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This is what happens to internal organs during a pregnancy

Turns out pregnancy is mildly horrifying when you consider what’s really going on inside the pregnant body.

Take for example this telling GIF of how internal organs shift to make room for a baby in a woman’s uterus

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The GIF, making the rounds on Imgur and Reddit, comes from an interactive tool from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The tool allows users to follow the pregnant body as it changes from conception to post-pregnancy

In that time, pregnancy pumps the heart harder, squeezes the organs and loosens the muscles and joints. Terrifying? We think so Read more…

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Man turned his basement into the ultimate Lego lover's retreat

When it comes to your home, everything should be awesome.

Seatle-based architect Jeffrey Pelletier proved himself to be a master builder by remodeling his basement to comfortably house his 250,000 piece Lego collection

The Lego lover’s dream escape boasts 153 bins and 189 drawers full of bricks, connectors and mini figure pieces galore for Pelletier and his family to build to their hearts’ content. Pelletier even has a few of his creations on display.

One thing you definitely won’t find in this picture perfect room: super glue.

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Woman gets a magical makeover as seven Disney princesses in two minutes

A whole new world. A whole new look.

Disney Style, a beauty and lifestyle YouTube channel dedicated to all things Disney, gives a model a magical makeover as seven Disney princesses

The would-be princess transforms from one royal favorite to the next, such as ice queen Elsa to little mermaid Ariel, in a seamless timelapse.

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First pro tackle for Danny Shelton: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Danny Shelton was a little too happy to go pro.

The six-foot-two, 339-pound defensive tackle was overjoyed when he heard that he was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the NFL draft.

He ran up on stage and gave NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a massive bear hug, lifting him a couple feet off the ground.

The season hasn’t even started yet, but Goodell is already trying to get a head start on the stats sheet.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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Mapping Freddie Gray's deadly 45 minutes in the back of a police van

When police officers shoved a black Baltimore resident named Freddie Gray into the back of a van on the morning of April 12, one of his legs appeared limp but he was able to speak. On a video, he can be heard screaming in pain.

By the time officers transferred Gray to Shock Trauma at the University of Maryland Medical Center, the 25-year-old had a smashed voice box and was apparently fighting for his life.

Gray died a week later, and Baltimore residents have led protest against police brutality ever since — some erupting into riots featuring looting and fires

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Your first, impressive peek at the next generation of gaming graphics

Forget Call of DutyMetal Gear Solid and the rest of 2015’s blockbuster video games. The best graphics out there debuted during the Microsoft Build Developer Conference this week, and they come from a tech demo produced by Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix.

Witch Chapter 0 [cry] is a brief sequence that features a crying woman in a vaguely fantastical mountain landscape. At a glance, it looks no better or worse than the pre-rendered cutscenes you’ve come to expect for story-driven games in this day and age.

The thing is, it’s not pre-rendered. A pure cutscene is analogous with the sort of CG films created by Pixar or Dreamworks Animation. Everything from the characters and environment to camera angle and visual effects are constructs, positioned and set in motion according to a script. Read more…

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Adorable kitten tests the limits of two very large dalmatians' patience

This kitten lives for danger.

An adorable kitten named Uno plays with its much larger foster siblings, two dalmatians named Louie and Lady. It’s a good thing those patient pups seem to know how to handle a rambunctious cat.

Of course, every dog has their limit.

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Retro cover of 'Bad Romance' will make you want to tap dance

This cover proves, once and for all, that Lady Gaga is timeless

Postmodern Jukebox, a music group that specializes in giving modern pop songs a retro, big-band feel, tackles the Lady Gaga classic “Bad Romance” in its new music video. And, no surprise, it’s awesomely catchy. The best part? The band is joined by two newcomers: singer Ariana Savalas and tap dancer Sarah Reich, who really blow the song out of the water

Now go back to listening and pretending you’re at a speakeasy.

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David Lynch’s damn fine coffee got its own unsettling commercial

David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan drank their own special coffee on the the set of Twin Peaks, and now David Lynch is ready to share his mysterious blend with the world.

Well, as long as you’re not a robot. In an ominous lab (of which Lynch probably has many), one brave android tries to sip on the brew, but ends up joining Laura Palmer among the casualties of Lynch’s bizarre universe.

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A 6th-grader cut off Obama when his answer got too long

Sixth grader Osman Yahya may not have much experience interviewing world leaders, but his confidence gives him an edge over some seasoned professionals.

The bold middle school student from Salisbury, Maryland, moderated a Q&A with President Barack Obama as part of Discovery Education’s virtual field trip.

The leader of the free world sat down with Yahya to discuss his passion for writing and reading, but the sixth-grader had no patience for the president’s babbling. When POTUS started to repeat himself, Yahya cut him off: “I think you’ve sort of covered everything about that question.”

CNN should offer this kid a moderating gig. Read more…

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