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The fast food cake made from pizza and burgers is heaven and hell all at once

If you’ve always fantasised about those feasts on YouTube’s EpicMealTime, making this birthday cake is something you’ll aspire to.

Feast your eyes on this truly abominable fast food cake, a dreamy creation put together by Milton Lai from Sydney, Australia. Well, it’s dreamy until after you eat it.

The cake begins with the rock solid foundation of deep pan Domino’s pizza, then McDonald’s chicken nuggets are added on — “it must kiss the crust edge for the best effect,” Lai writes. 

It’s dusted with bed of McDonald’s fries, then another pizza is thrown on. Then six McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Oh and don’t forget another pizza, this time with a thin crust, is added on.  Read more…

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Talking the future of education with Convergent Media founder Rob Anderson

 This week on Technotopia I talk to Rob Anderson, founder of Convergent Media Group and a former founding team member at MTV Russia. Anderson has some interesting ideas on education and the necessity for a true way to assess and hire based on personality types and skills. Anderson is constantly hiring for his media company and he’s looking forward to a future when we will all be working a… Read More


Don't bore Jean-Claude Van Damme, otherwise he'll just walk out

Jean-Claude Van Damme can certainly handle a lot, as seen in his many action movies and that infamous leg split between two trucks.

He can’t handle boring questions, though. 

Van Damme walked out of an interview over satellite with Australian breakfast television show Sunrise on Thursday. “Those questions you’ve been asking me, the press, they’ve been asking me the same questions for the last 25 years. ‘Kylie, how’s your training, how’s your this, how’s your that,” he said. 

Van Damme did the interview to help promote his speaking tour Down Under in August, but explained that the dull questions were “difficult to answer” and “making him sweat.”   Read more…

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Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo celebrates by drinking champagne from a shoe

A drinking tradition fresh from an Australian 19th birthday party, the “shoey” has somehow found a global stage.

It’s all thanks to Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo, who celebrated second place at the German Grand Prix on Sunday by drinking champagne from a shoe, a.k.a. did the “shoey” on stage.

Seemingly not content with just the spraying of champagne – as is the norm in motorsport, Ricciardo explained that he was inspired by another Aussie on the track who did the same thing recently.

“My mate Jack Miller won MotoGP a few weeks ago in Assen and did one. To be honest, from the start of the season, if I win a race this year — I’ll do one,” Ricciardo told NBC SportsRead more…

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BlackBerry’s security-focused Android identity crisis

 Consider BlackBerry. Think about the company, its products, its most iconic features. What comes to mind? Business apps? A QWERTY keyboard? BBM? The once-mighty Canadian smartphone maker is banking on one word standing above all the rest: security. You see, BBM is no longer solely the realm of BlackBerry devices, and the keyboard hasn’t been ubiquitous since the company belatedly… Read More


Virtual reality will not replay the 3D debacle

 In the mid-2000s, everyone was talking about 3D, the “next big thing” in video. It required people to buy expensive new gadgets and wear goofy eyewear, but we were told consumers would flock to this new 3D world. Unless you’re James Cameron, you likely missed the entire 3D revolution. So perhaps we should look at the new “next big thing” in video, virtual… Read More


'Suicide Squad' parody imagines a team filled with Tarantino's deadliest characters

If you haven’t heard, assembling large teams of depraved, violent maniacs is very in right now. 

This parody video by Loot Crate imagines what Suicide Squad would look like if the team were assembled by Quentin Tarantino. As you can see from the video, it’s pretty much just as violent as the DC version, which hits theaters on Aug. 5. 

So who can compete with the Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Boomerang and El Diablo? 

Tarantino’s Suicide Squad includes Django, as well as The Bride and GoGo from Kill Bill, Lt. Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction. Read more…

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BBC: And then we strapped a helicopter rig to an elephant

 Imagine being part of the BBC’s natural history unit, traveling the world to create some of the world’s most beautiful documentaries. Sounds like a dream job, right? I sat down with Huw Cordey, the producer on a ton of the Beeb’s best-loved shows, to find out more about the technology and gadgets the team deploys to capture the beasties in action. Read More


'The Simpsons' takes a hard stance against Donald Trump

The Simpsons are going after Donald Trump.  

No stranger to political satire, the FOX show has taken stances on issues including gay marriage, immigration and gun control, among many others, in the past. 

Now, The Simpsons is taking a bold stance against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In a new clip posted by the show’s showrunner, Al Jean, Marge and Homer Simpson think over who to vote for while watching a TV ad comparing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The video shows Trump tweeting in bed while getting spray-tanned. By his side is a book called Great Speeches by Adolf Hitler. Read more…

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