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Artsy movies finally get their time in the sun with Tribeca Shortlist, which is like 'Netflix for indies'

One thing about online movies: you don’t go for the brain food. The selection is often random and dissatisfying

Tribeca Shortlist (TSL) launched on Wednesday as an attempt at a different type of on-demand movie subscription service, focused on quality, curation and turnover. The service will only feature about 150 movies at a time, for $4.99 a month with the chance to rise to $5.99 after the first year

“I think a lot of us have had the experience on movie services where you’re just endlessly clicking through this search spiral,” said Jeff Bronikowski, president of Tribeca Shortlist. “When there’s 5,000 movies, you always feel like you can keep clicking and find something you like better.” Read more…

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This couple duped an anti-gay pizzeria and then made out

Months after shutting its doors due to backlash for refusing to cater gay weddings, Memories Pizzeria in Indiana is back open for business, and they just catered a gay wedding. Well, inadvertently, but still

Here’s how it all went down, according to Chicago couple Robin Trevino and Jason Delgatto. After having a commitment ceremony in 2008, Trevino and Delgatto wanted to mark the nationwide legalization of gay marriage by making their union official, and obtained a marriage license in Iowa, according to Uproxx

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Online Lender SoFi Seems To Push Back IPO Plans, Raising $1 Billion

 Back in May, Mike Cagney, the CEO of online lender Social Finance, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that his company was “profitable and as any private company we want to be opportunistic about when we go public,” adding that, “realistically in the next 12 months, it will happen.”
That plan might have just changed. This morning, SoFi, as the company is… Read More


Hitting Jell-O in slow motion with a tennis racket is mesmerizing

The Slow Mo Guys have returned yet again to deliver high quality eye candy.

The YouTubers are famous for filming ridiculous events, obviously in slow motion, like a man exploding out of a giant water balloon, or a taser hitting someone’s bare skin.

This time the video was inspired by a picture submitted to Reddit, a Jell-O advertisement claiming that their product will essentially be cut into rectangles if hit with a tennis racket. Although the advertisement is a bit exaggerated, this is essentially what happens

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Congress proves it's now impossible to talk sanely about abortion

When Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards testified before Congress on Tuesday, she had to politely remind the Republicans questioning her that abortion is indeed a legal medical procedure in the United States

Many of them clearly believe it should be illegal and barely concealed their contempt for Richards, the nonprofit organization she leads and the practice of terminating a pregnancy before it is viable

Richards’ opponents draw passionate conviction from having watched highly-edited, “undercover” videos of Planned Parenthood officials talking about legal fetal tissue research donation programs, and have charged the organization with “trafficking” in the sales of body parts belonging to unborn children Read more…

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What it's like to drive the Tesla Model X

A few hours before Elon Musk took the stage and unveiled the Model X to the world, Tesla had invited a small group of journalists out to its Fremont, California headquarters to not only study the car up-close but also drive it.

Given fewer than 10 minutes of one-on-one time with the car, there wasn’t a lot of time to snap detailed pictures, make a video and drive the car around the prescribed loop laid out on the back parking lots of the company’s HQ.

Faced with a choice between the three, I jumped behind the wheel and gingerly took the course. Before I took off, however, Jeffrey Brian “JB” Straubel, Tesla’s chief technical officer jumped into the passenger seat. Watching the images depicted by radar parking sensors on the 17-inch touchscreen at my right knee, I carefully backed out of the tent in which the Model X was parked and made my way onto the circuit. Read more…

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The self-driving car is ready for prime time, but you still can't have one

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA — Google — or as co-founder Sergey Brin put it, “Google, ah, sorry, I mean Alphabet” — held a thoroughly fascinating event for a small gathering of press here at the Googleplex Tuesday. Brin and his team showed off the latest data from the company’s formerly secretive self-driving car project. We got to take rides in two self-driving prototypes: the familiar small box above and a beautiful Lexus model

Everything we saw told us the Google car is astonishingly advanced, alert to all possible dangers with an insanely detailed awareness of its surroundings, and way better than you pathetic humans at driving in general. It will free up whole new vistas of time in your life, give you more energy when you get home, and give your elderly and disabled friends a whole new lease on mobility Read more…

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Photographer finds the mystery couple from dazzling wedding photo

Though photographer Sam Yeldham deals mostly in gorgeous shots of Sydney sunsets, a coincidence this past weekend led to his first wedding photo of a mystery couple

Yeldham tells Mashable that he spotted the couple while shooting a time-lapse of a storm rolling over Bradley’s Head in Sydney harbor. The newlyweds and their wedding photographer were debating whether or not to shoot a few photos in the rain. Yeldham’s girlfriend even offered to hold an umbrella above the photographer while she shot.

When the weather momentarily cleared, the couple walked out onto the pier, and Yeldham captured his first wedding shot. The couple left before he could learn their names and exchange information. Read more…

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Explorers rescue abandoned puppy hiding in old tire

Two explorers on an intensive adventure across California made a sweet discovery during their three-week expedition: an abandoned puppy.

National Geographic grantee Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold were on a grueling biking and climbing expedition through the American southwest, a trip they fittingly dubbed Sufferfest 2. After pulling off to the side of the road to pee, they found the puppy hiding in a rubber tire. They took him into their care and, after he pooped all over their sleeping bags, built him his own shelter out of an empty box of beer. They named their new companion Sufferpup.

“He went from being this shivering close-to-death creature to being filled with energy and his coat started to look all rich and he really became this happy little puppy,” Wright told National Geographic. Now, Sufferpup has a real home, thanks to kind friends who adopted the pup and moved him out to Boulder, Colorado. Read more…

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