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Watch 4 couples share moving stories to support marriage equality

Australia is a country to that can lay claim to the title “last developed English-speaking country to still not permit same sex marriage.” For many people, it’s a title that brings shame, rather than pride. 

But one piece of silver lining to be found in the storm that is the “marriage equality debate,” is the release of a series of short documentary-like videos from the Campaign for Equality.

Featuring stirring interviews with members of the public, pairs of people are sharing their imaginings of what a future with marriage equality would look like — and mean — for them. Read more…

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Watch Obama dance like your dad to 'Thriller' at Halloween party

Father of two, Barack Obama, attempted to look cool while dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on Monday night in Washington D.C.

The dad, who works as president of the United States, smiled as he moved his arms awkwardly from side to side, while his wife danced (much more naturally) next to him.

They were at a Halloween party at the White House, where Obama will continue to embarrass his daughters Sasha and Malia for the next couple of months. 

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Coca-Cola Ginger: The new quest to spice up the humble cola

Soda companies are seemingly on a relentless quest to spice up the humble cola.

There’s been plenty of hits and misses in the thirst for a new hit. You’ll probably barely remember Pepsi Blue, or have some sort of ill-feeling toward the blunder that was New Coke.

Now, not many things get to debut in Australia, but that’s where Coca-Cola’s new flavour, Coca-Cola Ginger, has officially launched. 

The drink is a limited edition release, dropping ahead of the country’s summer. 

The company said in a statement that ginger is a “trending flavour” in the country, best exemplified in widely-available sodas such as Bundaberg Ginger Beer or Kirk’s Ginger Ale. Read more…

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Love is in the air as pilot proposes to his girlfriend on a plane

There are plenty of great wedding proposals out there, but surely this one by an Australian Qantas pilot is up there with one of the most unique.

Captain Ellis began making one of those regular inflight announcements while he was flying from Melbourne to Los Angeles, in a video released on the airline’s Facebook page

But little did one “very special passenger” called Ana know, she was in for another shock altogether — just watch.

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Convergence crosses the pond

 Imagine a world where you buy mobile phone, data, voice and television services from a single provider. A world where you don’t worry about running out of wireless minutes, exceeding text message limits or running up roaming charges. A world where you talk, text and stream video on an iPad, TV, laptop or mobile phone, seamlessly using the same user interface and applications across… Read More


7 strange things to know about 'Dr. Strange'

The new marvel blockbuster is sure to be a hit, but this comic-to-film adaptation almost didn’t happen!

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MacBook Pro and Surface Studio both look pretty amazing side by side

The 2016 battle of the tech giants is in full force after Microsoft and Apple unveiled their new products a day apart.

If you’re still struggling to choose a winner based on the announcements alone, have no fear.

You can now compare and contrast the MacBook Pro and Surface Studio through a visually stunning split-screen video montage, set to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’s “Pure Imagination.”

On the left, check out Apple’s new and improved MacBook Pro featuring the Touch Bar. On the right, Microsoft’s transformative Surface Studio and Surface Dial

Though very different products, the similarities in presentation will astound you.  Read more…

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