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Australia's Google boss quits for digital job at ANZ bank

The managing director of Google Australia and New Zealand, Maile Carnegie, has announced she is resigning from the company.

Carnegie, who spent three years at the technology giant, will move to ANZ bank as group executive of digital banking in July. 

The news was announced Tuesday on ANZ’s website, with Carnegie saying she was enticed by the bank’s digital transformation plans and wanted to spend more time in Australia.

“There is so much passion to change the bank, to digitally transform the bank … I was really excited about the vision,” she said in a video.  Read more…

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The world's most effective ad is an eye-testing children's book

A children’s book in Australia, which makes it easier for parents to screen their child’s vision, has been named the world’s most effective advertising campaign.

Australian ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi created Penny the Pirate book, which has eye tests disguised as images on its pages, for optometry company OPSM. The Warc 100, an annual ranking of marketing campaigns that tests effectiveness of ads, placed the book and app as its number one campaign for 2016, based on its performance in 2015.

Combining a traditional book and a tablet app that is available for free, Penny the Pirate incorporates multiple vision tests into a fun kids’ book, allowing parents to test their eyesight as they read the story to their child. No frightening optometrist visits here. Read more…

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Australian farmers use thousands of sheep to spell anti-gas message

No this is not a request for awesome tunes, it is a protest against gas mining. 

Farmers in the south-west of Victoria, Australia have taken to the paddock with a flock of sheep to voice their protest towards the further exploration of unconventional gas reserves in their area.

Around 2,000 peckish sheep converged to spell out the words “ban gas,” as part of a coordinated effort led by local farmer Mal Rowe. 

“We thought, well, rather than us just saying ‘ban gas,’ we thought we’d get some of the animals together that will be potentially affected by it to spell it out,” Rowe told ABC News. Read more…

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Clinton and Sanders spar in Massachusetts ahead of Tuesday vote

BOSTON — The Democratic divide in Massachusetts was laid bare on Monday, with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both campaigning here ahead of an anticipated close outcome.

Massachusetts is seen as a key test of Clinton’s frontrunner, and if she wins here the former secretary of state would deal a major blow to Sanders’ hopes for an upset.

The most recent poll of Massachusetts Democratic primary voters found Clinton drawing 50% of the vote to Sanders’s 42%. According to the survey, released by Suffolk University on Sunday, 8% remain undecided.

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Who was the YouTube star on the Oscars red carpet?

HOLLYWOOD — Among the sea of journalists and celebrities on Sunday’s Oscars red carpet, there was also one YouTube star: P’Trique.

The digital personality (who in life goes by Patrick Pope) was smack dab in the middle of the action, nabbing interviews with stars on camera.

“It was so much fun being on the red carpet, it was truly a dream come true,” P’Trique told Mashable in a phone interview while in character. “It’s where I want to be all the time.”

The fashionista makes content for The Platform, Maker Studios’ “go-to spot for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.” The platform’s YouTube channel has about 405,468 subscribers and more than 37.4 million views to date. Read more…

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6 must-have apps to survive and thrive in Los Angeles

Here are our top six apps that will help you find everything awesome in Los Angeles – from a good parking spot, to a great hike, to the perfect beach – it’s all here!
Mentioned in this video: Parkme (iOS/Android), Arclight (iOS/Android), Our Malibu Beaches (iOS/Android), In-N-Out (iOS/Android), KCRW (iOS/Android) and Los Angeles Day Hikes (iOS). Read more…

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The most spectacular outfits of this year's Tokyo Marathon

More than 36,000 runners and 1.7 million roadside spectators, went to the Tokyo Marathon this year, according to organisers.

Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia was the men’s winner, and Kenya’s Helah Kiprop won the women’s race while setting a new course record, to boot.

Amid those fighting for marathon glory, there were some spectacular costumes on display that did not fail to delight the crowd.

A woman dressed as Waldo from the “Where’s Waldo?” series.

Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO

A runner dressed as a minion.

Image: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO Read more…

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Can Emerging Nations Create Their Own Silicon Valleys?

 Innovation requires a level playing field that Silicon Valley elites seem unprepared to give emerging nations. Are the original Valley’s glory days over? And will successful mini versions of the Bay Area’s tech Mecca spring up in other locations around the world? Alec Ross, technology policy expert and former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Hillary Clinton, doesn’t think so. Read More


Flip book shows Leo winning his Oscar slightly differently

In the impossibly rare event that you’ve made it here without hearing the news, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. The whole thing went smoothly — Leo gave his speech, took his trophy and left. Over and done.

But flip book artist The Flippist asked the question, what if it didn’t go so smoothly? He answers that question in his latest creation, and no spoilers beyond that it involves a co-star of DiCaprio’s from The Revenant.

The original flip book is also for sale on eBay, and The Flippist says that all proceeds will go to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

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Original 'Damn Daniel' tweet deleted after teen's Twitter account hacked

The Internet lost a little piece of meme history over the weekend.

Josh Holz, the 15-year-old high school student behind the crazy viral “Damn Daniel” video, had his Twitter account hacked Sunday. Though the teen has since regained control of his account, the attackers deleted the original tweet that helped the the video go viral

The hackers appear to have gotten into Holz’s account sometime Sunday. He said it was the second time his account had been hacked.

Once in, the attackers posted racist videos and deleted the original tweet. Read more…

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