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Latest HoloLens demo dazzles with holographic robot spiders and game controllers

Earlier this year, when Microsoft revealed its augmented reality (AR) device called the HoloLens, the demonstrations blew everyone away

Since then (now that more people have had a chance to try it in-person), the hype has died down a bit, but the demonstration videos still manage to stir a bit of excitement about the prospect of manipulating holograms in our everyday lives. The latest demo from Autodesk, the 3D design software company, doesn’t disappoint either

In the video, we see designers wearing the HoloLens in collaborative engineering sessions, crafting everything from Xbox game controllers, to robotic arms, to even a giant robotic spider Read more…

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Badass crocodile duels another croc to the bitter end, because Australia

Nature is definitely tough, but probably not as tough as this croc.

Pictures of a crocodile battling another croc to almost certain death in the Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park in tropical north Queensland were captured by Sandra Bell and posted on the Queensland National Parks Facebook page on Tuesday

Tuesday is also the first day of summer for Australians, but probably the start of killing season for some creatures.

Suffice to say, these pictures are kinda intense.

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3 challenges keeping Amazon’s flying delivery drones from taking flight

The promise of Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service as depicted in a video released on Sunday is incredibly exciting. Taken at face value, this could represent the first real introduction of robotic devices into the mainstream as a consumer service – flying robotic delivery agents!

But hold on. Let’s take a moment and pump our collective brakes to consider just how Prime Air will or won’t actually work when it eventually takes off. The videos look cool and all (very sci-fi), but is Prime Air really practical?

Delivery execution

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Paris climate talks: Australia won't sign fossil fuel pledge

Although Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has so far struck a conciliatory tone at the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris, known as COP21, he broke with other world leaders Tuesday by refusing to sign a pledge phasing out fossil fuel subsidies.

Under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who once declared coal is “good for humanity,” Australia walked back many of its climate change commitments, including abandoning a carbon trading scheme

Turnbull, who addressed COP21 on Monday local time, has reemphasised the country’s appetite for combatting global warming, but environmental advocates are watching Australia’s new prime minister closely as he attends the landmark talks in Paris. Read more…

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Kylie Jenner launches new collection of lipsticks, breaks the Internet

It looks like Kim Kardashian isn’t the only sister to break the Internet

Kylie Jenner on Monday launched Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner, a collection of three matte liquid lipsticks and matching liners. Each neutral color — Candy K, Dolce K and True Brown — retails for $29

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Nov 29, 2015 at 1:26pm PST

Within minutes, an overwhelming influx of traffic crashed the site and sent disappointed fans to lament on twitter and Instagram.

Been trying all day I need all 3 and I can’t even get one #kylielipkit

A photo posted by Yasmin James (@makeupby_yj) on Nov 30, 2015 at 10:17am PST Read more…

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Privacy Advocates Celebrate The End Of The NSA’s Phone Record Collection Program

 The NSA shut down its bulk phone record collection program yesterday, more than two years since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden exposed the program to journalists and prompted a global debate about surveillance technology. The program has been marked to sunset since Congress passed the USA Freedom Act earlier this year. But in light of the terror attacks that rocked Paris earlier this… Read More


Hillary Clinton's emails are full of compliments about her glasses

They weren’t a fashion choice, but the glasses Hillary Clinton wore when she testified before Congress in January 2013 won rave reviews.

The fawning over Clinton’s black, thick-framed eyeglasses was tucked away in nearly 8,000 emails the State Department released Monday from Clinton’s personal email server that dogged her presidential bid earlier this year.

“Unanimous approval of the glasses,” Sid Blumenthal, a Clinton confidante whose memos on Libya were a chief focus of her recent testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, wrote in an email to Clinton the day of the first Benghazi hearing in 2013. “Jackie says, always wear the glasses. Looks terrific.” Read more…

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'Just Cause 3' thrills, but it wants for any sense of structure

Is Just Cause 3 a cry for help?

There’s a mission during the game’s third act that so closely resembles an earlier pair from the first two acts that the back-and-forth dialogue lapses into a sort of self-aware fatigue.

To paraphrase: “Oh, we’re doing this again.” “Yup. Follow the trail of pipes and shoot all the things, then blow up the three big things and escape. You’ve done this before, you’re good.” “Gotcha.”

Nothing exists in a video game without its creators consciously putting it there. Somebody built this series of three missions, saw how mindlessly similar they were and wrote a script that called out the issue. It’s like the team at Avalanche Studios knew their game had issues, and is surreptitiously apologizing. Read more…

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'Seinfeld' cast surprised a terminally ill fan with heartwarming birthday wishes

Jim Calder received the gift of a lifetime this month when the Seinfeld cast members sent him a slew of happy birthday wishes while he was in the hospital

Calder’s son, James, coordinated the surprise for his father, who is battling a rare form of lung cancer.

“My wife and I decided to start a virtual birthday party group for my father on Facebook and invite friends and family to make videos with some ‘happy birthday’ messages,” James wrote on The Huffington Post. “As the videos started rolling in we thought about who we could reach out to for a birthday message that would really impress my dad. We immediately thought of his favorite TV show, Seinfeld.” Read more…

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