Advisory Board

  • Alex Sandel


    Alex Sandel

    Mr. Sandel was the Co-Founder of Packard Bell Computers, Lionsgate Films, and Future Media Production Inc.
  • Christopher Pair


    Christopher Pair

    Mr. Pair has been a leader in the direct selling industry for over 25 years. He is the Chairman of Lyfestart, Former CEO of Herbalife and former Vice-Chairman of the Direct Selling Association.
  • Geno Prussakov


    Geno Prussakov

    Mr.Prussakov is the Founder and Chair of Affiliate Management Days – the world's first and only conference on affiliate marketing management. He is also CEO & Founder of AM Navigator – an award-winning OPM agency. Throughout his own affiliate management career, he has contributed to the online marketing success of Forbes, Nokia, Hallmark, Warner Music, Skype, Medifast, Forex Club, and hundreds of small businesses. Prussakov also authored 4 books, which have trained thousands of marketing professionals. In 2011 LinkShare named him one of Performance Marketing's Most Vocal Advocates, while in 2014 Impact Radius recognized him as one of the world's top performance marketing influencer.
  • Douglas Rogers


    Douglas Rogers

    Mr. Rogers is the Managing Director Investment Banking at The Benchmark Company. Mr. Rogers is a senior financial executive and strategic Chief Financial Officer with vast experience in both public and private sectors. He has developed deeply insightful command of all facets of corporate finance & securities, as it relates to investment, operations and compliance. He received his BA in History from Cornell.
  • Willa Qian


    Willa Qian

    Willa Qian is a partner at Qian & Co. ("Q.Co"), a law firm specializing in corporate finance and M&A. Ms. Qian is internationally recognized for making history in 2002 as the first non-Chinese citizen to work for a Chinese SOE. Q.Co is currently the liaison and general counsel for China's largest clean tech PE firm, Beijing Energy Investment Holdings. Ms. Qian and her team of experts are known for their work in corporate structure, corporate finance, crisis management, litigation strategy, and speechwriting. Ms. Qian received her B.A. in Business, Political Science and Anthropology from the University of Notre Dame. She is admitted to practice law in California and is fluent in Mandarin.
  • Curt Edmondson


    Curt Edmondson

    Mr. Edmundson is a patent attorney at Edmolaw. He is also adjunct professor at Portland Community College teaching intellectual law for paralegals, and also Adjunct Faculty at Oregon Institute of Technology. He received his Masters in electrical engineering from UCSB and JD from the University of Pacific – McGeorge School of Law.
  • Shay Chinn


    Shay Chinn

    Mr. Chinn has served as Technology Founder and Technology Architect for numerous companies including eToys, DotTV/Verisign, and Having been responsible for large teams of Engineers and multi-million dollar technology budgets, he brings experience and vision to technology projects. Mr. Chinn is a graduate of the California Institute of Technology.
  • Andy Mui


    Andy Mui

    Mr. Mui has 14 years of experience in the IT Services and IaaS industries with expertise in the fields of network engineering, software development and solutions architecture. He spent a significant portion of his career advising startups and continues to do so in his role as a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. Andy escaped the brutal winters of the east coast for the warmth of southern CA, so when not plugged into a computer, he finds any reason to be under the sun.
  • Meir Strahlberg


    Meir Strahlberg

    Mr. Strahlberg is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Avalanche, LLC, owners of and He manages the top four largest online dating sites.
  • Calvin Lee


    Calvin Lee

    Mr. Lee is the principle designer and brand strategist of Mayhem Studios. His focus is on developing identity and brand recognition for both small and large Brands. Mr. Lee work has been featured in over 15 design books on branding and design.

    Mr. Lee also a Twitter addict, living and breathing Social Media. He's been profiled in Forbes, Wired, Huffington Post, Mashable, and featured as one of the case studies on Social Media influence in the book, "Return on Influence." Mr. Lee often works as a Brand Advocate for Sony, Verizon, Audi, Microsoft and Samsung.
  • Rajeev Nair


    Rajeev Nair

    Mr. Nair is currently heading the Corporate Finance function at UST Global-a portfolio company of $7 bn PE Investors Comcraft Group. Mr Nair is a Graduate of Columbia business school.
  • Farhad Rostamian


    Farhad Rostamian

    Dr. Rostamian is a Seasoned Executive with experience in Fortune 500 companies as well as in start-up, high growth, and global environments in consumer products, consumer electronics, medical device, and new media. Over the course of his career he has launched dozens of new products and achieved $500M in annual revenues. Dr. Rostamian holds an MBA and Doctorate in Engineering and is an Adjunct professor at Pepperdine University.

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