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April Fools' prank asks you to mail in your used condoms for good of the planet

In the heat of the moment, many of us forget that used condoms are actually not too great for the environment. Now, condom manufacturer Ansell has a solution. 

The company will sort out the awkward aftermath of sex and the disposing of the rubbery mess with its new program, which asks you to return your used condoms via the post. The generous company will then recycle the condoms and give you a discount on your next pack. Genius. 

It is a winner for everyone except for the poor postman. He might just want to hold the envelope by the driest corner.

Too bad it’s a pretty clever, if a little gross, April Fools’ joke. Read more…

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California university builds eSports arena, recruits 'League of Legends' team

Good news, gamers: League of Legends might now be an acceptable extracurricular activity to list on those college applications

The University of California, Irvine announced this week it will be the first public institution to offer video gaming scholarships, and it is set to launch its new eSports initiative with the opening of a 3,500 square-foot gaming arena this fall

The arena, which is expected to open in late September, will be built at the university’s Student Center and equipped with gaming PCs, a League of Legends competition stage and studio for live webcasting tournaments

The university also plans to offer as many as 10 half-tuition scholarships, worth about $5,500, to students on its collegiate League of Legends team, UCI student programming assistant director Mark Deppe told Mashable. Read more…

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April Fools' prank turns Google Maps into an epic disco dance party

By now, we all know that Google doesn’t mess around on April Fools’ Day — especially when it comes to some of its most loved services.

This year the company has outfitted Pegman, the orange stick figure from Google Maps, with some new ’70s attire and groovy disco dance moves.

If you’re visiting Google Maps in your browser, you’ll see that the usually featureless Pegman used for Street View has been turned into a bearded purple-leisure-suit-wearing disco dude

Image: Google

And, it gets even better. The new disco version of Pegman will do an epic dance for you on your smartphone if you know where to look. Select “Visit Funky Town in the Google Maps App” from the top of Google Maps and select your phone (you’ll need to be connected to a Google account in your browser and on your phone.) Then, once you open Google Maps, go to “Explore Nearby” and tap “Funky Town” to get a look at Pegman’s sweet moves. (You can watch a video here.) Read more…

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Cat accidentally pranks himself by flipping a glass of milk onto his head

We’re all nervous about pranksters this April Fools’ Day, but have you thought about pranking … yourself?

That’s exactly what happened to this poor cat, who was so interested in finding out what was inside this cup that he dumped its contents all over his head.

Curiosity pranked the cat.

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Family dog politely brings home 1 pound of weed

Not that we had any doubts, but dogs truly are man’s best friend. 

In a Facebook post, the Jones County Sheriff’s Department reported that a family dog in Laurel, Mississippi brought its family a special present on Saturday: a large bag of weed

The mixed black lab, named Miley according to the New York Daily News, returned home after doing her business with a large bag, filled with marijuana separated into baggies. The weed was clearly prepped for sale, and totaled approximately one pound. 

The family initially thought that the bag was trash, but upon further inspection, found that it was the sticky icky and called the cops.  Read more…

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Hillary Clinton says she's 'sick of the Sanders campaign lying' about her

A frustrated Hillary Clinton on Thursday told an activist that she was “so sick” of Bernie Sanders’ campaign’s lies about her accepting donations from the fossil fuel industry.

In the exchange, posted online by Greenpeace, Clinton is questioned by an activist on whether she would reject contributions from fossil fuel companies.

“I do not have — I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies. I am so sick — I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me,” Clinton said, pointing her finger forcefully at the woman who asked the question.”I’m sick of it.”

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HoloLens IRL: What it's like in Microsoft's version of augmented reality

SAN FRANCISCO — I really didn’t get comfortable with the most recent version of the HoloLens until I got comfortable.

I’d traveled to San Francisco, California, ostensibly for the Microsoft Build Developers conference, but my real quarry was the company’s now-shipping augmented-reality headset, the HoloLens Development Edition. It’s finally shipping to developers who preordered for $3,000. This wasn’t my first experience with HoloLens, but it was the first time I’d get to see the packaging, unbox it myself and use it, unfettered by Microsoft handlers, for hours.

Perhaps more importantly, for the first time, I could finally document my experience in photos, videos and even Vines. Read more…

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Kylie Jenner does her best 'BBHMM' impression to tease her new lip glosses

The kult of the Kylie lip kit kontinues.

The youngest of the Kardashians has offered a special quasi-music video/teaser for her newest lip product. In celebration and promotion of her latest lipgloss release — titled #glosses — Kylie and her perfectly made-up squad roll up to get the money their due and drive away Bonnie and Clyde-style with way more into the California sunset. It’s a chain of reactions so complex it could only be set off by a single text from Kylie: “Gametime.”

King Kiley and her lips have arrived. And she’s brought her Rolls’ vanity plate to make you remember it. 

Like. Literally. SoCute.  Read more…

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Lululemon tried to throw shade at Beyoncé and instantly regretted it. Obviously.

Have you ever been in one of those outrageously awkward situations where you say something to someone and instantly regret the words you’re saying as they’re leaving your mouth? 

Well, Lululemon knows what we’re talking about and has doing damage control on their Twitter account all day for the pandora’s box it nearly cracked all the way open.   

As first reported by Cosmopolitan, the athletic apparel brand took to Twitter to share its thoughts on Bey’s grand announcement of her new athleisure collection, Ivy Park:   Read more…

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Big bosses from YouTube, MTV and AwesomenessTV to keynote VidCon

LOS ANGELES — For the third year in a row, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki will be the headline keynote speaker at the annual VidCon conference — and if she follows what’s now a tradition, there will be some big news announcements.

VidCon, co-created by YouTubers Hank Green and his brother John (author of the book The Fault in Our Stars), has become the go-to gathering for industry executives, video content creators and their fans. The conference takes place June 23-25 at the Anaheim Convention Center, with YouTube as title sponsor. 

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