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8 Vines That Show Off Upload and Editing Features

Last week, we challenged Mashable readers to use the features of Vine’s latest update to create unique six-second videos

We saw submissions that showed off the uploading capability, as well as the duplicating and editing tools. Some <a href="Vines even used multiple aspects of the update, resulting in cool compilation videos of special effects and all-natural shots.

Some of our favorites are featured, below. Scroll through them, and take a look at the other Vines submitted using the #LatestUpdate hashtag.

1. T2

Read more…

2. Desktop time travel

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Space Time-Lapse Dazzles With Nature's Light Shows

Although this time-lapse of Earth taken from space is only a minute long, it’s out of this world. (Sorry.)

Astronaut Alexander Gerst captured the footage from the International Space Station as he traveled 17,895 miles-per-hour above our tiny planet.

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GOTCHA: Hidden Bra Cam Does Its Job, Catches People Staring At Boobs

Smile gawkers, you’re on Hidden-Nestlé-Boobie camera!

Nestlé is taking an unusual, yet on-topic approach to raising awareness for its #CheckYourSelfie breast cancer awareness campaign with this stunt. The jury is still out on whether this is an effective campaign to raise awareness for #CheckYourSelfie but I think we can all admit that they get an A for effort… or shall I say Double D for effort? Maybe I shouldn’t.

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Rescuers Spend Hours Saving a Dog Caked in Tar

Determined rescuers in India gave new life to a dog in a painful situation.

A passerby noticed a dog covered in tar and frozen in place after he fell into a hot tar pit in Rajasthan, India. A call was placed to Animal Aid Unlimited, a local rescue center for street animals in need of assistance

Rescuers spent nearly three hours over two days massaging the dog with vegetable oil to loosen the tar from his fur.

The process was visibly painful for the dog, but the end of the video reveals a clean dog with a wagging tail, eager to gobble up some treats Read more…

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Messages Supporting Hong Kong Protesters Stream from Web to the Streets

The protests in Hong Kong calling for more local control of its political future have largely played out on television news broadcasts and live blogs, constantly updated with the latest developments

But for one group of self-described media artists in Hong Kong, even this high level of focus on the protests was simply not enough. They decided to crowd source support for Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP) protests from around the globe using technology

The Add Oil Machine For OCLP is a website that allows anyone with a web connection to add a message of support for the protests to a website that displays the messages, in English and Chinese, in a real-time scrolling feed. That feed is then curated by the team, led by Chris Cheung, 31, Sampson Wong, 29 and Jason Lam, 29, and messages of support are projected onto buildings near the protests at sizes of up to 16 feet tall Read more…

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Meet 15 of Advertising's Rising Stars

Agencies and advertisers have descended upon New York for Advertising Week to discuss new trends, platforms and tactics in the marketplace. We wanted to celebrate the industry’s young talent, so we asked senior agency staff to highlight the up-and-coming creatives whose work has caught their eye.

Below, meet 15 rising stars (in no particular order) who’ve been noticed for their outstanding creativity and work ethic — and find out how they conjure their best ideas.

Anna Edwards, Creative Lead, Senior Copywriter, Firstborn

Image: Anna Edwards

Anna Edwards joined Firstborn in January 2010 and has risen through the ranks to be a top copywriter at the agency, where she concepts ideas, oversees creative direction and writes copy for clients, including Lancôme, Keds and Pepsi. “Anna attacks project head-on and does so with grace,” says Nikki DeFeo, Group Creative Director at Firstborn. “From the words she writes to the concepts she develops, Anna’s approach is no-drama and high efficiency, sprinkled with bursts of dry humor.” Read more…

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Here’s How Windows 10 Will Make Your Mouse And Fingers Get Along

Earlier today during its event in San Francisco, Microsoft played a video detailing how its coming Windows 10 operating system will handle a fusion of touch, and more traditional mouse-based input. I filmed a bootleg copy, but Microsoft just published a more polished version, so you are in luck. Handling both touch and mouse input is a rough line to walk, given that computing form… Read More


Mozilla Fans Are Getting a Firefox OS Streaming Media Stick

After cheaper smartphones, it now appears that the next frontier for the Mozilla community is the television, thanks to an open source device called Matchstick

Like Google’s Chromecast, the Firefox OS-powered device, which was previewed back in June, aims to make your television smarter by seamlessly connecting it your computer

The streaming media stick connects via Wi-Fi to your television’s HDMI port, allowing you to push videos, music and games from your PC to your screen

Inside the device is a dual-core Rockchip 3066 processor, 4GB of onboard storage and 1GB of DDR3 memory. Sticking with the animal motif so popular with Mozilla fans, on its exterior the device sports a tiny porcupine logo accented with Firefox orange Read more…

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Tim and Eric Switch On Jeff Goldblum's Weird in Lightbulb Commercial

Jeff Goldblum has found the role he was born to play: famous person Terry Quattro.

In this advertisement for GE Link lighting solutions, the Hefner-esque Goldblum struts around the screen with his “lighting servant” and sparkly-dressed women in a mock infomercial directed by comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

Tim and Eric aren’t new to the viral advertising game, having created several of the over-the-top Old Spice Terry Crews commercials.

Video: YouTube, General Electric

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Photographers Take Quest for the Perfect Shot to Terrifying Heights

Some people will do anything to capture the perfect shot

Thrill-seeking Instagrammers have taken their photography to new heights, capturing dizzying images of cityscapes from the tops of skyscrapers with views typically reserved for pigeons and penthouses

The trend, known as Rooftopping, first gained prominence with a 2005 book called Access All Areas. A quick search of the #RoofTopping on Instagram hashtag shows the death-teasing hobby now has a devoted following with more than 9,700 photos tagged.

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