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StackCommerce buys Joyus to focus on video and expand into fashion, shopping and beauty

 StackCommerce, which sells articles sponsored by brands and published on websites, has acquired the online video marketing company Joyus in an all cash transaction to expand its advertising footprint in media targeting women and work more with online video. The media market for fashion, women’s health, and shopping is a new one for StackCommerce which has worked closely with websites… Read More


Mom mistakes poor pet crab for giant terrifying spider

Sebastian was right: the human world is definitely a mess.

A teeny pet crab named Crabby managed to escape his tank, and was out for a stroll through his owner’s home when the unthinkable occurred: he was mistaken by his caretaker’s mother for a large spider. 

The resulting video’s racked up more than 4,000 retweets on Twitter, and probably way more laughs. 

When your mom mistakes your crab for a giant

— Conner Payne (@conpayne77) September 27, 2017

Crabby was almost swept out into the cold before his owner, Twitter user Conner Payne, discovered the misunderstanding. Read more…

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This Kickstarter project is about to make mopping a hands free-job

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Out of all the household chores you can do, mopping may be the most worst — it’s boring, it hurts your back, and moving furniture to clean underneath? It’s a no from me.

Some engineers realized how time consuming and tedious of a job this can be and created an insanely cool solution via Kickstarter: meet Everybot, the ultimate robot mop cleaner.

We’ve seen numerous autonomous smart vacuum cleaners, but a smart mop that freely roams your home and gives your floors the wet scrub they need? Game changer. Read more…

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Star Trek swag for your 'Discovery' viewings

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Star Trek: Discovery finally came out last week and from what we hear, it’s pretty dope so far. Any honorary member of Starfleet is going to want to enhance their viewing experience, so here’s some sweet Star Trek swag that can help you do just that.

Star Trek: Discovery Insignia Badges

Proudly wear your Starfleet division mark with these sleek insignia badges. They use magnets to pin to your clothing (even that Starfleet uniform you might have lying around) and feature different insignias for Command, Medical, Operations, or Science branches. Don’t just be part of your Starfleet crew; stand out with your badge. Read more…

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Now is the time to stock up on pumpkin spice everything

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Fall is a frame of mind, and the relevance of the cult-like lineup of pumpkin spice things is no longer confined to the calendar. As the years since the pumpkin spice latte was revealed pass, the acceptable time period for pumpkin spice flavored items continues to stretch. Soon, we won’t be surprised to hear that these items are no longer limited edition only.

We know it’s hard to keep track of the huge variety of products so we made a comprehensive list of all things pumpkin spice that you can order. Stock your pantries now and keep these goodies around all year. Read more…

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This smart lunchbox will give you a crash course in meal prep 101

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There’s no doubt you’ve seen at least a few Instagram or Facebook posts that show off a collection of well-balanced, beautifully arranged meals for the week. Meal prepping is an art — as evidenced by the fact that it’s all over your feed.

Meal prepping has numerous benefits: it saves time and money, decreases food waste, and assists with portion control and a healthier diet. But no matter how great this all may sound, it’s intimidating to those who don’t know where to start. If you’re anything like me, you may feel like you need Kindergarten level directions on how to eat healthy (and actually enjoy it.) Read more…

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The horror of discovering porn for the first time lives on in this video game

You are home. Alone. 

Your fingers rest on the keyboard. Paralyzed. The clock ticks, counting down your minutes. They are limited. Do you dare? 

I mean, how could you not?

You Must be 18 or Older to Enter is a text-based horror game about discovering porn for the first time as a kid in the ’90s. Actually, let’s rephrase: You Must be 18 or Older to Enter is an anxiety simulator capturing the universal experience of watching childhood die in the electric glow of your computer screen.

But there’s much more to this interactive fiction than just recreating the moment you realized the world was a frightening, exhilarating place you will never understand.  Read more…

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This smartphone magnifier can make you feel like you're watching a mini TV

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Streaming movies and TV shows on your phone is probably the most convenient thing ever — until you realize you’re squinting to follow along.

Good news: you can now turn your smartphone videos into blown-up retro masterpieces on this smartphone magnifier

This rad mini TV takes whatever you’re watching and blows it up to two times its original size and displays it on an eight inch screen. But it isn’t your average monochrome, boring flatscreen —this smartphone magnifier is the cutest recreation of a vintage television, featuring the old-school box shape and faux wood exterior. (Don’t worry, your stuff will still play in color — that’s one retro thing we couldn’t budge with.) Read more…

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HOPii is an all-in-one personal brewery that fits on your countertop

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Hey, craft beer fans: unless you’re drinking fresh from the tank you don’t actually know what true craft beer is supposed to taste like. At least not according to Chris Shelton, Master Brewer at HOPii. He says that the bottling and distribution process introduces the three biggest beer-killers — oxygen, light, and uneven temperature — diminishing the quality of the beer you pick up in the store or order on draft at the pub. 

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Passenger Drone is a futuristic aircraft that has actually flown with passengers IRL

We’ve seen multiple flying car self-flying electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) concepts lately, as short air travel has been tabbed as a next-gen solution for urban transportation issues. But many of those crafts are still in the early design stages.

The latest company to debut its designs for a flying machine is Passenger Drone, which emerged from a three-year-long stealth mode to show off its two-seater prototype. The craft is slightly bigger than a small car and boasts 16 individual electric engines and rotors for zero-emissions air travel. 

The start-up has an edge on some of its bigger and better-known competitors, which include established companies like Airbus and Uber. Unlike many other VTOL designs, Passenger Drone has lived up to its name, showing off footage of test flights with human passengers.  Read more…

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