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Viral Video Recap: The Glorious Return of Keyboard Cat and More

One of the Internet’s favorite cats is back in this week’s viral video recap.

Keyboard Cat makes a return, playing “96 Tears” by Question Mark and the Mysterians. While this isn’t the same as the original magical cat, which first gained popularity in 2009, it still has all the charm of the original.

Our recap also features the latest, greatest thing on the Internet: Morgan Freeman on helium. The segment was part of the Science Channel’s science-documentary television series Through the Wormhole; in it, Freeman discusses physics concepts, while sampling a bit of the gas Read more…

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Google Received 12,000 Requests to be 'Forgotten' on First Day, Report Says

It’s been less than 48 hours since Google launched its online tool that allows people in the European Union to request to be “forgotten” from search results, and the company has already received 12,000 requests, according to a new report.

The requests are in response to a European Court of Justice ruling earlier this month that found EU citizens have a “right to be forgotten” online and that Google must remove links to search results that can damage a person’s reputation.

Reuters reports the company received 12,000 requests in the first 24 hours the form was online, with requests at times coming in as fast as 20 per minute

The form allows EU citizens to ask Google to remove links to search results where their names appear if the results are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.” It is limited to citizens of the EU and those making link removal requests must provide documentation verifying their identity. Read more…

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Virgin America Puts Its Personality Into New Website

Virgin America is testing a new website that it hopes will greatly improve the booking process for travelers. After looking at how flyers were using its website to search and book flights, the airline sought to completely reinvent the web experience.

“We took a fresh look. We wanted to not even think about it as an airline site, but as an ecommerce site,” Luanne Calvert, Virgin’s chief marketing officer, told Mashable.

The site’s design focuses on simplicity — seeking to create a more intuitive booking experience — as well as speed, on which Calvert said it already delivers. After booking a ticket on Virgin’s new website in under four minutes, one user called the customer-support line just to compliment the company, according to Calvert. Read more…

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Quick, Save Your Work: to Delete All Video Archives, one of the web’s most popular video-streaming sites, announced this week that it will no longer offer video archiving, and will delete existing archives in June

The company explained its change in policy, which will take effect June 8, on its website.

“Over the last few months, our staff has been reviewing data surrounding our archive and VOD (Video on Demand) system,” said in a statement. “We found that more than half of our VODs are unwatched (with 0 or 1 total views), while the vast majority are rarely watched (with 10 or less views).” Read more…

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For Hot and Lazy New Yorkers, Uber Is Delivering Air Conditioners

For those New Yorkers not ready to suffer through another unbearable summer, Uber is offering to deliver air-conditioning units for the next three weekends

The Uber blog said the high-end car service startup will deliver Aros units — Quirky and GE’s new smart air conditioner — to New Yorkers for $300

New Yorkers can begin accessing the offer from through the Uber app from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday, and on June 7 and 8 and June 14 and 15. After entering the code “UberCOOL,” the air conditioner will be delivered by a driver Read more…

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3 High-Tech Eyeglasses That Do Things Google Glass Can't

In the 1988 sci-fi flick They Live, a local drifter named John Nada stumbles upon a magic pair of sunglasses that give him the ability to see aliens. Turns out, the entire ruling class in America are nothing but aliens disguised as humans, and they’re controlling society through subliminal messages in TV ads.

Being both an action film and the ’80s, it takes a predictable turn: Nada grabs a shotgun, flips on his shades and restores democratic order, all while coining the catchphrase, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubblegum.”

There’s “Nada” flaw in the entire film. Read more…

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Turkish Police Detain CNN Reporter On Air on Gezi Anniversary

Turkish police detained journalist Ivan Watson while he was reporting live on air Saturday.

In the video, above, Watson is describing the scene in central Istanbul, when plainclothes police officers begin surrounding him (around the 3:00 mark). The CNN correspondent, who is based in Istanbul, was reporting from Taksim Square, where he says Turkish riot police were on hand to prevent demonstrations on the one-year anniversary of last summer’s Gezi Park protests.

Turkish police detained me and my crew in the middle of a live report in Taksim Square. One officer kneed me in the butt.

— Ivan Watson (@IvanCNN) May 31, 2014 Read more…

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Apple iWatch Parody Will Make You Question Every Wearable Gadget

Another week, another unnecessary tech product

The newest craze in gadgets-we-don’t-really-need? Wearable devices, namely Apple’s hotly anticipated iWatch.

Mathius, a Youtube channel known for poking fun at technology, chose the mysterious iWatch as the target for its latest parody. And despite how excited some may be for the new product, this video proves how totally unnecessary it is.

Apple, watches are already doing a fine job telling time — and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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Bear in a Hammock Gets Ready to Attack the Weekend

One black bear in Florida prefers not to bring in the weekend by raging, but instead a nice, relaxing lounge in a hammock

Local resident Rafael Torres caught this totally chilled-out bear climbing into a hammock on Thursday night in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Bear takes break on hammock after roaming Daytona Beach neighborhood:

— NBC 6 South Florida (@nbc6) May 30, 2014

The bear really did, apparently, just want to relax. When asked about approaching it for the photo, Torres told local NBC affiliate WESH that he was about 60 feet away when he took the photos and it didn’t seem to care. Instead, it just kept lounging. Read more…

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Big in Japan: Drunken Businessmen Passed Out in Public Places

Maybe we need to have a little talk, Japanese office workers, because this hard-partying, drink-‘til-you-drop philosophy of yours seems to have gotten out of hand.

That’s the intervention-style message, anyway, from a series of public service announcements backed by a popular nightclub chain in Tokyo. But the ads fall squarely on the tough love end of the spectrum by using photos taken of drunken “salarymen,” as white-collar businessmen are often called, passed out in public places.

“Armed with white duct tape, printed headlines, logos and a call to action, we turned every sleeping drunk into an anti-drinking billboard,” according the video above that accompanies the campaign. Read more…

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