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'La La Land' reviews find critics falling for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

LOS ANGELES — La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, just made its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, where most critics fell head-over-heels for the film. 

La La Land serves as writer-director Damien Chazelle’s follow-up to his critically acclaimed and Oscar-nominated drama Whiplash, and apparently serves as proof that he’s no one-hit wonder. It’s also a major piece of the 2017 Oscars puzzle — how could a throwback musical, set in the heart of the Hollywood dream factory, not be?

Mashable will have its own review of La La Land when it screens at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 12. The musical has major awards hopes and the trailer looks absolutely gorgeous, but it doesn’t suggest much conflict within the love story.  Read more…

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Amazon buyers mistake doll-sized desks for human-sized ones

Three desks and chairs for $10 is a great deal – but not as great if they’re only a few inches tall.

Such a set is for sale on Amazon, and the review section shows that many disgruntled buyers failed to read the product dimensions before checking out, and they accidentally wound up with teeny-tiny furniture.

Image: amazon

While it does look like a human-sized desk set, the Amazon listing does state the product’s size: 8.7 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches.

The confusion was recently pointed out by Twitter user Paul, who noticed the hilarious reviews section. Rage comment highlights include: Read more…

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Kanye West tweets that McDonald's is his favorite brand

Eccentric superstar and Twitter provocateur Kanye West seems to enjoy spontaneously endowing seemingly random brands with the attention of his massive following.

The latest object of his admiration is McDonald’s, which, the rapper tweeted on Wednesday, is his “favorite brand.”

The remark quickly racked up more than 67,000 retweets and 95,000 likes.

Several hours later, the fast food chain returned the love with a reference to the lyrics off of West’s latest album. 

The long interim period presumably involved a lot of internal deliberation and approvals on the part of the company’s social media marketing brain trust. Read more…

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Check out the new trailer for season 2 of izo's go90 show 'Chachi's World'

LOS ANGELES — Chachi’s World, izo’s flagship go90 series, will debut its second season on Sept. 12. 

The docu-series follows dancer, choreographer and fashionista Chachi Gonzales, the winner of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. 

The first three episodes of Season Two will roll out on the same day, followed by a weekly rollout of episodes for the remainder of the season.

Mashable got an exclusive look at the trailer (above).

The second installment of the series follows the 20-year-old as she balances the demands of her career and her relationship with her family and longtime boyfriend, digital “influencer” Josh Leyva.  Read more…

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Gen Z might be the hardest workers yet

Gen Z hasn’t really entered the workforce yet, but they might give it a boost when they do. 

Today’s teens — or the generation after millennials — seem to be more traditional in their workplace priorities and more focused on a job itself, rather than work-life balance,  according to a new survey from the jobs site Monster.

Gen Z’s three most important priorities in any job are health insurance, a competitive salary and a boss they respect, the survey found.

Millennials instead value health insurance, paid time off and work-life balance. 

The youngsters also appear more motivated by money. Fifty-eight percent of Gen Z survey respondents were willing to work nights and weekends for a better salary, compared to 35 percent of millennials.  Read more…

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Watch Gene Wilder nail the comedic pause over and over again

Among the hallmarks of Gene Wilder’s spectacular career was his mastery of the comedic pause.

As director Edgar Wright tweeted after Wilder’s death, the beloved Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory star was “funny doing something & funny doing nothing.”

To celebrate his skill, Rishi Kaneira compiled seven minutes of Wilder’s best pauses from Young Frankenstein to Blazing Saddles, which elicit just as many laughs as his punchlines — if not more.

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Twitter now lets select users make money off of videos

Twitter is offering some of its most influential users a cut of the money it makes off of their posts in a push to populate the platform with more in-house video.

Starting Tuesday, publishers and other high-profile accounts will be able to mark a box on each video tweet they send indicating that they’d like to tack on a pre-roll promotion, the social network announced. Twitter will then share with them a portion of the revenue it collects on those ads.

The deal will give users the lion’s share of the revenue — 70 percent — while Twitter takes 30 percent for itself, a person familiar with the arrangement said. Read more…

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Hasselblad's camera module adds 10x optical zoom to Moto Z phones

“It’s not the camera, but the person behind the camera that makes great pictures.” 

Every seasoned photographer will bestow these words of wisdom on the less financially equipped. But in the case of smartphone cameras, superior hardware really makes a world a difference if you want great photos. 

Just when I thought Motorola’s Moto Mod attachments for its Moto Z, Z Force and the new Z Play Droid couldn’t get anymore over the top, out comes the Hasselblad True Zoom. 

The Hasselblad True Zoom is an entire camera that overrides the phone’s included back camera, while simultaneously adding a physical shutter button, grip handle and 10x optical zoom.  Read more…

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