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Tivo, which still exists, just got bought for $1.1 billion

In the dark ages, before on-demand everything, TV just came and went. You had to be in front of the tube for whatever program you wanted to watch, or else use an ancient device called a “VCR” to record things. It was horrible.

These days, being able to pause, rewind and record TV seems almost unnecessary — thanks to the Internet and massive leaps in set-top box technology. But for a time, digital video recording company TiVo reigned. 

And in its defense, it still kind of does. On Friday, digital TV listing company Rovi bought TiVo for a total of $1.1 billion.  Read more…

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This man's Twitter joke about making a soccer game escalated hilariously

LONDON — There are plenty of football games in this world made by people who know a lot about the sport, but there’s always been a tragic shortage of football games made by people without a clue.

Until now, that is.

British game developer Dan Marshall — a man with a self-proclaimed lack of interest in football — has turned a simple Twitter joke into an actual working football game.

It all started in early April.

Things quickly escalated from there.

As the weeks progressed, Kickmen was born.

Soon there was even a trailer.

At this stage, Marshall is on to the finer details.

“I have no interest whatsoever in football, it passes me by completely,” Marshall told Mashable. “I’ve picked up some bits and bobs over the years because, well, I’m not a complete idiot, but I’m being gleefully flippant with what I know in order to make the game better.” Read more…

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'Daily Show' parody transforms Trump's best quotes into glorious rap masterpiece

Donald Trump may never be America’s most likable candidate, but he will always be our most quotable.

So The Daily Show decided to combine all of Trump’s best quotes and put them in one hip-hop parody video. It’s a perfect medium for the lyrical candidate, allowing him to showcase his bombast, swagger, and lack of foreign policy experience.

Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper’s play book. He brags about his money, he’s disrespectful to women, and there’s always fights at his concerts,” correspondent Ray Wood told Trevor Noah.

Judge and applaud for yourself.   

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Syfy is the first network to launch a skill for Amazon Echo

Your Amazon Echo now has the ability to answer your burning question about 12 Monkeys.

On Friday, Syfy became the first TV network to launch an Alexa skill for the voice-enabled Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and Amazon Fire TV.

Developed via Syfy Labs, the network’s innovation center, the new skill will be like a talking DVD extra and wiki rolled into one, with behind-the-scenes previews, Easter eggs, schedule info and episode info for shows like 12 Monkeys, Hunters and the upcoming fourth installment of the Sharknado franchise.

An example: If you were to ask Alexa — the brain behind Amazon Echo, et al. — what happened on the most recent episode of 12 Monkeys, she’d give you a recap. She also has the answer to bigger burning questions, like what vegetarian zombies eat on Z Nation. Read more…

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IBM raises its game in blockchain with secure cloud services and Docker integration

 Bitcoin may still be the most famous application of blockchain technology, but the distributed, encrypted database architecture is now being applied to a range of other services, from different kinds of (non Bitcoin) financial transactions to anything else that requires secure tracking. And today, IBM laid out its claim for some of that new business: the IT giant announced a new set of… Read More


78-year-old describes heart-rending realities of living as a trans woman in '70s Singapore

Rose is a 78-year-old who lives in a shelter for trans women in Singapore.

In the video, she talks of her marriage falling apart after her mother-in-law discovered she was a transgender woman, and persuaded her then-husband to leave her.

Homeless, she had to become a sex worker in the ’70s to survive, before she started living in a shelter for transgender people.

“People think that trans people do sex work in order to affirm their gender identity as a woman… to have sex with as many men as possible. That’s not true. It’s for survival — this is the only industry that doesn’t question our gender identity,” said June Chua, founder of the shelter, in the video. Read more…

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Vijay Mallya: From India's 'king of good times' to a 'fugitive from justice'

The Indian government is seeking the deportation of flamboyant Indian liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya, famously called the country’s Richard Branson. The 60-year-old businessman, who owes about $1 billion to Indians banks, left the country for UK in March.

Mallya made his fortune from his family’s company United Spirits, a beer and spirits conglomerate, which has more than half the share of India’s organised alcohol market. Famously known as the “King of Good Times’, Mallya started Kingfisher AIrlines, invested in a Formula One racing team, and several sport teams, such as the the Indian Premier League cricket team Royal Challengers Bangalore. He is even a member of the Indian Parliament. Read more…

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The first digital pot shop opens its doors in Washington

Forget the budtender, one newly-opened marijuana dispensary in Washington is offering its clients a purely digital experience. 

The Reef, located in Bremerton, Washington, claims that it is the first digital marijuana dispensary, ditching the staff for flat screens and tablets located throughout the store. 

Image: The Reef

The store is littered with a number of tablets, where customers can sift through its products, and review information such as effects, THC and CBD levels, user reviews, grower info and origin. Customers can then add product to their carts, much like you would any online store.   Read more…

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Musical legends Carlos Santana and AR Rahman delight fans by jamming together

Musical legends Carlos Santana and AR Rahman brought their contrasting styles together when they jammed at a concert in San Francisco.

The highlight of the evening was the Mexican-American musician and the Grammy-winning Indian composer performing one of Rahman’s most popular songs, “Chhaiya Chhaiya”. Rahman later posted a picture of himself with Santana on his Facebook page. Many of the fans who attended and tweeted about the concert couldn’t believe their luck either.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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Shay Mitchell's top 11 pro tips to help moms (continue to) rule social media

Mashable sat down with Pretty Little Liars actress and social media goddess Shay Mitchell to help teach moms how to become the social media queens of their squads. Here are her top 11 tips

You can catch Mitchell in her new movie Mother’s Day alongside Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston. Maybe your mom even shared the trailer on your Facebook wall.

More details: Read more…

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