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Nextdoor is expanding to France to connect neighbors

 After a slow and steady expansion across the U.S., social platform Nextdoor is now launching its fourth country outside of its home country. Nextdoor is a sort of tiny Facebook for neighborhoods. It’s a good way to connect with your neighbors, exchange tips, buy and sell things and more.
“The launch of Nextdoor in France represents a critical step in our continued European expansion. Read More


Here's a snake eating a possum, because Australia

Australian animals are terrifying enough, but it doesn’t get more unsettling than watching one of them eat another.

A carpet python named Monty was filmed devouring a possum in the backyard of Gold Coast resident Greg Hosking’s home on Monday afternoon.

“It was pretty exciting to watch. It’s mesmerising in an alarming kind of way,” Hosking told ABC News

It took about 45 minutes for Monty to devour the possum, but we think this 1-minute video is enough for most people. Read more…

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Logan Paul is getting dragged for his insensitive comment on Cardi B's Instagram

Logan Paul is getting roasted. Again. 

This time it’s for a controversial comment he left on Cardi B’s Instagram. 

The rapper posted this photo of her at the Grammys on Wednesday with the caption “They trinna crucify me like they did Christ .”

They trinna crucify me like they did Christ .

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on Jan 31, 2018 at 1:15pm PST

And then Paul — only a month after getting heavily criticized for his deeply insensitive vlog of Japan’s “suicide forest” — commented this:

Image: instagram Read more…

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Uber now lets you rent bikes in this hilly city

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It’s like Uber, but for bicycles. 

On Wednesday, Uber announced a San Francisco pilot project that lets people rent electric pedal-assist bikes. 

Instead of calling a black car or shared carpool, select Uber users will have the option starting next week to reserve a bike from Jump Bikes. The electric bike has a small electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. It senses when you’re struggling on a hill and gives you a boost, but you still have to power the bicycle with your legs — it’s not a motorcycle. Read more…

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Video faceswaps Michael Scott with Donald Trump and the future is terrifying

Porn is often credited with driving innovation in technology. It may be the one of reasons we have broadband internet, HD video, and increasingly speedy mobile Wi-Fi. But while sex on the internet may drive technology forward, sometimes ethics get left waiting for a signal.

AI-assisted faceswapping technology has been rippling the corners of the internet recently, and as you may have already guessed it, it’s started with porn. Known as deepfakes, people are using the tech to swap the faces of their favorite celebrities into porn scenes, and it can be scarily convincing.

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Facebook's traffic is down 50 million hours per day as Zuckerberg demands less 'viral videos'

One of Facebook’s core statistics doesn’t look so good. Time spent on the network — a number that drives the tech giant’s revenue — is down by an estimated 50 million hours per day.

Facebook now reaches 2.13 billion people per month and has 1.4 billion daily active users. If we were to revisit that 50 million hours number on a per user basis, it would be a drop of 0.035 hours aka 2.1 minutes per user per day. 

For CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg, that’s a necessary drop for his company’s future success. Zuckerberg announced the news Wednesday as part of Facebook’s quarterly earnings, reflecting on its 2017 revenue and spending and the future of the company.  Read more…

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This is how Margot Robbie looked like a master figure skater on 'I, Tonya'

Believe it or not, the high-flying figure skating landing those triple axles is not Margot Robbie. Instead, it’s a combination stunt doubles and complex visual effects to create movie magic. Find out how post production company, ‘Eight VFX‘ faked some of Robbie’s moves through face replacement and other techniques. Read more…

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An ode to the delightfully unhinged Lisa Frank Facebook page

More than a year ago, I made the impulsive decision to delete the Facebook app from my phone. 

Friends, it’s been great! I like my iPhone better when there’s like 80 percent less autoplay food video to stare at.

But I’m no internet purist. Deleting the app from my phone was a simple, low-lift solution to limiting my Facebook use while not seated at a computer. Facebook on desktop, though, is still my weakness, due in large part to my devotion to one of the weirdest branded pages on the internet: the official Lisa Frank Facebook page. Read more…

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This Xbox One X deal at Dell is too big to miss

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If you’ve noticed all your gamer friends are obsessed with a little game called Monster Hunter: World, then you might want to jump on the bandwagon with a new system of your own. And you’re just in luck, because Dell has a sweet deal on a new Xbox One X today. 

When you pick up an Xbox One X for $499.98, you’ll also receive a $100 Dell eGift card via email within 20 days of your purchase. That could go towards anything on Dell’s site, from a VR headset to laptops to a new gaming headset to complement that new Xbox.  Read more…

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Thank Nintendo's failed Wii U for the Switch's wild success

In the video game industry, it’s largely believed that you should never count Nintendo out. The legacy home console company usually has a method behind its madness.

Wednesday morning, Nintendo revealed that its newest console has outsold its last one in just 10 months. The Wii U came out in 2012, and managed to sell 13.56 million units during its five-year lifespan, compared to the 14.86 million that the Switch has now sold.

If you look at where the company was before the Switch’s launch, you might be tempted to think the half-portable, half-home console was merely a flash of inspiration that saved the company.  Read more…

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