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Breaking: March was an amazing month for news bloopers

The local news is an invaluable source of information — and entertainment at the anchor’s expense.

News Be Funny, a YouTube channel dedicated to delivering the very best news bloopers, released its monthly clip on Thursday, chronicling the most awkward, funny and downright weird moments caught on the news this month.

From flashing to feuds, giggles and slips, March was another great month for news bloopers. 

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Feel the Burn?: STD clinic lifts Bernie Sanders' slogan

If you’re feelin’ the burn, you should definitely get that checked out., “a Wellness Centers provide free testing for sexually-transmitted diseases,” is attempting to persuade people to use their service using a slightly modified version presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ campaign slogan.


The sign first appeared on the subreddit r/The_Donald, a reddit forum for Donald Trump supporters. According to the poster, the sign is located in Los Angeles, on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Van Ness Ave. 

Now, although it’s not a direct lift of the slogan, the clinic swapped Bern for Burn, and placed the words over a red and white stripe which is extremely similar to one of the campaign’s logo.  Read more…

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Virgin America's new 'logo' is a booby trap

With all the widely-ridiculed logo changes big companies have tried to pull off in the last year, you could be forgiven for believing that Virgin America is actually changing its emblem to a simplistic doodle resembling a pair of breasts.

The airline announced it was doing so in its blog on Thursday in an elaborate “behind the scenes”-style post and accompanying video. 

But the brand tipped its hand to its true intentions by filling the announcement with exaggerated corporate brand-speak that’s just a little too ridiculous to pass for real. Read more…

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Whistle’s “Fitbit for dogs” acquired by Mars Petcare

 Whistle, the “Fitbit for dogs,” has found a home at Mars Petcare, TechCrunch has learned.  The maker of Snickers and M&M’s also has a large pet division and has plans to integrate Whistle’s animal technology. “Whistle is excited to join the Mars Petcare family. This opportunity connects the industry’s global and technology leaders, enabling a new era… Read More


Beatie Wolfe shows off her NFC-powered musical jacket

 The days of CDs and vinyl might be (mostly) over, but singer-songerwriter Beatie Wolfe is making music physical again, in a very literal way. Wolfe stopped by the TechCrunch New York office to show off her a jacket designed by Mr. Fish, who also created designs for legends like David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Not only does the jacket look pretty spectacular — it also uses NFC technology,… Read More


Tiny dog in a baby carrier enjoys a Phillies game

Baseball is for the dogs. Well, one dog in particular.

A little fuzzy pup enjoyed a nice game while sitting pretty in a baby carrier.

He’s also clearly a huge Philadelphia Phillies fan, just like his parents.

Root, root, root for the home team, little guy. 

Never give up on your World Series dreams.

[h/t Deadspin]

Bonus: Genius shower thoughts with Nick Offerman, the sequel

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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Supercut celebrates the finest action movie pre-kill zingers

Pro tip: If Clint Eastwood squeezes in a quick quip in front of you, you’re about to die.

YouTuber Burger Fiction compiled the greatest, often cheesiest one-liners that action heroes just can’t help themselves from saying before killing the bad guy.

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Mom and son team up for a perfect innocent prank on dad

April Fools’ Day is finally upon us, which means everyone gets a free pass for being a total jerk on that one day — even kids.

With the help of his mom, this little kid pulled the perfect harmless prank on his father, who happens to have a brand new car with keyless entry to its trunk.

Every time the dad successfully closes his trunk, the mother pushes the keyless entry button, popping the thing back open again. 

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Beyoncé has slayed athleisure for 16 years of your life

Get in formation, BeyHive. It’s time to get a body like Beyoncé. 

The superstar singer debuted her new venture in athleisure apparel on Thursday. The Internet instantly buzzed. 

Called Ivy Park, the brand includes key pieces like crop tops, tees, sweatshirts, leggings and more. 

Though a new brand, launching exclusively at Topshop on April 14, true Bey fans know athleisure to Beyoncé is nothing new. The 34-year-old star has been touting the look since her Destiny’s Child days. 

From her velour tracksuits to lettings to bodysuits, Bey has been perfecting the athleisure look for decades on end. Read more…

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The moments before that 'selfie' was taken with EgyptAir hijacker

Surreal footage has emerged of the moment flight attendants of the hijacked EgyptAir plane invited British passenger British Ben Innes to pose for a photo with his captor Seif Eldin Mustafa. The clip was filmed by Dutch passenger Huub Helthuis.

More details: Read more…

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