A synergy of video engagement and the affiliate
space's influence; meet Modulates:
a video affiliate platform.

We enable affiliates to connect
with advertisers via video.

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Joining Is Easy & Free

Becoming a Modulates Affiliate is free. It's simple to join and you'll
start earning commissions immediately.

How It Works

It's easy: we provide you the video to embed on your website. The video player comes in multiple sizes and can be placed as an ad or native content. Video has the power to go viral. Even activity from your social media counts. Each time you send a customer to an advertiser's online store for a purchase, whether its from your website, email, Facebook or Pinterest, you earn a sales commission

High Earning Potential

Every referral counts. There is no limit as to how much you can sell and earn. We'll give you all the marketing tools you need to be successful and will take care of the tracking, order processing, product fulfillment, billing, and compensation.


Video Tech Designed for Advertising

Experience higher conversion rates with video
overflash or banners

Videos Play on Any Device and on Any Site

All videos are compatible across devices and
embed easily with a HTML code

Click To Action/Buy

Browsers can purchase with-one-click
from the video

Tier 1 CDN & Cloud Network

Videos play at optimal speed regardless of
viewer's geo location

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