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'Bro is glistening': Christmas carol gets Kiwi makeover in hilarious vid

Star of Hunt for the Wilderpeople and all-around Kiwi legend, Julian Dennison, stars alongside British singer Ronan Keating for a Christmas carol with a difference this year.

Air New Zealand’s latest funny video sees Dennison play the role of music producer, ordering Keating to change the words to “Winter Wonderland” — making them more relevant Down Under. 

Whether it’s your bro glistening (with sweat, because it’s hot), or avoiding prickles from your nan (if you know, you know), the Christmas carol’s lyrical redux is a vast improvement from the original TBH.

Turns out Dennison is just as funny and sweet as his Wilderpeople character in real life, if not more so. Read more…

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Seeing Furbies sliced in half is really disturbing, even if you hate them

You might think yourself hardened from all the terrible things that you’ve seen on the internet, but you’re about to feel that ~empathy~ again.

The Furby, an animatronic toy that somehow became a popular plaything for children in the late ’90s and early ’00s, has admittedly been a bit creepy from the beginning. There was always that lingering fear that your Furby could turn evil at any moment.

Anyway, the cheery dad and son duo behind YouTube channel What’s Inside? have recently released a video that takes a look at the inner workings of the Furby Connect plus the original…by slicing it in half with a water drill. Read more…

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'Vikings' creator previews Ragnar's journey of redemption in Season 4 return

This recap and interview contains spoilers for the midseason premiere of Vikings — Season 4, episode 11, titled “The Outsider.”

When we last saw Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), he had just returned to his home in Kattegat after a six year absence. Much to the disapproval of his people, he had abandoned his responsibilities as king in the wake of the Vikings’ crushing defeat in Paris at the hands of the Frankish forces led by his brother, Rollo (Clive Standen), and hadn’t been heard from in years.

Much had apparently changed in Ragnar’s time away — his young sons, Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen), Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith), Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) and Sigurd (David Lindstron), had all grown into headstrong young men, disillusioned by their absent father, while his eldest son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), was preparing to sail to the Mediterranean, eager to forge his own legacy away from his father’s shadow.  Read more…

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Dude sharpens $1 knife into a blade that can slice water bottles

While expensive knives will surely keep a sharp blade longer, YouTuber JunsKitchen demonstrates that a cheap dollar store knife can be honed so fine that it will cut almost anything.

Of course he sharpens the knife using a knife sharpening stone, which will definitely run you more than a dollar, even for a cheap one.

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Seagull knocked out by soccer ball comes back to life after some TLC

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching sports in the city of Melbourne in Australia, you’ll notice there are a helluva lot of seagulls. 

That means they can accidentally get struck — like this poor little bird who copped it sweet from a ball at a soccer match between Melbourne City and Sydney FC on Wednesday night. 

Sydney FC’s goalkeeper, Danny Vukovic, was kind enough to try and stop the game while the seagull lay motionless on the pitch. Once the game stopped, he carried the winged fella to the sideline, then gave it a little pat.

But there’s a happy end to this story: The seagull miraculously finds life again! Resting on a bench with some concussion, before eventually flying off to continue eating chips and squawking for another day. Read more…

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Hilarious grandparents worry about their granddaughter on FaceTime

Parents worrying about their kids is one thing, but grandparents anxious about their grandchildren takes it to a whole different level.

Check out this adorable 90-year-old couple named Helen and Al as they have a hilarious conversation with their 18-year-old granddaughter on FaceTime. 

Their granddaughter was walking to class alone when it was dark outside and Helen and Al were very vocal about how displeased they were. 

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Skillz wins two new patents, is now helping brands sponsor e-sports tournaments

 Game tech startup Skillz today launched a service that allows brands to easily sponsor and host mobile e-sports tournaments for any game titles that they like, as long as they are already part of the Skillz platform. As we’ve previously reported, Skillz enables developers to turn mobile games into tournament-playable titles, without writing a ton of new code. Its technology operates as… Read More


Google Earth Timelapse shows how man has altered the planet in 32 years

In 2013, Google launched Timelapse — a Google Earth project that shows us how the Earth has changed in the last thirty years or so. 

Now, Google has updated Timelapse with imagery spanning from 1984 to 2016 and petabytes (PB) of new data which includes new, sharper images.  Read more…

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Big change announced in Reddit CEO's apology over editing fiasco

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has not only issued a formal apology on the social media platform for editing comments made about him on the site by Donald Trump supporters, but he’s announced a big change to the site as well. 

In a long post on r/announcements, Huffman begins by saying, “tl;dr: I fucked up. I ruined Thanksgiving. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

Perhaps the biggest news, though, is buried in Huffman’s PS: There’s now filtering available on the popular r/all. Huffman shared a video (below) on how users can filter out subreddits from their personal r/all page.  Read more…

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