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Bumble’s pop-up wants to remind people that dating isn't all doom and gloom

As some know too well, the modern dating experience isn’t always a positive one.

For Bumble, with its “women-first” philosophy across the now three different modes (Bumble, BFF and Bizz) of its app, positivity has been a key factor in setting itself apart from the rest. 

It’s evident in the company’s decisions on what is and what isn’t allowed on the platform, and those good vibes are something Bumble is trying to channel down to its marketing. 

The Bumble Fab Lab is a pop-up in Sydney, Australia, a “multi-sensory experience … designed to give you 30 minutes of sheer happiness and make you feel your most fabulous.”  Read more…

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Data-friendly YouTube Go comes out in beta in Southeast Asia

Google has released its data-friendly YouTube Go app in some of Southeast Asia, and Africa’s new markets.

Available now in beta for Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, the app is a way to get video to users in countries where data availability might not be as complete as it is in other countries.

One of the app’s key features tackling the data issue is an offline viewing mode, allowing users to first download video over Wi-Fi before hitting the road.

Users can also choose to stream video in lower resolutions or high quality, controlling their data spend.  Read more…

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Google Translate might have a gender problem

So much of our life is determined by algorithms. From what you see on your Facebook News Feed, to the books and knickknacks recommended to you by Amazon, to the disturbing videos YouTube shows to your children, our attention is systematically parsed and sold to the highest bidder.

These mysterious formulas that shape us, guide us, and nudge us toward someone else’s idea of an optimal outcome are opaque by design. Which, well, perhaps makes it all the more frustrating when they turn out to be sexist. 

Enter Google Translate, the automated service that makes so much of the web comprehensible to so many of us. Supporting 103 languages, the digital Babel Fish directly influences our understanding of languages and cultures different than our own. In providing such an important tool, Google has assumed the responsibility of accurately translating the content that passes through its servers.  Read more…

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Bette Midler demands apology from Geraldo Rivera for alleged sexual assault

The #MeToo movement gained a powerful voice today when Bette Midler posted about an accusation of assault she first made back in 1991. 

Those were different times, but now, in this moment of cultural reckoning, Midler’s assertion that sexual assault is “not funny” is finally being heard. 

In a series of tweets, Midler shared a clip of an interview with Barbara Walters in which she recounted how Geraldo Rivera groped her without her consent when they met for the first time:

Tomorrow is my birthday. I feel like this video was a gift from the universe to me. Geraldo may have apologized for his tweets supporting Matt Lauer, but he has yet to apologize for this. #MeToo

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) November 30, 2017 Read more…

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Lyft gained from Uber’s scandals, sees revenue triple

 Lyft appears to have benefited from Uber’s tough year.
The U.S. rival has seen its revenue growth more than triple, according to a report from The Information.  The media outlet viewed financial reports, which showed Lyft brought in $483 million in revenue in the first half of 2017, compared to about $150 million in the same timeframe last year.
The company also greatly improved its… Read More


The mystery of Trump's Twitter mentions and where he finds those awful retweets

Donald Trump loves to tweet, this much is known. But he also has a thing for occasionally retweeting random users and that’s when he gets into hot water.

On Wednesday, Trump faced wide, global condemnation for retweeting anti-Muslim propaganda from the deputy leader of one of Britain’s most extreme far-right groups, Britain First.  

It was just the latest example of Trump retweeting inflammatory content. He’s also been criticized for retweeting a Mussolini quote, a Neo-Nazi named “White Genocide, and the infamous figure behind the “Pizzagate” conspiracy.  Read more…

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Meet the next big thing in the world of artificial intelligence

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If you’ve ever trained a puppy before, you know just how valuable food rewards can be. After little Sparky realizes that the act of rolling over instantly earns him a mouthful of peanut butter, he starts performing the trick with increased enthusiasm and speed. (Good boy, Sparky!)

This type of behavioral psychology — getting something to act a certain way so that it maximizes its rewards — has inspired a new approach to artificial intelligence called reinforcement learning. Named one of the 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2017 by the MIT Technology Review, this revolutionary kind of machine learning allows computers to learn new things without human intervention through the mere act of experimenting.  Read more…

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Meredith Vieira once found a bag of sex toys in Matt Lauer's office and confronted him on air

Now that he’s been fired by NBC News amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment, Matt Lauer’s past work has come under intense scrutiny — and some of it will leave you feeling decidedly icky in light of the new accusations. 

From a hypocritical Bill O’Reilly interview to a tone-deaf sexual harassment sketch on Today, Lauer seems to have spent years throwing stones from a very fragile glass house. The latest video to resurface comes courtesy of The Meredith Vieira Show, in which Lauer’s former co-host (who was apparently also the subject of Lauer’s inappropriate remarks, judging by a video from TMZ in which Lauer encourages Vieira to “keep bending over” in front of him) quizzed him on why she once found a bag of sex toys in Lauer’s office closet Read more…

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Artificial intelligence could create a big change on Wall Street

We spoke with Ed Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber, a cybersecurity firm based in New York City, about how the markets could potentially change as a result of artificial intelligence. He’s got a surprising perspective when it comes to how they could potentially stabilize the prices of major equities.  Read more…

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