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Why Brands Like Honda Use Twitter and Videos to Engage With Their Clients

As the popularity of Twitter increases, brands are looking to find ways to market their services to their audience. However, many brands simply use advertising rather than engaging with their customers and clients. Traditional advertising is losing its power as consumers become inundated by constant advertisements. Studies show consumers are tuning out sponsored messages and commercials. No longer content on using “promoted tweets” or simple hashtags, Honda, Nike, and other companies are finding ways to use video to engage with their audience on Twitter. By understanding how they use video to connect with their audience, increase brand awareness and help their sales, you’ll be able to use similar techniques for your own affiliate marketing opportunities. Through video on Vine, Honda will respond directly to consumer tweets regarding new cars. is a center for user generated video testimonials where you can create videos for your customers as an affiliate marketing manager. Continue reading

The Hidden Power of Video Testimonials for the MLM Market

When you engage in affiliate marketing, you’re extending your confidence towards a product or service, in hopes you can inspire other individuals to make a purchase with the company. You do this to receive a financial reward, and it’s here that video testimonials make such an impact on a consumer. Videos are one of the best affiliate marketing strategies for products like those on Clickbank because they make the affiliate appear as a credible source. However, did you know you can tap the hidden power of video testimonials for your multi-level marketing success? Video testimonials can help you recruit members, increase sales and more when you employ a video made with Continue reading

Benefits of Video Testimonials for Real Estate Agents

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important life changes for an individual, and to help them through it, they need a reputable real estate agent. Individuals looking for a realtor want to be sure they choose a reputable realtor who can work with them through all buying or selling a home entails. Many realtors have websites with their housing stock, helpful information, links to financing and rates, but now a growing number of real estate agents are now adding video testimonials to their websites and social network, recorded with tools like those of is helping many individuals boost their conversion rates and sales with Internet affiliate marketing, and can help real estate agents do the same. Continue reading

Building Social Influence Via Video Testimonials

Think about the last time you went to the movies or downloaded a new song. How did you make your decision on the media? You might have read a review in a trusted magazine, or had a friend tell you what titles were worth investing your time and money. When you went by a reviewer or friend’s suggestion, you recognized that their opinions were valid and worth a listen. Trusting your friend meant you were engaged in word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing has been one of the most common forms of marketing and the invention of the `Internet and social networks has made it even more relevant when it comes to your brand. Even major film companies recognize the power of promoting new films, and use tweets, Facebook posts and video testimonials of theatergoers in their marketing to demonstrate the “voice of the everyday person.” Video testimonials are a new and increasingly popular method of word-of-mouth marketing you can use in your affiliate marketing strategies. Continue reading

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