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Snapchat’s New Year’s Eve “Our Story” Will Be Its Biggest Yet

 Snapchat is preparing to launch its biggest “Our Story” feature yet this New Year’s Eve, documenting worldwide celebrations using curated user photos and videos from cities like New York, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Russia and more. The company says it expects to process hundreds of hours of footage to create this New Year’s Eve collaboration, which will be in the… Read More


CrunchWeek’s 2014 In Review: Hacks Aplenty, Mega Money, Tech’s Stars Under Scrutiny

 This week’s episode of CrunchWeek is coming a couple of days early, since it’s really a CrunchYear — we took some time to look back at some of the biggest trends and stories from 2014 in tech news.
It was a year of many huge security breaches, from Target and Home Depot to the infamous Fappening, Snappening, and Sony. It was also a year of huge amounts of money, from… Read More


The best photos and Vines you shared with us in 2014

There are many lenses through which to you can look back on 2014 — the year in pictures, in quotes, in news stories.

And then there’s the art you shared with us.

Through each of Mashable‘s 38 photo challenges, 28 Vine challenges and two #MashMeets, we witnessed the immense artistic talent in our community. The responses we received for each challenge — from wilderness photography and faceless portraits to claymation and mini-movie remakes —were truly inspiring

We’re especially thankful for our active followers and fellow collaborators on Instagram and Vine; we hit the 100,000 followers milestone on both platforms this year, and much of that credit goes to you Read more…

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Now With 12 Million Users, Timehop Adds Twitter Vet Jason Goldman To Its Board

 It’s been a very busy few months for Timehop.
The app, which provides users with a personal “today in history” memo by surfacing their photos and social networking posts from this day one year ago or more, is closing out the year with more than 12 million registered users, half of whom, some 6 million, open the app every single day. That’s double the number of both… Read More


The first people in the world to ring in 2015

New Zealanders and Australians were among the first to light up the skies with celebratory fireworks. The rest of the world will then follow, city by city as the countdown dwindles to 2015.

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Sony Hackers Threaten A Media Organization, Likely CNN, And Others

 The hackers who compromised Sony Pictures Entertainment’s servers, releasing private files and emails to the public which detailed everything from the personal, financial and medical data of present and past employees’ to Sony’s plan to revive SOPA with the MPAA’s help to the MPAA’s plans to break DNS in an effort to fight piracy, and much more, are now… Read More


Mark Zuckerberg Is Crowdsourcing His New Year’s Resolutions On Facebook

 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolutions have generally put most people’s to shame. In the past, he has vowed to do things like write a thank you note to someone who made the world better each day and to learn to speak Mandarin – which he did. He even held a Q&A session in Chinese this year. But this time around, the social network founder is… Read More


The Message In Messaging Apps

 Text messaging is on a decline in favor of a new kind of social networking app seeing an increase in relevancy that is expected to continue. From Kik to Line to Viber to WhatsApp, social messaging apps could come to define social media for younger generations. Following the development of messaging apps will be key to staying relevant on social media. Read More


Airbnb to use scanning technology to make listing photos prettier

Think of it as Tinder for lodging.

Noting that photos of homes’ interiors have a large influence on bookings, Airbnb plans to implement an automated system next year that will reportedly scan photos to determine how attractive they are to potential guests. “We are trying to promote listings with more attractive images,” Maxim Charkov, the search lead at Airbnb, told Bloomberg

At some point, Airbnb may also provide a “digital interior designer” that will help hosts “enhance listings and spruce up homes to increase bookings,” Charkov said. “Maybe you should improve your images; maybe you should provide these amenities that are popular. We want to bring the insights back to the host.” Read more…

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