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Push for marriage equality finally reaches Australian parliament

Ireland’s message to the world — saying “yes” to marriage equality — has created a ripple effect on Australian shores.

Since Ireland became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote, the world has taken notice. Australians and politicians have been campaigning harder than ever to change the marriage act in Australia to say “two people” instead of “man and woman.”

A couple kiss in the middle of the rally for same-sex marriage in Australia.

Image: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

On Sunday, about 1,000 same-sex marriage supporters took to the streets in Sydney in a colourful rally for equal rights in Australia. Corporate businesses have been behind full-page newspaper ads calling for change. While, politicians on both sides of parliament supported same-sex marriage on social media Read more…

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5 delicious nail art designs inspired by dessert

Summertime treats come in many shapes and forms: ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, fro yo and, now, nail art. This new Japanese nail trend will sweeten your sizzling summer outfits.

A mix of two Japanese styles, kawaii and decora, it’s inspired by desserts, fusing bright neons seen in treats like popsicles with pared down ice cream pastels. Add a stud or two for a sugary topping that transforms your nails into a sundae delight.

Try out these new shades and colors on your own. We had nail artist Jess Tong give us the lowdown on how to get the perfect candy stripes Read more…

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Enrique Iglesias gets bloodied fingers after trying to grab drone at concert

If we someday end up in a dystopian future full of killer drones, we may look back on May 31, 2015 as the turning point.

Or, it might just be that time Enrique Iglesias tried to grab a drone during a concert, and ended up getting his fingers sliced

During a show in Tijuana, Mexico, Iglesias grabbed a propeller-driven drone that was hovering above him, as it took video of its surroundings. A spokesperson for the singer said Iglesias had grabbed drones before to give audience members a look from his point-of-view

Warning: Graphic images to follow.

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An Interview With Nathaniel Popper, Author Of Digital Gold

 If you’ve been reading the site lately you’ll notice we’ve gone Digital Gold-crazy. First we started with an amazing excerpt outlining the story of Then we posted a review and a podcast and now we present an short interview with the author in our studio in New York. Popper and I go through his theories behind the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, why the couldn’t… Read More


Clint Eastwood, waiting for his big break

Image: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Clint Eastwood didn’t want to be an actor. Even though he appeared in school plays, he said he had no interest in it at all.

But acting was interested in him — or at least, in his appearance. Drafted into the U.S. Army in 1951, Clint was stationed at California’s Fort Ord. When a Universal Studios crew rolled up to use Fort Ord as a shooting location, they were struck by Eastwood’s 6-foot-4 frame, his muscular body (he was the fort’s lifeguard and swimming instructor) and obvious good looks.

Universal set up a screen test with film producer and director Arthur Lubin. Lubin also liked Eastwood’s looks, but not his acting ability, and arranged drama lessons. It was Lubin who gave Eastwood his first contract in 1954. Read more…

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7 delicious facts for National Macaroon Day

Happy National Macaroon Day! On May 31, we celebrate the chewy pile of sweet goodness that is a perfectly prepared macaroon.

In honor of this favored cookie, from the U.S.’s chocolate-dipped coconut confection to its French cousin, the more delicate almond “macaron,” Mashable pulled together a few tasty facts. Happy munching!

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3 cheap beauty tricks that take 5 minutes or less

You don’t have to spend big bucks to sport this year’s beauty trends

Beauty expert and host of E!’s new show Good Work, Sandra Vergara demonstrates how easy (and cheap) it is to copy the looks of your favorite celebrities

You don’t need lip injections to look like Kylie Jenner, Vergara notes. Instead, she uses her favorite lip plumper that evokes a warm and tingly sensation when applied. Vergara, the cousin and adopted sister of Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara, delivers her tips with a dose of humor: “Make sure you cover all the real estate,” when applying that lip plumper. Clearly, charisma runs in the family. Read more…

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Cafe owner kicks out man for complaining about breastfeeding mum

An Australian cafe owner has been widely praised on social media after asking a man to leave her premises when he complained about a woman breastfeeding in public.

On Wednesday, a man approached proprietor Jessica-Anne Allen of Cheese and Biscuits in Rockhampton, Queensland, letting her know a woman was sitting in the cafe courtyard breastfeeding

“The middle aged gentleman” suggested she ask the woman to cover up, Allen told the Brisbane Times. After she refused to say anything and he made the young mother feel uncomfortable, Allen politely insisted he leave.

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Lives are at risk because of this cliff's extreme popularity on Instagram

Step away from the edge, Instagram fanatics.

A picturesque clifftop on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia has become so popular a photo destination on Instagram, local authorities have had no choice but to rope it off.

A photo posted by 认真点。 (@stephy_lii) on May 17, 2015 at 2:17am PDT

Known as Wedding Cake Rock in the Royal National Park, the pristine white sandstone set against an ocean backdrop has proven irresistible to hordes of people in search of those double tap “likes,” pushing people to take risky photos on the cliff’s potentially unstable edge. Read more…

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