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Call the police, Disney's 'Avatar' animatronics are alive and too real

What in God’s name is this, Disney?

This video, taken in the new Avatar-themed section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida, reveals an insanely realistic animatronic Na’vi. There’s “uncanny valley” and then there’s, “Oh sh*t, there’s a real alien singing on this Disney ride and now I have to carry on with my day eating Mickey Ear ice cream and applying 30 SPF sunscreen like I didn’t just see this thing” and this robot falls firmly into the latter.

Did we miss something? Did I sleep on 50 years of progress in animatronics? How is the Chuck E. Cheese band still acceptable when this magic is possible? Boycott Chuck E. Cheese immediately. Read more…

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'Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2' already crosses $100 million at the box office

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 doesn’t open in the United States until May 5, but international box office returns portend good times ahead for the latest Marvel space adventure.

Across 37 international openings, Guardians 2 has picked up an estimated $101.2 million in ticket sales. It’s on pace for a #1 box office finish in 34 of those countries, only falling short in Portugal, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Guardians 2 is also off to a healthier start than its predecessor. The movie’s estimated opening box office is larger than that of Guardians 1 in every one of the 37 markets it landed in this weekend, save for Belgium — which hosted previews of the original movie. Read more…

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Samantha Bee demolished Trump during her 'Not WHCD' monologue

Samantha Bee certainly set the stage during her opening monologue at “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner” — which was basically a live episode of her hit Comedy Central series, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.

These are the kinds of one-liners you can look forward to: “You basically get paid to stand in a cage while a geriatric orangutan and his pet mob scream at you,” she said of the White House press corps. 

“It’s like a reverse zoo.”

Check out this clip and others from the event — which included Will Ferrell reviving his hilarious George W. Bush impression — at Full Frontal‘s landing page on YouTube. Read more…

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Yes, that's Macaulay Culkin crucified as Kurt Cobain

Nothing to see here, just Macaulay Culkin crucified as Kurt Cobain and Ronald McDonald bursting out of someone’s chest like an Alien

It’s exactly the kind of satire and dark humor we’ve come to expect from Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman.

In the video for the song “Total Entertainment Forever,” off his new album Pure Comedy, an old, uh, British sea captain I guess, pops some Viagra before putting on a cardboard Oculus Rift. Then things get really weird. 

Watch and prepare to have all your cherished ’90s memories ruined forever.  Read more…

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Get to know Finland's new feminist sports craze: hobby-horsing

Finland’s latest sports craze involves ballerina-like leaps, expertly executed jumps, a strong dose of athleticism — and a fake horse head.

Hobby-horsing, a sport made up mostly of Finnish teen girls, mimics traditional equestrian events, such as show jumping and dressage. But rather than ride an actual horse, competitors straddle a horse head on a long stick, replete with glued-on eyes and manes.

The sport has spawned a social media subculture among young Finns, the Associated Press reported on Sunday. 

YouTube and Instagram are filled with videos and photos of hobby-horsing competitions, training videos, and horse-head making tutorials. Online discussion boards help foster a sense of community and provide a place for swapping tips. Read more…

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Your next computer could be in a data center

 Most of the apps on your phone already rely on a server component to store and process your data. When you post a video on Facebook, it gets re-encoded into multiple formats on the server so that other users can stream your video in SD, HD, etc. But I think this trend is going to become even more important in the coming years, with all your devices acting as a simple screen into your stuff… Read More


Russian flags rained down in a confetti-style protest during Trump's rally

Trolling is mostly dumb, but sometimes it’s an art. 

President Donald Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday and, as he was speaking, someone tossed a bunch of tiny Russian flags, confetti-style, in front of the cameras streaming his speech to news networks. 

As far as protests go, it certainly earns points for creativity. 

The Trump campaign and administration officials have had a lot of unexplained contact with Russian officials, much of which is currently under investigation. A former campaign manager allegedly laundered money for a Ukrainian political party with ties to the Russian government. The FBI got a surveillance court order in the summer of 2016 to watch a Trump adviser because of an investigation into links between the Kremlin and the current president’s campaign. And if you’re looking for more…oddities…they’re not hard to find. Read more…

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Conan O'Brien's theory on VR: Even if it's not about sex, it needs to be about sex, sex, sex

“I assume I’ll be having sex today.”

Those are the first words out of Conan O’Brien‘s mouth upon being presented with an opportunity to try the new virtual reality game Wilson’s Heart on Oculus Rift

Of course, the game has nothing to do with sex, but O’Brien’s theory is that VR is headed in one direction: sex. Therefore, the entire video demonstration features O’Brien taking every opportunity to figure out how his VR experience can somehow turn into sex, from fiddling with the privates of a dead guy to casting a lewd eye on a virtual tentacle monster (“That I could have sex with”).  

We know how excited some of us get by seeing sex in VR, but it probably won’t really become a thing, even for O’Brien, until we get full-body haptic suits so you actually can feel all the totally wrong things you want to do in the virtual world. When that happens, all the VR jokes will cease, because people will be too busy finding out just how freaky they really are in the Matrix.  Read more…

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Leonardo DiCaprio used a standard, office file folder for his climate march sign, lol

Look, let me start by saying Leonardo DiCaprio has done a lot to combat climate change. 

He produced a climate change documentary titled Before the Flood that dropped in 2016. He has a foundation “dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants.” The foundation has given $61 million to causes that align with that mission statement. He talks about climate change all the time. And, also, he was among the ~200,000 people in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to protest a White House that very much does not share his (scientifically valid) concern for the damage people are doing to the climate. Read more…

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