affiliate Marketing, Facebook and Twitter: Share and Tweet Your Way To New Connections, Conversions and More

Posted on Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

If you spend any time online, you know it’s easy to see social media is an essential tool in both our personal and work lives. With over 1 billion users on Facebook, and over 100 million tweets sent each day on Twitter, the age of social networking is here. If you haven’t integrated social media into your affiliate marketing or video affiliate marketing, it’s time to start.  If you’re looking for internet affiliate marketing with video, you might choose, because they integrate social sharing in their system.

One of the best affiliate marketing strategies is to leverage social media. Why? First, it’s affordable. It can be a free or inexpensive method of getting your message across. When your content is shared across a social network, you have the opportunity for it to be passed on by other individuals. Social media is one of the best ways to get your message to a wide audience, because each post or tweet is a potential new impression. Plus using Facebook and Twitter in your affiliate marketing helps boost your visibility and SEO.

Twitter and Affiliate Marketing

Twitter is a vast network of opportunities for affiliate marketing. Twitter has several functions you can tap for success in your marketing efforts. When you send a message or tweet, you can use hashtag, a word or phrase with a # included. Users also interested in this topic will follow the hashtag. Clicking on the hashtag will bring up every reference to that keyword. For example, the hashtag #petcare might be followed by pet fans, animal experts, pet product manufacturers, and animal breeders. If you’re an affiliate with a pet-related product, you could get exposure and increased visibility using this hashtag. You might tweet your latest video sharing the benefits of a dog shampoo or squeaky toy. You’ll get noticed by other users following the hashtag, and you’ll also experience another benefit of Twitter: connections. You can build your own community of other affiliate marketers on Twitter, or join an existing community. You will be able to share affiliate marketing strategies, learn about new programs, and participate in Twitter chats about the business. A Twitter Chat is a chat session that is arranged at a certain tag and identified with a certain hashtag. One such chat is all about social media at #SocialChat and is available on Mondays at 9 P.M. EST.

You only have 140 characters in which to market your product, so you must focus on engagement and not just pitching your affiliate in every tweet. You don’t want to look like a billboard, you want to look like a genuine involved person, with the same image you strive for in your video affiliate marketing.

Facebook and Affiliate Marketing

Like Twitter, Facebook offers a wealth of resources for affiliate marketing. However, before you start, be sure you’re not spamming friends and family with your affiliate links. That’s a violation of Facebook TOS and is certainly not good form. By now you should be familiar with the FTC guidelines and know that you need to offer a disclosure if you receive a commission. You can connect with or “friend” other marketers to share tips and advice. You can create a Facebook group for your affiliate products, and interact with users of the group with polls, contests and more. also lets you share your video easily on Facebook with the click of a button.

One of the best opportunities you have with Facebook is targeted marketing. You can create an advertisement to point toward your affiliate landing page. You only pay the clicks the ad actually receives, so this is an affordable way to use Facebook for affiliate marketing. You can target specific niches of people and include a link to your affiliate landing page. To use the pet care example again, you can create an advertisement for an all-natural dog food company and it will show people who have “liked” pages about dogs, have dogs as an interest, etc. No more wasted marketing to individuals outside your target audience.

Social media still remains much like the Wild West, a land where there’s a lot of opportunity waiting to be tapped, and a landscape that keeps changing rapidly. In this land one thing is for certain:  social media is not merely a trend, it is here to stay. is on the cutting edge of social media and incorporates social media platforms, helping you stay profitable and efficient in your affiliate video marketing.

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