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How became a legitimate force in Australian politics

Until recently, politicians could safely ignore clicktivism.

Hundreds of online petitions could fill their inboxes and they could look the other way, but that’s changing. Now campaigns started on are translating into activism beyond the Internet and Australia’s elected officials are taking notice. 

In the 2016 election cycle, every major political party responded to at least one petition, if not more. It means you can start to make your voice heard by simply typing out your name.

For example, in recent months, leader of the Australian Greens, Richard Di Natale, responded to a petition calling for a sugar tax on soft drinks; Kelly O’Dwyer, the Liberal Party minister for small business, responded to one asking the government to stop the backpacker tax; and Penny Wong, leader of the Labor Party in the senate, also responded to a petition asking for funding to be returned to mental health programs.  Read more…

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Spire smart pebble watches your breathing and mental health

I don’t like to think about breathing. It’s a job for my subconscious mind, and the more I’m conscious of it, the more I become concerned that I will stop breathing entirely. (I have a touch of sleep apnea, so this is not out of the question.) Which is why I was more than a little skeptical of Spire, the new health and fitness gadget and companion app. It wants to tell me all about my breathing: how often I do it, how well I do it and when I don’t do it.

I think I just held my breath the whole time I wrote that sentence.

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GoPro captures terrifying moment skydiver loses parachute mid-flight

A skydiver delivering a game ball to a soccer game in Oklahoma City on June 28 captured a terrifying moment on his GoPro when he lost his main parachute.

Daniel Herndon was recording the flight with his helmet camera and released the raw video onto his Facebook page yesterday.

“I lost my main parachute and freebag but did have a successful landing and got to deliver the game ball to the official,” Herndon writes on Facebook.

If you need us, we’ll be hanging out on the ground for the foreseeable future.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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Turns out making a YouTube prank show can be 'toxic' to a relationship

LOS ANGELES — A month after Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith — a.k.a. PrankvsPrank — announced their break-up via YouTube comes this revelation: making a show together may not be the healthiest thing for a relationship.

“It was great in the beginning but then it slowly … it kinda like polluted our relationship and made it toxic,” the 31-year-old Wellens said Thursday during an episode of Shane Dawson’s Fullscreen video podcast Shane & Friends.

The duo, who have gone their separate ways both personally and professionally, recently starred in a YouTube red series Prank Academy. They had been pranking each other on the Internet since 2007. Read more…

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IBM’s Cognitive Social Media Command Center is bringing Wimbledon to you

 Most tennis fans would salivate over the chance to witness Serena Williams attempt to win Wimbledon and tie Steffi Graf’s 22 Grand Slams, pulling within two of Margaret Court’s 24 for the most major singles titles in women’s tennis history.
But for those unable to make the trip to London to witness the prestigious tournament, which is currently in full swing, IBM is doing… Read More


This is what Jupiter sounds like

Jupiter’s part of space is terrifying. 

The largest planet in our solar system rotates so quickly that it actually flings charged particles, rock, ice and dust away from it at extreme speeds. Plus, the radiation surrounding the planet will fry any sensitive instrumentation near it in a matter of months.

Into this forbidding environment travels NASA’s intrepid Juno spacecraft, which is set for a July Fourth rendezvous with the planet.

Thanks to new data the craft already sent back, scientists know that the huge planet’s region of space even “sounds” different than the rest of the solar system. Read more…

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Vimeo wants to hang with the cool kids at summer camp, college and beyond

LOS ANGELES — Vimeo is already favored by indie filmmakers for its quality — and now it wants to hook a new generation of creatives by funding a kids’ summer camp for aspiring directors and slashing prices for film students.

The video platform is partnering with OMG Everywhere, a non-profit providing free arts workshops for kids and will help fund its 2016 “OMG Cameras Everywhere” summer camps. Vimeo is also offering half-price PRO or Plus accounts to film students at any school in the world, Mashable has learned.

Vimeo has already been keeping a close eye on student films, and recently showcased some of the top student work from around the world on Vimeo Staff Picks (such as the one below). This year Vimeo sponsored awards at CalArts and Columbia University Film Schools. Read more…

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Fujifilm's latest pocket printer is one of the best ways to print your phone pics

I’m an instant film fanatic. I’ve tried just about every instant camera that prints on instant film, instant cameras that print digital sticker prints and pocket printers that print digital photos from recent years.

But I still had no idea Fujifilm sold a pocket printer that prints your smartphone photos on mini instant film. Yep, that’s on real instant film, not digital paper.

I missed the boat on the SP-1 and now the company’s releasing the Instax Share SP-2 for $199.99.

The printer has a new sharper design that resembles a juice box. It’s also slightly more compact and lighter. It comes in two colors: silver and gold to better match today’s smartphone color trends. No rose gold, though. Read more…

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NFL star Martellus Bennett on his new children’s book and app, Hey A.J.

 It’s not everyday that a 6 ft. 7 in. NFL star says he is going to spend his offseason designing and launching an new interactive children’s app. So to learn more, we sat down with Martellus Bennett, tight end for the New England Patriots and founder of The Imagination Factory, a multimedia production company designed to bring Martellus’ ideas to life. The first product out… Read More


Turkey's internet censorship after the Istanbul attack is nothing new

Turkey’s practice of censoring the Internet and the social media channels it facilitates is an ongoing issue in the country, one that came to a head once again on Tuesday in the wake of the terrorist bombing attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport

The latest reports put the number of fatalities at 41, with a number of others injured. Video of the attack as it happened, as well as images of the aftermath have been shared around the world on social media as news of the major incident spread

However, soon after the news began to spread, the Turkish government’s censorship machine revved into action. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were blocked just a couple of hours after the attack according to Alp Toker, a tech analyst who regularly tracks censorship in Turkey Read more…

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