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Party, down: Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland arrested and charged with wire fraud

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{“player”:{“description”:”This festival wasn’t so LIT. “,”image”:””,”mediaid”:”OBlPZWV0Xe”,”preload”:false,”title”:”The luxury Fyre Festival for rich kids turned into total mayhem”,”sources”:[{“file”:”″},{“file”:””},{“file”:”″},{“file”:”″},{“file”:”″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”embedUrl”:””,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:””,”date”:”2017-04-28T16:50:42.985Z”,”bp_id”:44198,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”music,mashable-video,music festival,real-time,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,us & world,real time video,fyre,fyre festival,chaos at fyre festival,mayhem,insanity at fyre,instagram models nightmare”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”music,mashable-video,music festival,real-time,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,us & world,real time video,fyre,fyre festival,chaos at fyre festival,mayhem,insanity at fyre,instagram models nightmare”,”videoSeriesName”:null}}

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Mob of emus surround family car and refuses to move

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Trump chastises reporters after scrum in Oval Office

President Trump blasted the media yet again Friday as photographers got a bit rowdy fighting for a good spot in the Oval Office.

They were jostling for space during a meeting with South Korean president Moon Jae-in.

“Fellas, easy,” Trump warned, stretching his hands out as the pack encircled him. “You guys are getting worse.”

CLIP: President Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller catches lamp in Oval Office during visit with South Korean President

— CSPAN (@cspan) June 30, 2017

Furniture was knocked around with all the pushing and shoving and at one point Trump’s bodyguard-turned-White House aide Keith Schiller had to catch a lamp from falling onto Trump. Read more…

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Here's how to use Facebook to find a Wi-Fi connection anywhere

Facebook is rolling out a new feature to help us save on data and locate open Wi-Fi networks, no matter where we are. 

It’s called Find Wi-Fi, and it shows network-needy users a tailored hotspot map of their immediate area, highlighting locations where they’ll be able to find a connection. The feature was tested for iOS in a few countries last year to positive reviews, so Facebook is releasing it to all users around the world on both iPhone and Android.  

It’s not all wide-open public Wi-Fi — the maps are made up of businesses that have shared with Facebook from their Page — but it’ll help you pick out which coffee shop would be best for a pitstop if you’re in an unfamiliar place.  Read more…

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This is how NASA spots potentially dangerous asteroids near Earth

Ever wonder how NASA is able to find and track possibly hazardous asteroids near our planet? Well, this video explainer has you covered. 

It was released on World Asteroid Day, which is devoted to raising public awareness of the dangers of asteroids and comets in our cosmic backyard. NASA has actually discovered tens of thousands of asteroids floating around our part of space.

Asteroid Day takes place every June 30, on the anniversary of the Tunguska event, which occurred in 1908. On that day, researchers think a 40-meter-wide space rock entered the atmosphere over Siberia flattening trees for about 800 square miles.  Read more…

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Damnit, Chance

Damnit, Chance.

Chance the Rapper’s long been known as a rap iconoclast, with a persona largely centered around humility. He’s a rapper with a bashful embrace of fame, but bars he can’t help being famous for. He raps about his relationship God, about the grit of Chicago’s South Side violence, and the bores of bling and materialism (his clique: Savemoney). He’s laid waste to so many archetypes that the modern day, flex-addicted rapper ostensibly needs. Chance the Rapper is, as far as they go, a Good Guy.

All of which makes this story about him and MTV brutally disappointing. 

This week, journalist Jordan Sargent’s published a piece for SPIN about MTV News and their overlords’ decision to pivot their decision strategy from well-reported, smart (if not controversial) writing to video content. Of course, that pivot also involved layoffs of some of its most celebrated writers and editors. It was a thoroughly reported, well-sourced deep dive into the motivations behind the move, and it produced a number of fascinating tidbits behind the struggles MTV News faced covering the subjects it was often otherwise promoting. Read more…

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7 portable grills to have a BBQ everywhere you go

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We can all agree that summertime means three things: ice cream for dinner, an unhealthy obsession with air conditioning, and the ubiquitous weekend barbecue. But keeping a grill in your backyard to facilitate those get-togethers isn’t always feasible.

If you have space constraints or are looking to grill on the go, this roundup features wood, propane, and charcoal options that can be stowed away until you need to use them. None of these are super powerful three-burner gas grills, but will get the job done without all of the bulk.   Read more…

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These are the Fourth of July sales you’ll want to know about

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

The Fourth of July is a time for pool floats, copious hot dogs, and shopping – yes, shopping. Thanks to a host of sales offering discounts on big ticket items, you could save some serious cash this weekend.

Let’s get down to business, people.

From kitchen appliances and tech, to that tablet you’ve been eyeing for weeks, this list has all the sales you’ll need to save big over the holiday weekend.


Image: hp

HP is giving up to 50 percent off products storewide and coupon codes for specific selections. From laptops and tablets, to curved desktops – and all with free shipping and returns. Take a look here before the sale ends on July 8. Read more…

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Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyles with The Roots in a new #Ham4Ham video, and you're going to love it

Lin-Manuel Miranda is taking his shot with a new #Ham4Ham video, which involves some well-known faces and lots of freestyling.

#Ham4Ham shows were a special part of the daily lottery system set up for people to score highly coveted tickets to Hamilton: An American Musical. Miranda and special guests used to do the performances pretty regularly, but there hasn’t been a video in awhile — until now.

This time, the Hamilton star paired up with The Roots — co-executive producers of the cast album of the Broadway musical — and Stro Elliot for a freestyling sesh that resulted in some *fresh* beats with lots of references to “My Shot,” and other things, like the “Hamilton Mixtape.” Oh, and Hamilton original cast member Jonathan Groff was there too, because why the hell not? No, he didn’t join in, Miranda just wanted him there.  Read more…

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Dog utterly loses control when it's time to go for a walk

Just hearing the word “walk” makes this doggo light up like a canine Christmas tree.

The dog may look like he might be possessed by a demonic canine as he’s freaking out, but we promise, he’s just a normal, happy dog. If it wasn’t so cute, we might actually be terrified.

Luckily, this pooch’s hellish barks get answered and off they go. Read more…

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