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Facebook open sources Zstandard compression algorithm and MyRocks storage engine

 Today, Facebook is releasing its Zstandard compression algorithm into the wild as open source. The lossless compression technology is aimed at replacing existing libraries like Zlib that are powered by the outdated Deflate compression algorithm. In addition to Zstandard, Facebook is also dropping its MyRocks storage engine as open source. MyRocks is currently being used by Facebook to… Read More


Facebook shows commitment to video with new 360 video stabilization demo

 With new 360 video cameras hitting the shelves alongside matching headsets in time for the holiday season, millions of new users will be looking to consume VR content. Facebook recognizes that one of the biggest impediments to the enjoyment of 360 video is excess motion. The company released a demo today of its new 360 video stabilization technology. The new technology combines traditional… Read More


College football player shares sweet lunch with middle schooler eating alone

When the Florida State football team visited Montford Middle School in Tallahassee, Florida, one player scored a cafeteria-style touchdown.

Wide receiver Travis Rudolph noticed a young student named Bo sitting alone, and so the football player asked if he and his pizza could join. 

Bo’s mom Leah Paske shared the story of the sweet lunch on Facebook.

“Now that I have a child starting middle school, I have feelings of anxiety for him, and they can be overwhelming if I let them. Sometimes I’m grateful for his autism,” Paske wrote on Facebook. Read more…

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Small Girls, big bets: Meet the young women that claim PR's future is much more than just press

At 124 years old, General Electric has multiple decades on the world’s most valuable tech companies. But when it comes to sharing its story and keeping the brand at top of mind, GE taps one of the youngest marketing agencies — New York-based Small Girls PR. 

The age difference between the conglomerate and Small Girls (name inspired by the just over 5-feet heights of its two founders) is no shocker to GE Chief Marketing Officer Linda Boff. It helps with GE’s desire for ideas that are contemporary and relevant to younger audiences.

“Creating that humanity, creating that emotional pull, creating that connection is incredibly important to us. There are agencies that get it,” Boff told Mashable. Read more…

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Preschooler thinks the idea of a pizza boyfriend is just the funniest

To any preschooler, the idea of having a boyfriend is probably pretty funny.

But to this one, the idea of pizza as a boyfriend is even funnier.

One day she’ll reach her 20s and realize how much more important pizza is than men – but in the meantime, you can order the glittery lunchbox that started it all from Target.

[HT: Storyful]

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Hurricane Madeline poised for 'dangerously close' encounter with Big Island of Hawaii

Hurricane Madeline is closing in on the Big Island of Hawaii and could become the first such storm to make landfall there in recorded history at around 8 p.m. HST on Wednesday. 

Regardless of whether the storm’s center of circulation crosses the southern portion of the island, the Big Island will still see damaging waves, high winds and heavy rainfall. Schools are closed island-wide on Wednesday and Thursday, with a hurricane warning in effect for all of Hawaii County. 

Fortunately for residents of the Big Island, Madeline — which was once a formidable Category 3 storm — has weakened considerably since Tuesday.  Read more…

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Justin Bieber's criminally fluffy puppy, Todd, has a new Instagram account

The Todd Bieber deprivation nightmare is finally over. 

Justin Bieber cruelly deleted his Instagram account just after welcoming the fluffiest creature mankind has ever known into his life: a “dog” named Todd. 

“How are you real?” asked Bieber in a now-deleted Instagram video, speaking for all us. And when Biebs deleted his account, he left us wondering if the cherubic pup was, in fact, just the sweetest dream we had ever known. But now Todd has his own own Instagram account, @ToddThe Stud

Todd only has one post so far — a modest introduction. “Hey, it’s me, Todd.” He’s already racked up more than 15,000 followers in just a matter of hours, because look at that face. Read more…

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This adorable, tiny baby has the maniacal laugh of an evil genius

Here’s the world’s next evil genius in training.

A YouTube user uploaded a montage of their baby’s quirky laugh. While she’s still an innocent, happy-go-lucky child, her giggle sounds suspiciously like she’s got big plans to take over the world.

We welcome our tiny, future overlord with open arms.

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7 amazing gaming kill streaks to make you question your skill

It doesn’t matter if your game is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Star Wars Battlefront, Destiny, or even The Division — it doesn’t even matter if you play shooters at all. We can all appreciate the next-level skills required to pull off something truly epic in all these games.

From single-handed team aces (that means killing every single person on the enemy team) in Rainbow Six Siege to Luke Skywalker decimating entire armies of players in Battlefront, we’ve got some of the most awe-inspiring plays and kill streaks from today’s hottest shooters. Take a look, and see if you can do better. Read more…

1. Luke Skywalker plays the long game in Star Wars Battlefront

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