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Oreo is taking (and making) flavor suggestions, including avocado

Oreo, traditionally one of America’s most modest cookies, has decided to go big or die trying. 

Its latest hashtag campaign, ##MyOreoCreation, encouraged followers to come up with their own imaginative Oreo creations. The company promised to make very limited editions of people’s best ideas — which apparently included an actual Avocado Oreo.

Mmm mmm … OK.

The campaign, which has been going on since May, brought out the best and worst in people’s brains. On the list was Coffee, Glazed Donut, Bacon — all respectable enough inventions — plus Nut ‘N Honey (great), Raspberry Danish (good), as well as Unicorn and Millennial pink — which is just too #ViralMarketing for my taste. Read more…

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This endoscopic camera helps you peek inside the tiniest of spaces

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

No matter how handy you are, your home repairs and DIY projects can come to a standstill when there’s an issue where hands and eyes can’t reach. 

Since shrinking yourself down to microscopic size isn’t the best idea (see: Honey I Shrunk the Kids or that episode of Rick and Morty), your best bet may just be this WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera. It can easily venture into the micro world and eliminate the guesswork that might otherwise plague your projects.

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How to make a cool Spider-Man costume for under $40

Find out how to make your very own Spider-Man: Homecoming costume using regular clothes and a ton of black marker.

In each episode of ‘DIY Costume Squad,’ one of our expert hosts shows you how to make your own DIY costume based on popular movie/TV/video game characters. Watch as they transform everyday materials and store-bought items into fantastic costumes! 

Visit CineFix for more episodes and movie-related content. Read more…

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Atacama uses microfluidic technology to create moisture-control fabric that actually stays dry

 Imagine sportswear that not only stays dry through the most sweat-inducing workouts, but also turns perspiration into a design element. Named after the driest desert in the world, Atacama uses microfluidic technology to create textiles that can do just that. The recipient of a grant from the National Science Foundation, Atacama is also exploring how its technology can be applied in a diverse… Read More


Watch the crazy new videos of Elon Musk's first tunnel at SpaceX headquarters

Elon Musk tweeted on Thursday that his tunnel boring machine has completed the first segment of tunnel in Los Angeles. 

On Friday, he followed up with images and video of a tunnel — supposedly the same tunnel segment — located at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California. 

Musk first tweeted an image of the SpaceX headquarters. He then tweeted a video of the tunnel entrance with the caption “across the road and below the ground.” 


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 30, 2017 Read more…

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The deadly escalation of prank videos on YouTube

“It’s just a prank!” What started as a playful trend has turned into an embarrassment for the internet. It’s not “just” a prank anymore. 

Prank videos were once the darling of YouTube. But somewhere between the classic gags of surprising someone with an airhorn under their chair and the recent death of 22-year-old Pedro Ruiz, who was shot in the chest during a failed stunt video for YouTube, would-be entertainers have gotten desperate for attention. That desperation has turned what were once innocent gags into lowbrow exploitation for thirsty YouTubers itching to go viral. 

Online, every day is effectively April Fools’ Day. And when the game is to constantly shock and awe your audience, things can turn nasty real quick. Read more…

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Genius Best Buy employee explains the difference between having 'the juice' and 'the sauce'

You probably didn’t expect Best Buy to be the place where some of the deepest philosophical conversations of our time were occurring, but now we have video evidence.

Twitter user LukeG2017 uploaded this clip on Tuesday discussing a question that you didn’t know you needed the answer to with his coworker Gino_Russ.

Rappers brag all the time about how they got the sauce and often how about how they have the juice as well, but really what’s the difference?

What’s the difference between the juice and the sauce? @Gino_Russ

— LB (@LukeG2017) June 28, 2017 Read more…

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Fearless Australian dude throws himself into a hole to catch a massive mud crab

Read more…

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Ransomware has been around for almost 30 years, so why does it feel like it's getting worse?

Ransomware is not new. The malware, which encrypts data and demands payment in exchange for decryption keys, has been with us for almost 30 years.

So why does it feel like it’s getting worse? Well, that’s because it is getting worse. 

In seemingly no time at all, ransomware has gone from an obscure threat faced by a select few to a plague crippling hospitals, banks, public transportation systems, and even video games. Frustratingly, the explosive growth of ransomware shows no signs of abating — leaving victims wondering why them, and why now?  Read more…

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Intense clip shows a woman trapped in her car as a bear roams around her garage

A Colorado woman was briefly trapped inside her vehicle after a bear snuck into her garage, following her as she pulled her vehicle inside.

“Ahhh!” Denielle Backstrom can be heard yelling before beeping her car horn. “Freakin’ bear, get out of my garage.”

According to The Gazette, the bear made its way inside the garage when Backstrom opened it after returning home.

Despite laying on her car horn, and even some movement from her car, the bear was completely unfazed by the woman and her attempts to scare it. When bears aren’t afraid of humans, things get scary.  Read more…

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