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This retro 'Stranger Things' 8-bit cinema will give you major nostalgia

Stranger Things is widely known for its ’80s vibes but watching it in 8-bit really lays on the nostalgia.

8-bit Cinema “gamifies” your favorite Hollywood Blockbusters into 80’s arcade and NES inspired action! 

Watch more 8-bit Cinema here.

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'Miranda Sings' YouTuber Colleen Ballinger announces divorce in raw video

LOS ANGELES — Colleen Ballinger, better known as YouTube persona Miranda Sings, is calling it quits with husband Josh Evans.

But unlike the fiercely private Brangelina or long-timers Naomi Watts and Liev Scheiber, the digital influencer shared the news Friday with fans in a raw, emotional video on her personal channel (PsychoSoprano) after a year of marriage.

In it, a teary-eyed Ballinger explains that there were a lot of “hard parts of the relationship” that she and Evans chose not to share with fans. 

“I want to start off by saying Joshua is a wonderful man and I am so in love with him, this has nothing to do with ‘he’s a bad person’ or ‘he did something horrible to me’ or anything like that,” she says. “He’s a good person and I love him … we’ve always had a very rocky relationship since the beginning. We’ve always butted heads. We’ve always fought, ever since we met really. It’s never been a perfect relationship.” Read more…

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Students suspended after 1 dawns blackface, mocks Black Lives Matter in Snapchat videos

Two students were suspended from Albright College this week after they posted a series of video Snapchats in which one of them — a white woman — is wearing blackface. 

In the videos, the woman in blackface calls herself “Carlisha,” mocks the Black Lives Matter movement, and adds padding to her pants before she walks into the hallway to mockingly twerk. 

“Black lives matter now, OK?” the woman on camera says. “Fuck white people.” 

She spends most of the videos laughing. You can watch a compilation, below.  Read more…

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Old school will be back in this ‘Terminator 2’ 8-bit short

Good luck running Skynet on this outdated software. This animated short depicts James Cameron’s Terminator 2 as an old-school action game.

Our CineFix series, 8-bit Cinema, transforms your favorite Hollywood blockbusters into ’80s arcade- and NES-inspired action. 

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7 deadly sins, now in 8-bit animation with this ‘Se7en’ remake

Seven deadly sins, seven ways to die… perhaps seven boss fights? At least that’s the case in this reimagining of David Fincher’s thriller Se7en as an old-school point-and-click video game.

Our CineFix series, 8-bit Cinema, remakes your favorite Hollywood blockbusters into ’80s arcade- and NES-inspired action.

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’Star Trek’ becomes an 8-bit space shooter in this animated short

The recent Star Trek films have been more action-packed than the original Star Trek franchise films—which would make them perfect for video games. Like this re-imagining of the films in 8-bit arcade-style animation, courtesy of our CineFix series, 8-Bit Cinema.

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